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Back in the May 1999, a group of friends stumbled onto Archmage. Finding it innovative and fun, they became avent players of it(though newbies as they were, didn't do quite well). As the server neared the fateful Armageddon, the Nether mage among them became accustomed to the playing ethics of the game. And then, he began a guild, knowing that many like him were constantly bullied by those who are unreasonable. Power in numbers was the rationale. The guild was called, "Defender of the weak", (corny ain't it?). Armageddon passed. When the server restarted, the guild was restarted, along with the mages. This time, the name was 'The Defenders". Another of the mages started the guild, "Council of Comrades" and both swore eternal alliance to each other. While TD remained low-key, CoC went on an active recruitment and its ranks boomed. It was during this time when some notable mages were recruited. One fine example is our dear Lao. Mages come and went. Members died or left. Some, however, remained steadfast. It was during this second reset that TD came to know the ravages of guild war. A member of CoC, Furball was killed by members of the Iron Knights led by Meltz(btw, is he still around?). CoC went to war, and though much of TD's members are still in the research phrase, some marched to battle too. The war was short. CoC fell on the Iron Knights like a burst dam and massacred their members. The victory boosted the confidence of the CoC. As the mages finished their research, a new war emerged. Based on the multi-pillaging of one of their members, CoC went to war with RWoT (Red Wizards of Thay). TD went to full war status. RWoT is a guild of experienced mages who have been through several guild wars and won them. The war was bloody in every way. Mages dropped like flies but the enemy seemed undestrutable. It is then that some mages came to note. Lao, Relic (a fine captain) and others. Pelleon himself was killed when a mage surprised him with a few destructive spells when he was using his turns. Things turned ugly for both sides when CoC gathered its wits and counter-attacked. Soon, kills were made. Again, before the war was finished, Arma came. Due to constraints of time, Pelleon could not handle guild affairs anymore(not that he did a good job of it..), he handed it over to Kilrogg, a seemingly loyal and faithful member. God knows the mistake he made and the extent of damage it did to the guild. Kilrogg was ineffectual, and irresponsible. For weeks, he disappeared, disregarding guild affairs. Shocked by what he saw, Pelleon handed the guild to another mage, Lao. This time, the choice was right. Lao was what Kilrogg wasn't. He brought about reforms to the guild, even managed to create this board which makes communication much better. Lao re-organised the guild and managed to steer it back on course. I hereby laud him for acheiving what I failed to do. Kilrogg was still around, and shamelessly tried to wrest some executive powers for himself. Pelleon stopped him and Kilrogg left, to start his own guild. Due to personal constraints, Lao did what Pelleon did then, handing the guild to another. The present Guildmaster is Defender, and may we prosper under his guidance.

Pelleon Founder of The Defenders

Onwards and Long Live the Defenders!

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2000

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