How did Edger Allan Poe die, i know it is a mystery but i need details for a report. : LUSENET : The Work of Edgar Allan Poe : One Thread

please email me with any notes or stuff you think i could use for my report. the topic is the mysterious death of Poe, so please help me. thanks. jen

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000


I am sorry I do not know but I am doing a report on him to and I need answers so please e-mail me back and we can give each other info. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

DUH!!! He got mugged!! He was soo drunk that he did't even know what happened to him!! Why do you think he had someone else's clothes on?!! It's self explanatory!!

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

He was so happy with his first cousin that drunk them self to death

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

In my opinion, he had a weak heart. After becoming an alcoholic in college, he couldn't give it up.(he wasn't an alcholic, exactly but he had a low tolerance for alcohol) I think he stopped drinking completely for a period while he visited Sarah Royster Shelton, but as soon as he left he went drinking one night. (this is my theory) He probably passed out on the street. But all they really know is that he was found on the street and died four days later in a hospital. (he wasn't found in somebody else's clothes) :-D I'm doing a biography on him too.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

Pure and simple. Edgar Allan Poe died of rabies

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2000

I had to do a term paper on Poe and I found a few answers. Ones like, mugging, alcohol, depression, but then I found a sight where a man named Benitez worked on Poe's body and found he hd been biten and was diagonsed with Rabies. Within four days of the bite, with no immediate treatment, a person can die. Benitez claimed that is the true explaination. If you need the site, write me. -Liz

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2000

Actually I really do not know if any one has the answer e-mail me please I love Edgar Allen Poe, HE inspires me to write in the style I write. I believe he was a very depressed msn. Just get back to me thank you all.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2000

Edgar Allan Poe Died from rabies. Dr. Benitez did a study on him in 1996. When examining the body of Poe's bone marrow they found substances of rabies. This would explain why he didn't move or talk much in the last 4 days in the hospital. Now the whole other persons clothes thing can be answered with his being a drunk. Its that plain. Edgar Allan Poe was killed by some small rat or maybe a Cat... That would be fitting!?!?

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

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-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

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-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

I have no clue how he died, but while reading other peoples answeres, you can include a little of this and a little of that. I only have advice, and that would be to check his background, see if it's a fact that he was a alchoholic, and see if you can get as many facts about his personality, then i suggest you to use what you have.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

He died of Drinking a whole bunch, and then he was murdered by a writer and he was found in an authors basement.

Thanx.. and believe me I DO Know

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2000

He died of Drinking a whole bunch, and then he was murdered by a writer and he was found in an authors basement. aND THEY FPOUND HIM BY THE AUTHOR WRITING A BOOK ABOUT HIS WONDERFUL MURDER AND PEPOLE WERE SUSPISOIUS AND THEY SEARCHED ....AND FOUND HIS BODY

Thanx.. and believe me I DO Know

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2000

Edgar Allan Poe suffered from a metabolic illness--possibly diabetes. This accounts for his "visions" and his behavior even when drinking small amounts of alcohol. I have heard about the rabbies "theory" yet--I think he possibility that he died of a heart attack from his diabetes should be looked i

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

Wow! I can't help but laugh at some of the answers. EAP was not a drunkard; however, he did drink absinthe and he did have a low tolerance for alcohol. In all of my research on Poe, I have seen one thing that tended to remain consistent and that is exactly what Annie ( posted on December 04, 2000. In fact, a quote by George Bernard Shaw has always stuck in my mind; it's something to the effect that "Poe has drunk as much in his lifetime as most modern American writers have drunk in six months." In 1849, Griswold, Poe's American literary executor, was left with a book by Poe that was almost complete (or recently completed) when Poe died. To gain interest in the book (i.e., to make a buck), Griswold basically smeared Poe's reputation and made mountains out of molehills. Charles Baudelaire, Poe's literary executor in France, painted a much more realistic image of Poe; therefore, today we see a much more favorable reception of Poe and his works in Europe than we do in America. About a study conducted on Poe that proved he died of rabies, I have heard the rumors. If the person who mentioned the study could provide a citation to support that claim, I would be quite interested in reading about that.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

It seems a bit funny to think that so many of us use this information of Poe to be a joke in time.I on the other hand respect the true nature of the great writer himself.I have studied Poe throughout my life and have found that he has the immortal solitude to be enjoying his afterlife.I dont think anyone knows how he died for truth.But one thing rest assured, he lives beyond the confines of the waking world.........

