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My colleagues and I are OUTRAGED at the sackings and general upheaval going on at the ABC. We are desperate to show our support for the staff and friends of the ABC. How can we best do this?

Why can't we have any say in OUR radio and television station? How can one arrogant being change the present, excellent system when the people, the viewers and devotees have not asked for such?

Staff at Deakin University (Toorak Campus) Melbourne

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2000



Thanks for your query. Friends of the ABC in Victoria have already held a rally in support of ABC staff, and are planning further action. You can contact the Friends of the ABC, Victoria, at (03) 9682-0073 and the Victorian website is at www.fabc.org.au/vic

In the meantime FABC organisations around the country are continuing to support ABC staff, lobby politicians, collect petitions, write to the press. We have prepared a submission to the House of Representatives inquiry into Regional Radio, and a number of states are planning public meetings for February or March of next year. In South Australia we have a public rally planned for next Wednesday.


Darce Cassidy President, FABC, South Australia

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

Apologies for writing about something that has probably already been tried - and even more so if something like this has already happened and I've missed it.

The case for the ABC would be greatly strengthened by some statement of support from the commercial sector, which has profited greatly from 'cross-over' of ABC programmes and personnel. The enrichment (and ratings!) provided to the commercial TV networks by people such as John Clarke, Sue Masters, Andrew Denton, the Good News Week performers and writers, Roy & H.G., Richard Carleton, the late Paul Lyneham, Rob Sitch & co, and countless others is considerable. Even non-ABC watchers would have been much the poorer in recent years without the opportunity the ABC has given some of their favourite artists to develop in an environment free from the direct pressures of immediate audience success.

The past success and continued development of the commercial networks relies on a strong ABC. What do Packer, Stokes and friends have to say on the matter? It would be nice to know - and even if their employers have nothing to say about it, some of these artists might at least be able to provide a helpful word or two.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2000

I too am OUTRAGED at the sackings and general upheaval going on at the ABC. I feel helpless as this great institution, which is an increasingly rare national public broadcaster with a comprehensive & eclective coverage of issues & ideas (long live RN!). The ABC is a politically & financially independent source of news coverage that regularly sticks it up the pack of assholes which make up the Federal cabinet in this country, which can only be a good thing. The culture of fear which Kerry O'brien talks about is all too palpable. Shier and Mcdonald (and mayby at least some members of the ABC board) seem to have permanently moved inside a reality distortion field with an incredible criticism deflection strength. The Incompetent Duo responds to any criticism of their politically-motivated rape and pillaging with only two possible responses: You're Wrong or You're Wrong And You're Fired.

The way I'm feeling about all this, I believe direction action needs to to taken. The only way Shier and Mcdonald are going to take notice is by SCREAMING in their face. Writing to politicians won't do anything. The PM down is behind all this. In the Sunday story reference is made to Pol Pot. Methinks some re-education needs to be done from this end.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

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