Wista versus Horseman Rolfilm Backs

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Was up at B&H in NYC looking at rollfilm backs, comparing the innards and overall design of the Wista & Horseman 6x7 backs for a 4x5 camera. They seemed pretty similar with the Wista having more features to stabilize the film comng off the spool prior to going to the rollers. Liked the Wista opening catch a little better too. The Wista is a little less $$$ but want to get the best from your field experience of which I have almost none - newbie at this.

Thanx for your input,


-- John B. Kowalski (John.Kowalski@verizon.net), December 07, 2000


Tried a Wista once, and returned it. Frame spacing was highly inconsistent to the point where some consecutive frames touched each other. Maybe it was a bad one, but from outside, it looked perfect.

The Horseman's I've used have always worked with high reliability and no flaws.

-- Larry Huppert (Larry.Huppert@mail.com), December 07, 2000.

Same experience as Larry. My Horseman 6x9 is quite fine.

-- K H Tan (kahheng@pacific.net.sg), December 07, 2000.

I own one Horseman 6X9 already for more than 6 years and the results have always been perfect.

-- Manuel Gomes Teixeira (punctumgt@netc.pt), December 07, 2000.

I have a wista 6x7, used it once and found 1st and 2nd frame overlap a little(about 2mm), no problem with others but spacing is not consistant. Want to sell, interested?

-- Aaron Rocky (ar7786@hotmail.com), December 08, 2000.

I too find the Horseman backs to be relieable mine are 6x7. I've never had a frame overlap, however the spacing does vary a little bit.

-- Robert Pellegrino (bob.pellegrino@juno.com), December 11, 2000.

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