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Why was Sea Change cancelled? Could it be picked up by other stations if the ABC cannot afford to make it? Couldn't channal ten pick it up, I know how the ratings would be enlarged, because of the fact that SeaChange was a serial- logie winner, and the fact the this show is a great Australian television show that preaches great Australian talent. I immensely enjoyed SeaChange and hate the fact that it has been canned. I am a sixteen year old girl that loves the humour and feeling behind this tv show and strongly hope that this email is taken seriously because I mean every word that I have written and am serious about it. Thank you for listerning to me!

Tamra Lees.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2000


I think that you'll find that Seachange was not cancelled, but that it was the writers, Andrew Knight and Deb Cox, who decided not to make another series at the moment. They decided to get out whilst it was still good, and not let it drag on and on so that we get sick and tired of it. It wasn't the ABC who axed it. I am also a sixteen year old girl and love the show as much as you do, but it was better to get out when they did, otherwise it would end up way too predictable.

Kate Gordon

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000

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