Hexanon 800mm and 1000mm lenses?

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Greetings, Has anybody on this board had any experience with the 800mm standard or 1000mm mirror lenses that Konica manufactured? They appear in much of the Konica literature, but almost never are to be found on the used market. Granted, they would likely have been horrendously expensive when new, and probably none but the serious professionals ever bought them, so I daresay they are rare. I say an 800mm Hexanon (in its case) come up for bidding on Ebay about a year and a half ago, and the starting bid was U.S. $1000, and the front element had a chip out of the edge (looked like a rock-chip in the windshield of your car!). Needless to say, there weren't any bidders. This being said, what should these lenses go for on the open market? Any thoughts that you might have would be appreciated!

Thomas Hulit

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2000


800mm & 1000mm lenses.

Hi Thomas (and others reading this),

These lenses seem to be REALY REALLY rare on the market. I was talking to Greg on this message board about the 1000mm f10 lens I bought for my Konica he mentioned that even though he HAS seen a few of the 800mm lenses, he has never seen a 1000mm and he deals with more Konica stuff than I probally will in my life.

If you need a super-telephoto lens, I suggest getting a T-Mount or Screw Mount version of another lens like the one I have. My 1000mm f10 lens is an MTO russian M42 screw mount lens I picked up. Weights 8 lbs. I will try to do some research for you on this lens and I'll write back here asap on what I find.


12lbs, 18.7lbs

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2000

Russian MTO 1000mm f/10 lens


Right now it's the wee hours of the morning and I'm searching for information about this lens (wondering if I should purchase on ebay)...so as to help others...what I've found so far...

-first made in the '50s -russian in origin -mirror lens, which of course will produce "doughnuts" -weighs about 8#s -minimum focusing distance is 33.3' (also heard around 50') -most webpages you find will be in russian ;{ -goes for roughly $200 -originally sold with rear-mount filters (3 colored, 1 neutral density) -mto also made 500mm f/8 lens -mixed reviews -can purchase accesories so as to use as a spotting scope or small telescope

well, I'm beat and still searching for more info.

Good Luck to all in their search


-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001

Konica Hexanon 800mm f/8.0 Lens

I own a perfectly mint 800mm Hexanon. Purchased it from a store owner who had kept it in storage for many years. I have taken one roll of film with the lens, using Kodachrome 200. I didn't expect much, but the sharpness and contrast were both terrific. I was quite surprised, since this is a basic two element telephoto. The lens is massive, weighing over twelve pounds, as I recall. It has a very stout case, with original front and rear caps. The case also holds the original five Konica filters which came with the lens (a filter must be used with the lens as it is mounted in a slot at the rear of the lens. It is extremely well made, solid, and very impressive. The front lens cap is leather, like the 400mm f/4.5. Of course it is a manual lens. Despite its fine construction, it is difficult to use. It must be tripod mounted, and therein lies a word of warning to would-be users: the lens is not balanced for tripod use--it is nose heavy. This is certainly not a problem once you have used it, but the first trial could end up in disaster if you aren't supporting the lens well once you release the tripod lock. The lens nearly nosed over on my first test. I wasn't expecting this, of course, and additionally, my tripod was certainly not up to this load. The lens you mentioned having previously seen on eBay was listed by Pacrim Camera in Salem, Oregon. The lens was chipped at the edge as I recall. These are the only two I have come in contact with. I think my friend Greg Weber has run into one or two more. As for the cost, I sure wouldn't sell mine for $1200. On the other hand, I don't use it all, so it's a pretty expensive paperweight! In regards to the 1000mm Hexanon, I have looked for one for years. The fellow who sold me the 800 had only seen one, and that was at a trade show. I know of no one else who owns one or has seen one, but surely they must be out there.


-- Anonymous, December 09, 2000

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