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I followed the directions on for ripping realplayer files and only have trouble with the audio. Specifically on this step:

Sound - Doubleclick the volume icon in the Windows system tray (the yellow speaker near the clock) Select "Options"/"Properties" and select "Recording" In the bottom window make sure "Mixed Output" is checked (I can't find this option in Win2000, Win9x is OK though) Click the OK button, below each volume slider you will see a "select" checkbox, select "mixed output" OK, close the Volume conrol panel now - every sound that comes from your PC speakers will be recorded in snagit now.

I can't find this "mixed output." I'm running Win 98 with a Sound Blaster 64AWE. Help me.

-- Mike Caldwell (, December 10, 2000


look in control panel, multimedia

-- Bob (, December 10, 2000.

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