Why is Amylase used in bread production?

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I am a final year Food Technology Student in Northern Ireland. My dissertation is : Use of microbial enzymes to enhance the shelf life of Irish Traditional Breads. However I am stuck, I need/want to know why the ingredient amylase is added to bread?

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2000


Amylase is an enzyme of great importance in the world of bread. Both A-amylase and b-amylase have the honor of being able to cleave starch molecules in various manners. These enzymes basically break starch into sugar, and/or simpler starch. By controlling this process and reaction on various levels, we are able to alter the properties of the dough, the bake, and ultimately the staling process.

The details of this get very technical from here. There are some books specifically on enzymes available, or you may obtain the Pyler baking encyclopedia at www.chipsbooks.com.

If this does not get you starchy, e-mail me back.

Joshua Shroll R&D IBR

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

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