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Has anyone been succesfull at all on playing VCD's on any of these two models. If so, what media did you use and which software did you burn it with. Thanks in advance for the responses.

-- Larry Wong (, December 07, 2000


Memorex platinum cdrw played fine everytime on DVP-S360. burn with Nero, VideoPack, Winoncd. If you rad your manual with sony it says it will not play cdr. go to for a complete list players and what works and not work.

-- Chong Wang (, December 07, 2000.

I've played VCDs and XVCDs successfully on my Sony DVP-S560 using Sony & Maxell CD-RWs.

-- Gene A. Williams (, December 08, 2000.

I read somewhere that this DVD takes only blue or silver CD-R.

I made a VCD with nero and I can watch it.

-- SB (, July 13, 2001.

No luck at all. My Sony DVP-S360 won't play any home VCD that I made on CDR, but I have not tried CDRW.

-- Raymond C. Fung (, July 18, 2001.

I'm having the same problem, i used to memorex cdrw platinum and still get the same error...any other ideas?

-- Amin Eshaq (, December 11, 2001.

I have the DVP-S560 and can't get it to play CD-R with silver or gold discs. I don't know anyone who makes blue. Any suggestions?

I just bought this player 6 months ago (an upgrade from the S5000) so I could play DTS DVDs. I'd hate to buy another player already.

Sony tech support's official answer is this player was never designed to play CD-R. Funny, my S5000 played them just fine. And the new DVP-NS series players are actively advertised to play CD-R, CD-RW, and SACD in addition to the standard DVD/CD/VCD formats.

-- Phil Arnold (, January 03, 2002.

This player does not support CD-R, which is very frustrating. I got some vcd's from Asia and they dont work. So after much research, i figured i would have to burn the discs into CD-RW format. They now work fine...but with a few glitches here and there. This player is an absolute beauty except for this inability to play cd-r's.

-- Kamran Hashmi (, January 25, 2002.

Success with Office Depot 80 min CDRW's sometimes you have to pop the CD in and out a few times to get it to work.

-- William Callis (, February 21, 2002.

I recently started to test CD-R media in my Sony DVP-S360. I can't get the Circuit City Digital Media to work in mine, but Prime Peripherals 80 min CD-R work most of the time. (Don't remember where I got those from). I've tried both home-made V-CD's and home-made audio discs on Prime Peripherals discs. They work about 80 % of the time. I haven't had any luck at all with CD-RW yet. If anyone has good info on this issue I'd very much appreciate an e-mail.

-- Chuck Miller (, March 06, 2002.

I also have a DVP-S360. I tried to play Video-CDs made by myself, but i only had succes playing the ones written in CD-RW Media. Soon a friand gave me a couple of Video CDs of his own, so i tested them and surprise! it played them and they were CD-R. The CDs were "Princo" and wrote with Ahead Nero 5.0. I still have no tried that brand (one of those with no brand, only a litlle print in the center. Thanks

-- Adolf Wilson (, April 04, 2002.

My brother tried burning a VCD and came to the conclusion that it isn't the right format. I think it's because he's been burning to CD-R's. We both have the DVP-S560D and the manual even admits CD-R's won't be read, although I'm sure I've gotten audio CD-R's to work. My advice is to only burn to CD-RW's for the time being. Supposedly DVD-R is supported by the 560D but CD-RW will have to do while DVD-R is so expensive for the hardware right now. So just try burning with VCDEasy (along with the two other programs that it frontends for) in the VCD 2.0 format on only CD-RW's. Like someone said, Memorex is an excellent blank media choice and Sony should work because it's a first-party media.

You can find out all you need to know about VCDEasy at, which is by far the most useful VCD site out there. Good luck, I'm going to experiment sometime in the future to maybe write up a plaintext guide on foolproof VCD burning for the DVP-S560D. If I make any progress I'll put up a link to the FAQ I might write if things go well. also has a supposed hack for the DVP-560D and many other Sony models that can disable region codes and MacroVision that I'll paste below. I heard someone suggest it might help with VCD's (like reading a PAL one in case someone burned it in the wrong format). I'm too scared to try it on my player, lol, but it anyone wants to risk it let us know how the hack works.


