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Question, I currently use primarily 6x6 I scan, store in mounted glass slide mounts and project with a medium format projector

1. How to store the 4x5 transparancies 2. Is there a projector that will allow 4x5 projection? 3. Scanning I know Nikon offers 4x5 imaging, is there any other scanners that would do?

Thanks Larry

-- Larry Gaskill (, December 05, 2000


I believe the new Epson 1240U photo model, in addition to being a regular scanner, scans negs and transparencies up to 4x5 with the transparency adaptor. Cost is approx $29

-- Wayne Campbell (, December 05, 2000.

--make that $299.00, not $29.00

-- Wayne Campbell (, December 05, 2000.

Make that $299.....not $29 (at that price I'll take ten)...

-- Wayne Campbell (, December 05, 2000.

I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these Epson scanners.
A while ago, I took a couple of 5x4 negs along to a local store and had a quick demo of the perfection 1200 photo. I was impressed, but not enough to buy it.
Epson have recently replaced the 1200 with the 1240 (42 bit colour as opposed to 36 bit on the 1200), but now I see that there's a 1640 model out as well, at much the same price. This has 1600dpi resolution and the sharpness is supposedly improved, but it hasn't hit the shops yet, because the retailers want to offload their old 1200 stocks.
Anyway, has anyone been able to try this new 1640 on medium format and 5x4 yet?

-- Pete Andrews (, December 06, 2000.

There is only one slide projector at present that will do this, the very expensive Noblux 4x5.

-- Mani Sitaraman (, December 07, 2000.

For scanning, you should make sure your goals are clear as to what you want out of a scanner. Why take a beautiful 4 x 5 and then scan it on an under $1,000.00 (or under $5,000.00) scanner? Although the cost quality equation with scanners is improving, scanners are complicated machines with sophisticated software -- despite the "specs" (which due to hype have become almost meaningless) you will not get professional quality scans of 4 x 5 transparencies or black and white negatives from a machine that's under $5,000.00, and maybe not even at that price. I would look into the new Microtek/Artix 4 x 5 scanner, that, last time I looked was selling for about $6-7T. After that I would look at the Imacon's. If you want top quality -- which I do -- you should probably just send you great images to get scanned at West Coast Imaging for about $50.00 each for a 200 MB file. WCI does great work, IMO. NancyScans also does excellent work, IMO.

-- Howard Slavitt (, December 10, 2000.

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