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There is something wrong here. Surely the Airline industry dosen't suffer THIS MUCH frequent trouble with their planes, we're having trouble with planes almost every single day !!

-- Brent Nichols (, December 10, 2000


I think these reports are flowing out of the woodworks, because the FAA has implemented a better reporting regimen. I do know that tires blow out and other 'normal' snafus are not 'bugs' but standard 'it happens' kinda of stuff -- just like driving down the highway in the city. The smoke in the cabin and equipment on the fritz in not normal by any means - but the considering that most fleets are 20+++ years (more like 30-40 y.o.) Stuff is bound to let the magical smoke out based on the MTBF (mean time between failure).

FYI: The theory of smoke:
When an item is made, a little bit of magical smoke is placed inside it. When it breaks the magic smoke is released and stops working, thus it needs to be replaced with a new item.

-- (, December 10, 2000.


You are correct. It has been like this January 1st. There has been at least one (up to 3 or even 4) plane crash or emergency landing almost every single day sinnce Y2K. No one seems to see the connection here but this is exactly what the government said shortly prior to Jan. 1st. They said there would be "fix on failure" after Jan. 1st and "by coincidence" there have been so many weird "power outages," "problems at nuclear facilities," "data lost" from companie's computers, plane, train and helicopter problems and crashes. It is obvious to an "reasonable" man that we are having, not world-crashing but serious, Y2K glitches.


-- Paul (, December 11, 2000.

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