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

According to a doctor who gives his students case histories with no names on them, Dr. Benitez, Chulalongkorn University , Bankok, Thailand, Poe died with all the symptoms of encephalitic rabies.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001


-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

I think he died from an alchohol overdose in a pit and choked to death.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2001

I don't know what killed him in the end, but I know that within the month that he died, and when he was taken to the hospital in Baltimore, he was found unconsious in an alley. I don't know if that helps any.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2001

he is still alive

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2001

It's know he died of rabies either that or drugs

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

Look in "American Heritage", the magazine, Nov. 2000, an article by Kevin Baker, p.13-14.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

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-- Anonymous, April 24, 2001

I have also heard about Poe dying of rabies. I think that if he hadn't died of rabies or any alcohol related problems that perhaps T.B would have captured his life. Like his loved ones before him.

As for everyone saying "depression", "alcohol", "mugged" and what- not. You need to look at the facts. Yes, he was depressed, but he'd been depressed his whole life. I'm not saying one or the other is correct but facts are better than hear-say or something you made up because that's what you wanted to believe. I suggest you look up Dr. Benitez at Chulalongkorn University and see for yourself what he found and what he thinks really happened to one of the greatest writers, Poe.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

you are all bloody stupid. who cares how he died. hes dead. he was an amazing, brilliant person so why cant you focus on his works and not his death? you are all pathetic.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2001

Well some people say he was found half drunk half in a concution. But then my teacher had told us that one of his close friends had turned on him and changed his records.And then later on doctors studied him and said that he might have died from rabies. But we do know that his close friend had indeed changed the records so he can look like a mad man go crazy who was an acholic.And the mystery still goes on.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2001

I know for a known fact that he was bit by a dog, raped by a racoon, and was in love with a snake he told me this last night in my cycic memory. He talks to me alot and tells me that he is mad because all you people are saying stuff about him thats not true he was not raped by a person he was raped by a racoon! I <3 this man you can not lie but only abey!

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2001

Poe became sick on his way back from Boston....

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2001

it seems no1 really knows what happened to him or what he died from so im just wondering how do people no he really died then in 1847!?!?!?

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

Edger Allen Poe was killed by rabies. I know this for a fact because I did a biography on him

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

I believe with all the research that I have done it looks to me to have been rabies from a rat or cat or elk

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

WHO GIVES! he died of stupidity

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

I have to do a paper about his life and my reaction to it. I'm not very interested in this, but I still will do it. If anybody will read this before October 18 and has a paper done like this please email me thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

hey uh if u guys read the thigy about him u should know. he got drank and died just like me. oh yea did i mention that im dead. it's me Edger Allan Poe! listen whatever u do don't do what i did. ight? be careful

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2002

poe died of rabies everybody thinks he died of a mental illness and of being a drunk but a study was done in 1996 that shoes he had all signs of rabies.


-- Anonymous, October 13, 2002

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-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Hi guys if any of you could like give m or sent me a bioggraphy and a time line of Poes storys like you know the black cat and wat year it was written in that would be just graet . P.S if any of you watch Charmed then lets talk about it after i do me report ok so see ya !!! Maria

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

He had such a hard lif e he decided to drop

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

I think Edger Allan Poe died of two things.One depression he was so sad bout loseing almost all the people he loved that the miserie he was feeling killed him.But it had a little help,i think his drinking played a big part,his body must have been brutly damaged from all that alcohal intake that finally he calasped.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

