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USA: U.S. gasoline, diesel fuel prices fall at the pump 5 Dec 2000 Source: Reuters WASHINGTON, Dec 4 (Reuters) - U.S. motorists and truck drivers got a break with declining gasoline and diesel fuel prices over the last week, the Energy Department reported on Monday.

The pump price for gasoline fell 2.4 cents a gallon to $1.486 - though this was still up 21 cents from a year ago - based on the department's national survey of 800 service stations.

Motorists on the West Coast paid the most for gasoline, with prices in the region averaging $1.687 a gallon, a drop of 1.7 cents. Midwest consumers paid the least for fuel, down 1.5 cents to $1.399 a gallon.

The price for diesel fuel dropped for the first time since mid-November, declining 2.3 cents to $1.622 a gallon, which was 33 cents higher than last year.

Truckers on the West Coast also paid the most for diesel fuel at $1.791 a gallon, up 1.3 cents, and the Midwest states had the cheapest diesel at $1.577 a gallon, down 2.9 cents.

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-- Martin Thompson (, December 09, 2000

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