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I have a problem that occurs during the encoding/convertion process. I can do vcd's no problems what so ever. the problem occurs when doing svcd's. I capture a hour tv show breaking the segments up when a commercial starts. So when the show is finished I have about 5 or 6 seperate segments and everything is fine with them. Now after converting the segments from mpg1 640*480 to mpg2 480*480 I get clips that have audio out of synch. Normally the first one or two segments will be fine and the problem starts in the third segment or so. I am using tmpgenc to convert(version 12a since version 12b no longer supports mpg2).

Any idea's on whats happening? Can I do something after it's been converted to resynch the audio and video?

Thank You Ryan

-- Ryan S (rgs80074@cfl.rr.com), December 06, 2000


Capture to avi then convert to mpeg 2.
converting from mpeg 1 to mpeg 2 is kinda pointless. (quality loss)
unless your mpeg 1 capture is 720 x 480 at 3500000.

But if you insist.... try joining all the mpeg 1's together than convert all to mpeg 2 at once.
If you are playing them on a dvd player in their seperate segments it could be your dvd player gets out of sync during playback.
Perhaps give me more detailes here in your encoding process and I can help.
I was VERY disapointed to see tmpenc has lost mpeg 2 I believe he was forced to after talking to the fine mpeg committe about his product. It seems they don't want us folks to have some nice power toys.

-- Nick D (nickdoogie@goplay.com), December 07, 2000.

Hi Ryan First capture an .avi the best you can but very important the size (( 704x480 )) to make a mpeg2 format next get the Cinema Craft Encoder SP\cctsp.exe to convert your .avi 704x480 to mpeg2 format next you joint all your mpeg2 clips to one big one with the Camel's MPEGJoin\CaMPGj.exe i build very nice DVD .vob format with this set and it works perfectly next the job is done good lock Ryan

-- Alain (oletpa@info-internet.net), December 09, 2000.

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