O.K. everybody its like this. Poe was found dead and unconcious in an alley. when broght to the hopital his breath did not smell of alcohol. they wanted to give him alcohol treatment but he refused because he was still sober. he was raving for hours and the next hour he would be fine. he could barely drink water because his throut hurt too much. all these conditions pionted to one thing...rabies. now it is rare yeah but it still happens to regular people. they dont foam at the mouth(thats only in movies) but it does make you have sharp pains, an extreamly sore throat, and makes you go crazy for hours at a time. now its not like you have to be biten that same day to start feeling the effects because it can take up a whole year before it starts actin up. this was study by some scientist in maryland or somewhere. a lot of other scientists believe this theory while others dont. i belieive this is true. what you think is up to you.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 11, 2002

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-- Anonymous, December 03, 2002

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-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

You juveniles are very ignorant and are going no where in your pathedic lives. Edgar Allan Poe died of congestive brain problems. He may have had a drinking problem and mental illness has much of us do but he was clean six months before his death.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2002

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Edger Allen Poe Died of drunkness. He was drunk, then a writer killed him. That is how he died

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2002

he died of rabies you fuckin idiots

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2002

There are several clues to wether or not Poe was mugged, or if he indeed died of rabies. The truth is: No one knows for sure, and wherever you go, you aren't going to get a strait answer. Some will say he had a week heart, some will say he drank too much. Others will say that he was mugged, and then there are those who say he had rabbies. Those seem to be the most frequent answers out there to the cause of Poe's death, god rest his soul, and you're not going to get more descriptive than that. I, too, love Poe's work, and it does inspire me as well.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2002

His spirit is alive and living in Parkville, Maryland

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2003

Well right now i haven't got much information on edger allen poe but i believed poe killed him self because he was into alcohol and deppressents. Thats what i believe because Poe was such a gloomy,and depressed writer.

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2003

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Edgar Allen Poe Mystery - ... No one can say conclusively that Poe died of rabies, since there was no autopsy after his death," says Dr. Benitez, who is also an assistant professor of ...

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2003

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I can't believe some of you people write such lies!!!!! Looking for an excuse to try and make fun of one of the greatest writers in time!!! Some of you must of been f*cking drunk when you wrote such ridicoulous things! The truth is: There was a study on his body in 1996, they found in his bone marrow substances of rabies, so he died of rabies. At least some of yo told the truth but I'm disgusted with some of the lies some of these idiots wrote!!!

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003

No test of Poe's bone marrow has ever been made. Having been buried now for over 150 years in fairly wet soil, there is probably no bone marrow left to test anyway. Rabies was conjectured based on a flawed case study of Poe's final days and symptoms. It is an unsupported theory.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2003

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-- Anonymous, May 06, 2003

I think that Poe died of rabies. They did find a little of his bone marrow. It did have rabies. That is why he was halusinating. My class is in a project and I going with rabies. But I also need to know who Reynolds is, the name poe was calling out while he was messed in the head.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2003

my opinion is that poe was beaten to death by some thugs because of his huge gambleing debts.

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2003

i think he die by getting rabes. but thers so many people who say so many different things like he got drunk and got lost or by being diabetic and not know where he was or what he was doing so who knows how he die...

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2003

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-- Anonymous, October 09, 2003

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-- Anonymous, October 25, 2003

I actually dont know but, I read this book called Tall Tales And Mystery But if you have Any information please email me and let me know because i have to do a report on him thanx ALWAYS Ashley Jimenez

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003


-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

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Edgar Allan Poe did not die of rabies or being gay or any type of mugging he died for reasons noone wants to tell us cause they dont want us to know the truth he was murdered because people thought he was a little bit crazy but every one else is crazy and not him or even me i right about htings like him i surprised i am not dead and they would say i probably comited sucide edgar allan poe did not die of rabies or anything like that it was murder

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2004

The answer to this question is very simple. Edgar Allan Poe died of a congestion of the brain. I know this because the obituary that had his body had said so. He didn't die of rabies like that has to be one of the most stupidest answers i have ver heard.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2005

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