Players Supported

The following DVD players are supported by this version of the DVD Upgrade:

Sony DVP-S335 Sony DVP-S336 Sony DVP-S345 Sony DVP-S360 Sony DVP-S435 Sony DVP-S535D Sony DVP-S536D Sony DVP-S560D Sony DVP-S570D Sony DVP-S735D

Macrovision & CGMS disable

All DVD players have a system called Macrovision built in to the player, which is designed to stop the copying of DVD discs to video. However, this system can have adverse affects on some projectors. For this reason the DVD MOD Upgrade disables Macrovision to solve any problems.

Region, features selection

Put your player into „Standby“ Mode and enter one of the following commands if necessary:

Remote control command Function [0] [ENTER] Default Default region code on the player [1] [ENTER] Region 1 [2] [ENTER] Region 2 [3] [ENTER] Region 3 [4] [ENTER] Region 4 [5] [ENTER] Region 5 [6] [ENTER] Region 6 [7] [ENTER] Region 7 [8] [ENTER] Region 8 [PREV] [ENTER] Auto switching OFF (only play DVD´s with the selected region) [AUDIO] [ENTER] Default Auto switching ON [NEXT] [ENTER] Enable video interference impulses (Macrovision ON) [ANGLE] [ENTER] Default Disable video interference impulses (Macrovision OFF) [TV/DVD] [ENTER] Enable user operation prohibitions* and access restrictions [SUBTITLE] [ENTER] Default Disable user operation prohibitions* and access restrictions

The selected region code is visible in the Service Menu. Put your player into the standby mode and enter, in series, [TITLE] [CLEAR] [POWER ON] and [5]. Do not enter the other pages of the service menu. * The DVD can no longer prohibit you from using the fast-forward, chapter change or Audio-/Subtitle-/Angle switch. You can no longer be forced to watch intros. Just press [TITLE] or [DVD MENU] and select PLAY.

After inserting the disk, the player will display on the front panel all region codes allowed by the disk and the region code selected by the modification. A region 2 disc would show -2- - - - - - 2.

-- Mike L (, May 03, 2002.

The Sony s560d WILL play VCD's, but burn them at 1X and no higher. I have tried at least a dozen different kinds of CD-R's and they all worked... And the macrovision and region hack posted here is ONLY effective if you have the MOD-Chip that goes with it.

-- Chris J (, May 08, 2002.

hello larry i am jason from malta i have a sony mhc ZX70 can you please help me from were i can find some information to remove the macrovision.please thankyou.

-- jason deguara (, May 28, 2002.

I own a DVP-S360, and after WAY too much trial and error, I happened upon this msg bd. For anyone who's curious, after using MANY different brands of cd-r, different software, etc., the first time i tried cd-rw it worked with NO problem. Thanks to everyone here, and hopefully that should help everyone else!

-- j. karbassi (no@chance.fool), June 04, 2002.


i've a prob with my Sony DVP-S735D. I can't find any CDR which I can use with the Player. I can't play VCD and no Audio-CD. What CDR I should use or what shoul I do that I can play CDR's on the Player?? Please mail me if you can help... tHx



-- Daniel (, June 16, 2002.

i have a sony dvp-s360. i tried burning a vcd using nero on a cdr and cdrw but they won't work. with the cdr it says no disk but with the cr=drw it says c 13 00. wut should i do????

-- Prem Thakker (, June 18, 2002.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the region on the Sony DVP-S360 to be able to play Region 4 dvd's, pleassssse let me know. I got a dvd from australia that is not available in the states and would like to be able to play it. Thanks

-- Lee (, June 18, 2002.

I have tried burning straight avi files to cd-r with NO luck. What is the best means to convert these avi and mpeg files to some sort of file that the DVD player will read. ( sony DVP-S560D) Any help is greatly appreciated.

-- Mike (, July 02, 2002.

Try using Vivastar CDR's they work OK on my mates DVP S336. Burned VCD's slow using Ce Quadrat.

-- brian (, July 24, 2002.

I have tried Sony-RW. Works fine.

- Thanks

-- Krishna Redy (, September 20, 2002.

I don't have anything to add just yet but I think it's great that you people share info online for everyone's benefit, I'm an owner of this machine 535D and I'm just about to try a RW in it to see if that works thanks to your advice on this forum, I'll let you know how I go, keep it up.

Thanks Again. Wayne

-- Wayne Shephard (, September 22, 2002.

I'm able to get Prime Peripheral CDR to play on my 560D BUT only the ones with "princo" printed on the inner part of the CDR...ones without the princo print didnt work for me...but then again I've been burning at 12x

-- Rich (, November 01, 2002.

