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I consider to spend a number of weeks, probably in March/April, in Chamonix the coming winter/spring. Previously I have visited the region in mid-summer a couple of times, and hence I'm not really shore what to expect in winter climbingwise. Specificially: (i) normally, when do the "grand" ice/snow faces (Courtes, Droites etc.) become "nice"; (ii) what about the routes on MB? (specifically on the brenva face); (iii) other recommondations?; (iv) what about lodging? is it possible to find a cheap small appartment for a couple of months?


-- Paal Longva (, December 09, 2000


Hi Paal

You might check out for accurate beta on the conditions over recent weeks. March/April is a good compromise between cold (and so no avalanches) and the risk of Fohn winds. As for lodging, there's plenty of infor on the chamonix website http://, although as for cheap, I'm not so sure. There are several gites in the valley, as I'm sure you know. I'm jealous. I'd love to spend a few week s in the valley.



-- Peter Neame (, January 01, 2001.

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