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Is the cacophony society open to anybody,of all ages? Do you have to be a member somehow or just show up at an event randomly? It sounds really intriguing, considering just how mundane my life is.

-- katie (, December 06, 2000



As they say, "You may already be a member".

-- (, December 06, 2000.

Some parents bring their mature self-possessed older children along on events. Some people are in their late teens. Some people are past retirement age. The vast majority have at least one grey hair and jobs that are neither fantastically interesting or exceedingly dull. We like leading 2 lives. Miss Information for X office and Infra Red of the Cacophony Society. It helps to select a name that fits your persona for the event. And start collecting costumes at the second hand store! I wish I had a ratty bridal gown for the Brides of March.

-- Jean Therapy (, March 12, 2001.

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