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ITEM# 1 a water pump made from a 4cyl. engine driven by a v8 engine ITEM#2construct a catapult,on a running vehicle,and compete either for destroying something or for just distance

ITEM#3 utilizing 2 transmissions construct a high speed top end speed vehicle

all of these projects could be completed in the alloted time frame

-- dennis j. kelley (, December 08, 2000


I dont think Junkward vehicles and highspeeds are a good mix if your trying to keep a good level of safty, maby constructing a offroad vehicle for a romp around a narly road would be run, i think the catapult idea is exellent.

-- Lorduss (, December 11, 2000.


Your suggestions all seem to be solutions rather than problems, and all the problems they solve have already been done--although some of them haven't aired yet.

They've already done a water-pumping problem, a wall-destruction problem, a throwing-for-distance problem, and a high-speed race problem (a couple of different ways!)--all in season 3. See for yourself:

-- Derek Jensen (, December 11, 2000.

they need to build machines capable of doing a destruction derby.

-- julie burgess (, December 15, 2000.

your momma

-- georgia missouri (, December 15, 2000.

make a flying machine that can lanch off water and carry at least one member of the team maybe carry all of them and also land but it must lanch off a engine.

-- michael songer (, December 17, 2000.

How about a machine that can lift the most weight a/o stack heavy stuff in an alotted time?

-- Eric Silkowski (, December 23, 2000.

maybe a parachute that maybe a 5,000 lb weight can use to hit the ground with less than a given amount of force. the problems would be size of the parachute, shape, the cables used, a way to remotly open the parachute and strenth of the material. maybe you cant have it drop to slow either it has to touch the ground in a certain amount of time, or it has to stay in the air for more than a minute or some crap. something using a parachute.

-- Sean Durkin (, December 28, 2000.

How about having them build a hovercraft?

-- tom (, December 30, 2000.

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