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Saw an image of the church on the N.E. corner of Powell & Post St. in 1876. This appears to be a place where King David Kalakaua of the then Kingdom of Hawai'i Islands was barred, while he was on his tour of the world from 1881 to 1883.

Where can I get more details on this incident? What church was this?

I also read about an episode that "sugar king" Claus Spreckels won the island of Maui in a poker game from King Kalakaua, the "Merry Monarch". Is this a fact?

He died on January 20, 1891 in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. What other details of his visit are known?

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, December 05, 2000


Hi, Wolfgang,

I know it's some time since you posted your questions, but if you're still intrested, I'll do some research and find out. I live in Honolulu.


-- Jeanne Moore (, April 02, 2003.

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