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I have only installed a few decoders before and I am going to attempt to install a decoder in the E7 A unit. I have been told this is fairly easy. I plan to install a speaker and sound decoder in the B unit. What is the easiest way to connect to the trucks in the B unit. I see the metal tabs that are used in the A unit, but can I solder directly to these tabs?

Also, what can I use to seal the back of the speaker to increase base?


-- Darren Baun (darrenbaun@hotmail.com), December 09, 2000



Is the B unit powered? If so, my instructions for the A unit shold apply. See my web page http://wwww.WiringForDCC.com where I do the E8 A unit.

Powered or unpowered, build yourself a speaker enclosure. For the most part, the bigger the better. If you go for a big one one, use the heaviest styrene sheets you can. No kidding. Ideally, the box should be RIGID.

If you want to glue the speaker enclosure in, especially if you are going to build the one I suggest in my web page. Use something like RTV that will let you get it out if need be at some later date. With me having everything in the A unit, space is at a premium and it took every bit of space I could create.

Why did I cram everything in an A unit? To see if it could be done. Obviously, using a dummy B unit, or even a powered B unit, would make things easier. I had to remove some of the cab detail to put the decoder in. If I had even a powered B unit, I could have put the decoder where the speaker went in the A unit.

I don't claim to have the definitive way of putting sound in these units. If someone else has ideas or references to a different web page, feel free to offer them up.

-- Allan Gartner (WiringForDCC@augustmail.com), December 10, 2000.


Thanks for your quick response.

The B unit is unpowered, but has the same basic truck construction as the A unit.

I will review your E8 installation and report back if I have any questions.

Thanks again.


-- Darren Baun (darrenbaun@hotmail.com), December 10, 2000.

I recently installed a generic diesel sound decoder in an old Atheran 'A' and 'B' unit. The installation was fairly simple. 1. In the 'a' unit I replaced the original motor with a new Helix Humper motor for better running quality. 2. In the DUMMY 'B' unit I installed, facing the bottom, so the sound projects out the motor mounting holes, a new oval speaker. I built the box between the sides frames, sealing the other sides with strips of styrene. Then to be sure the sound only comes out the bottom, I sealed the top of the speaker frame with a product called 'GOOP'. It's a glue and sealer. 3. On top of the speaker in the 'B' unit I mounted the Generic diesel sound and power decoder. I 'GOOPED' this to the top of the speaker frame. I place a piece of styrene between the frame and the decoder package. 4. In the 'A' unit, I installed on top of the new electric motor, I described earlier, a BOX SPEAKER from Tony's Train Exchange. The speaker fits just right. The speaker measures .990 x .990 x .380 inches. It cost's $17.95.

The installation works fine as far as the sound quality is concerned. However, I'm having connectivity problems.

Regards Gene Crumrine

-- Eugene O. Crumrine (eoc@mtco.com), December 24, 2000.

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