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Fri Dec 8, 8:21 am

Oil tanker springs leak, not allowed into Canada

A huge oil tanker off the coast of Newfoundland has apparently stopped leaking oil, but it still isn't allowed into Canadian waters.

The Eastern Power, a Panamanian-flagged tanker on its way from Egypt to Come by Chance, Nfld., started leaking Wednesday morning.

The tanker was taking 1.9 million barrels of crude oil to a refinery at Come by Chance.

Transport Canada says the ship won't sink, despite its fractured hull. It also says the ship can't enter Canada's 370-kilometre limit.

After the leak was reported, the tanker's crew moved 13,500 barrels of oil to a different tank.

Transport Canada wants to make sure the leak won't start again before letting the ship finish its journey.

-- Rachel Gibson (, December 08, 2000

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