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I appear to have missed last night's sejour. For some reason I thought it ws on Sunday night. Apologies to all and cya later.


-- sliper (, December 10, 2000


Well, we were max six...

..before I had to give up cause of crap conex.

But glorious moments though, high SpitV cap denied advance of Franz hordes in last line(of the map). Buff operation started nicely, B25Cs, I augered after takeoff with somone else, we delayed and after that beacon started yellowing...then discoes after discoes... Btw. How did Hellsinki treat U? Hope beer was satisfying ;)

-- boxter (, December 10, 2000.

T'was fun

I must say, despite the low turnout, it was a lot of fun. The B25 raid was fun but the highlight was taking on the hoards of gold Franzes (is that the plural of Franz?) in P40s. On paper the gold should have won but we cleaned them up! WTG all! I was on since 6am sunday morning (Aus time)and over the next six hours I probably saw 10-12 arrows in total, but as Boxter stated, only a total of six at any one time. BTW Box it was a pleasure flying with you mate :-)


-- Dave Ferns (, December 10, 2000.

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