Leica 100 or 80 for the R?

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I have been deciding between a used Leica 100 2.8 APO and the 80 1.4. Can anyone help me with this decision who has had experience with both lenses? Any help would truly be apreciated.

Thanks Gabe

-- Gabe Sachs (egabe@earthlink.net), December 06, 2000


Gabe, these lenses serve different purposes. The 80 Lux is for available-light work, such as stage photograpy-- like photographing a ballet. The 100 APO is intended more for producing the highest possible image quality, where speed is not an object. By giving up two stops, the designer can make a lens with the ability to resolve fined detail. So It's a matter of your intended pupose. If you are not making big enlargements, but do intend to shoot in low light, the 80 might be more versatile for you.

-- Bob Fleischman (RFXMAIL@prodigy.net), December 13, 2000.

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