Wild prices on ebay

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I saw that camera go way up also. As a long time seller and buyer on ebay, I'd imagine that the guy didn't actually know the value, or was tired of being sniped off at the last minute. I sell alot of thinkpad parts, and in some cases had them go for 10 times the reserve. But when the bidder only has 1 positive, the sellers usually cringe at this, instead of being happy. The real key to finding Konica stuff cheap, is looking in the AD's without Konica in the title. I got a FT-1 & a 35-70 sigma zoom for $67. The title read; "35mm autocamera with lens and case" Normally I wouldn't even look at this, but a description search showed it had some konica content. Ebay's such a wonderful outlet, but you can get burned from time to time. My collection from Ebay is a FP-1, FT-1, 40mm 1.8, 50mm 1.7, 135mm 3.5, 200mm f4, and a couple of sigmas; 30-70 & 70-210. I don't think I've hit $300 in total payout. Well enough of my rambling.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2000


Wild Prices

As someone who has a T4 for sale on eBay at this moment, I was VERY interested in this sale. But, after looking closer, I suspect shill bidding or doubt that the seller will ever collect on this. I thought I was doing great to sell a near mint T4 for $110, but this is just to far gone to be real.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2000

Must be nice.

Hi Brad, I am very happy for you and your luck in finding these great items at that price on ebay. Please send a little bit of it to:

C/O: Mike LePard Big Paper Box #1 Alley Way No fixed address, N/A, Canada 43253


Actually, I take a look deeper into the eBay allys and see if I can find anything Konica like that. :) Mike.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2000

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