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hey there everyone, whenever i try to capture avi with v-dub, or any other capture prog for that matter, the computer just freezes after about 10 minutes, the settings are all guite low, and my computer is an ok speed, but it just doesn't like to capture, is it the speed of the puter, or something else, does anyone know?

-- andy hubbard (killpop@gm.dreamcast.com), December 08, 2000


what kind of capture card? That is half to over half of captruing. Is it a good card? What kind of card? etc..

-- Lu (lurker@infospace.net), December 10, 2000.

hey, No i don't think its the card, i mean i had some other card before, and it didn't work, and maybe this one has the same prob. But i heard from vcdhelper.com, in the forum thing someone had some windows setting which changed it, but i'm not sure which ones, and i can't get there, as you can see from what other people on this site have said. so if anyone can help with these settings i'd be greatful.... thanks,..

-- andy hubbard (killpop@gm.dreamcast.com), December 10, 2000.

On my 300MHz system using Virtual Dub, I've found that I lock up immediately while attempting to capture using the DivX codec, though I can tweak the MJpeg codec up to 90%cpu and capture 480x480 @30fps.

I've found that many codec's are very hardware and/or cpu (speed) sensitive. With a little expermentation you may be able to find a sweet spot for capturing regardless of hardware limitations.

Of course you have tried capturing raw (minimal compression, large avi file) right? If you can't capture raw then it may be time to verify your system configuration.


-- me (snake_mountain@hotmail.com), December 22, 2000.

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