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Can I capture video using Pinnacle's Miro DC10+ card directly in MPEG-1(or even MPEG-2) format, if yes How? I think this DC10+ can only capture in AVI format. Please help me with information so I can avoid spending lot of time in converting AVI to MPEG?

-- naray annas (, December 06, 2000


DC10+ captures to MJPEG avi and uses LOTS OG HD SPACE! (hardware assited avi capture) When I capture for vcd it chews up 20 GB per hour of video. It is mainly used for editing video tapes. I would suggested a different card for avi capture if you are not experinced. Also, the DC10+ will not work well with a Compaq Or AMD chips. (irq conflicting) The results Are WOnderful, but again, you need a FAST HD and LOTS of it! 40+ gigs

-- Nick D. (, December 07, 2000.

My question is if Studio DC10+ can be configured to capture in MPEG-1 video directly. I have experimented little bit but it always make an AVI file in my harddisk and it is consuming lot of space. I was burning my own VCDs by converting this AVI to MPEG-1 and I found this file significantly reduced in size in the new MPEG-1 format. Therefore I would like to have MPEG-1 source file ready right after capturing and save time and harddisk space. Any comments?

-- naray annas (, December 08, 2000.

No DC10+ can not. I would guess you would need a simple straight to mpeg-1 capture device.
It is VERY EASY to use.
But remember this. There is NO right to mpeg-1 capture device under $5,000.00 US dollars that will give you quality compared to an avi then software encoding.

-- Nick D (, December 08, 2000.

However, Pinnacle's MP10 does capture directly to MPEG1. Apx $199 see:

But also see earlier post on making sure your MPEG is properly set up as VCD.

-- Jeremy Teitelbaum (, January 01, 2001.

I have a hardware encoder card that encodes straight to VCD compliant mpeg1 format at a constant bit rate of 1150 kps. The result after burning to CD - bad with blockiness..

I have been reading this forum to find out how to improve the videos and one way is to capture to AVI and that encode it back to MPEG1.

So you might want to consider the thought of getting a hardware mpeg encoder card ....

-- Frentemy (, May 09, 2001.

DC10+ can't convert directly to MPEG-1. At First, capture your tape to AVI 352x288, then create MPEG to MPEG 1.


-- Eric R (erc@dts.:mg), January 13, 2004.

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