Overseas hackers strike again: Israel Land Administration shuts down

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Overseas hackers strike again: Israel Land Administration shuts down most of its web site

Elazar Levin 04.12.2000 15:43 The Israel Land Administration (ILA) was forced to close most of its Internet site last Fridey, due to damage caused by hostile overseas hackers. From now on and until further notice, there is therefore no possibility of receiving the results of the ILA’s new or previous tenders dated after January 1998.

In contrast to the damage to tenders, other parts of the site providing general information are still operating.

The damage caused by the hackers began in the middle of last week. The ILA attempted to overcome the malfunction, but decided by the end of the week that there was no alternative to closing most of the site.

Among other effects, closing the site means that developers and contractors wishing to participate in ILA tenders are unable to obtain the tender details. The ILA recommends that these parties follow parallel announcements in the daily press.

ILA acting director-general Miron Chumash told “Globes” that he hopes that the site will renew its functioning within a few days. Meanwhile, the ILA is preparing alternate means of providing the information. The damage by hostile hackers follows similar operations in recent weeks, which among other things damaged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

Published by Israel's Business Arena on December 4, 2000


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), December 05, 2000

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