I'm looking for a user manual but can't find one online for it. Or would anyone out there care to scan it for me if you own one?


-- PS (, November 08, 2002.

I own a Sony DVP-S345... does anyone know how to change the region? I only own region 1 dvds yet somehow the DVD player is Region 3. If anyone knows how to change this, it would be greatly appreciated! Please e-mail me! Thanks.

-- Aaron (, November 22, 2002.

I lost my owners manual......does anyone know how to rest the parental password????? Yeah i lost that too!

-- John Ternullo (, November 27, 2002.

I should also problably tell you that it's a sony DVP-S560D

-- John Ternullo (, November 27, 2002.

I own a Sony MHC ZX70 and have tried cd/rw to no avail.Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Benderx

-- Benderx (, November 29, 2002.

Vivastar CD-R and Princo CD-R work fine at any recorded speed on a DVP-S735D. Others CD-R don't. Burned with Nero. Valid for VCD and SVCD.

Most of the CD-RW work fine.

-- CarlosJR (, December 02, 2002.

For cdr's on the sony dvp-s360 use the "prime peripherals" brand sold as the OfficeMax generic cdr's. They're like $12 for a spindle of 50. Work like a charm every time!

-- Dale T. (, December 20, 2002.

Use the best encoding software TMPGEnc If you like to make Best menu's use Unlead Dvd Movie Factory Then Burn them with Nero. Use CD-RW's they worked fine on my Sony,the new cd's Maxell Cd-r PRO "unscratchable"and prime peripherals you can find them at OfficeMax really cheap! Tell me if it worked!

-- Basic (, January 05, 2003.

Check out the comments in the link below. Various people have had success with various media.

-- Sean Fulton (, February 22, 2003.

I am trying to record a vcd from a digital 8 camcorder. to play on my sony dvp-s560d dvd player. i have had no luck on playing any vcd's using cdrw media. do i need to set up the dvd player any certain way. please help

-- travis clark (, April 04, 2003.

I use Nero to burn VCD's at low speed 8x or 4x and they work perfectly. Memorex & Imation works well but only CD-RW no CD-R will work... MODEL SONY DVP-S560D

-- Gary Erskine (, April 27, 2003.

I have made VCD's using Nero (at 10x or 12x) an Samsung CD-RW 10x.

Usually it works (but not always). I own a Sony DVP S535D.

-- Javier (, September 26, 2003.

Hi friends, I am from Brasil and i have a dvd sony dvp s560d, and i've been the same problens as everybody to burn a vcd. I will try everything i learned here. Thanks a lot .

-- Fernando Xavier (, October 19, 2003.

The Sony S560D will only read CD-RWs. Don't waste your time or CD-Rs on it.

-- Michael (, December 15, 2003.

I have a sony DVP S570D, i try de hack that is show in this forum.

With the control command, in stanby mode i enter the function [2] [ENTER], after i enter [TITLE] [CLEAR] [POWER ON] and [5]. The screen show me region 01 again. Then it not work. Does i miss something? There is a batch of eprom that is different?

-- Daniel Pineau (, January 09, 2004.

I also cannot get the hack to work for my Sony DVP-S560D.

-- Brachus (, January 09, 2004.

I just discovered this manual online. It looks like the supposed hack is NOT a hack at all, it is instructions for a MODIFIED DVP-S560. You have to install a mod chip.

-- Brachus (, January 09, 2004.

Oh! thank you for the information, it make a big difference. So, are there someone who know a hack for the dvp s570d?

-- Daniel Pineau (, January 09, 2004.

I have a stupid question. If I burn the VCD to a CD-RW, can I overwrite it and use the disk again? Thanks everyone, this site is wonderful!

-- Steve (, January 29, 2004.

Yes. You can.

-- Krishna Reddy (, February 02, 2004.

Sorry for my bad english. How can i play Vcd or S-vcd in my Sony DVD S735D. I want to burn in CD-R a video and i can't play it. Thanks.


-- Tassos (, February 19, 2004.

To Get to Service Menu ====================== Start in standby mode (power off - red light on)

enter: [TITLE] [CLEAR] [POWER]

Service Menu displayed on screen - Power to exit

-- Spesh (, March 08, 2004.

I own a Sony DVP S 345 DVD Player. Does anybody know how i hack to make it region free (i.e. play all regions)???? PLEASE HELP and reply to my email add. PLEASE!!!!!!

-- Toyedayo Osilaja (, December 09, 2004.

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