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Dear Sir / Ma’am ;

Greetings! In order to facilitate the smooth operations of SerbisyoPinoy, kindly address all concerns thru the undersigned, BENJAMIN ANGEL A. SISON. I would be more than happy to facilitate any concerns that you might have. You could reach me thru:

e-mail : Telephone # : 637-2309 ; 637-2314 ; 63723-16 Cell # : 0917-3844801

As an important part of our operation start-up, I would need to visit al of your sites and certify the following areas of concern: a. Trained Staff b. Internet Access Capability c. Delivery Capability d. Accredited suppliers

I would be waiting for your reply either thru e-mail or thru a phone call. I would be scheduling my site accreditation visit based upon your reply. As soon as your site has been accredited, you would be able to start and receive transactions.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Thank you

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2000



I think most of us is ready for inspection. but I want to clarify something . (Accredited suppliers ? ) I and other franchisee has ask, nolly, Deng ,bob and also Aireen C. Trino of FRAN.COM about that tapic. and we all heard that the Accredited suppliers list will be given to us and will also be included in the Manual. and that we can submit other Suppliers who can gave us the same quality but cheaper price and after passed the other req. of Serbisyopinoy , I personally has talk with Nolly last 2 day regarding that matter and he said the list is in the manual and will also try to send us e- mail. will you pls. explain to us, what happen to the starting date (Dec 8)?, what went wrong ? why haven you deliver the equipent ? why just now you want to inspect our location? you should have done it sooner. before Dec 8. who's fault for the delay ? Serbisyopinoy or ? and pls try to send it to all our e-mail. becouse some of the franchisee are not fully aware the basic use for this board.

thank you very much


-- Anonymous, December 08, 2000

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