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dear sirs:

when i captured vhs movies from dazzle DVC, everything is and video are sync. but when i burn it using winoncd 3.6, the audio is behind the the way the video is more than an hour. but when i capture a 5 minute video, when burned to winoncd, everything is fine. please help me and email answers thru


before i don't seem to encounter these problems but now its here...

thanxin advance

barry barrera visual network philipines

-- barry barrera (, December 08, 2000


after capturing movie with the device mentioned please use Mpeg VCR-2 to resolve A/V sync problem.Please tell me the status

-- amad (, June 23, 2001.

I found when the capture hiccups (drops frames), from that point forward you lose sync. I recaptured the same video sequence making sure there was no hardrive activity to interfere with the capture process, had zero dropped frames, and perfect output to vcd.

You can fix (sort of) the sync problem by using your fast forward button on your dvd remote. Skip forward a second or two and the video and audio will be back in sync.

Of course on your computer's software decoder, it can resync even if there are dropped frames. But the DVD player can't do it.

I went through about 10 CDRs, and recaptures till I figured it out.

Of course, if you go through a lot of trouble to separate the audio, resync it, reform your mpg file, it will be fixed. But gosh, that's a lot of CPU time.

Just DON'T touch your computer while it's capturing. Check for dropped frames when the capture is done. If dropped frames, repeat.

-- Clyde Wallace (, July 17, 2001.

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