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when i tried 2 burn it pop up this msg:-

"the source(vcd) file dat is invalid, need mpeg-1 which was encoded for video-cd: audio 44.1khz; stereo; 224kbit/s video 352x240/29.97khz or 352x240/23.976hz or 352x288/25hz.

analysis of the file found -stream encoding which is invalid for a video cd. -video : 29.97 frames/second, 352x240 pixels. -audio : 44100hz 2 channels

you are creating a videocd v2.0 (CDI player) compliant cd, but the mpeg file is not suitable for such a disc. continue by turning off v2.0 conformance?

yes or no."

if i proceed with yes, the result was no picture with sound. so how do i copy the vcd 2 cdr. pls help. thank you. rookie in burning vcd.

-- mike anthony (, December 05, 2000


if you are simply trying to copy a vcd, why don't you just use the cd copy functionality in nero?


-- kevin (, December 06, 2000.

I also had similar problem with Nero5.0. The difference is that I can make a VCD with picture and sound, which can be played by a hardware VCD player (perfectly fine) but not a sotware VCD player. With software player, the picture and the sound was scrambled. The file was also turned into .DAT file which can't be recognized by mpeg-1 editing tools.

The problem accurred when the file was edited. If without editing, it will be perfectly fine with Nero5.0

-- Stanley (, December 19, 2000.

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