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Hello Kat thanks for stopping by my page and reading my book I hope you like it so far the reason why most of the line are in lower case was becasue I haven't edited them to porfessinal Standers yet since they were only going to be posted on a web page I thought it didn't matter. But I did take you request and I added links to you can view the other story with out hitting the back button and I will add a button so you can get back to the home page but here a trick after you finish reading everything and you wanted to get back go to the location bar click it once to light it up and hit enter and it bring you back to the home page with out hitting back button But anyways thanks again and I have Chapter three done soon I hope

Your freind Donald Vincent aka Alexander Nightwolf

ICQ # 47712060

-- Donald Vincent (, December 07, 2000

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