CSS Background Printing Problems

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The site I have built has a background defined in CSS. The graphic theme of a navigation bar is a part of the background; it is situated on the top of the web page and repeats throughout the site. The problem is that each web page that contains a larger chunk of information (takes more than one sheet of paper to print) prints out with the top graphic theme on every sheet of paper with the context over it. So, if a single web-page takes 10 sheets of paper to print, the theme is reproduced on every page of 10, while it needs to be printed only once on the top of the first sheet in the sequence. Is there a way to solve this problem? Just like in Microsoft Word one is provided with an option to suppress page-numbering on the first page, is there a code in CSS to suppress top-theme printing on every page extept the first one?

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-- Alex Dechevoi (deictic@usa.net), December 07, 2000

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