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I send love and hope to my AME family and thank you all for your support and prayers for the start of St. Paul Community Church. Yesterday (12/3/00) was our first service. We had twenty people. Twenty people who had either never been to church or had stopped going years ago. I saw joy on their faces as they heard the good news. Some wept openly when they were told Jesus loved them. And during our prayer time every person had a prayer partner, who listened and prayed just for them. As we talk about flagship churches, christmas parties, and other things. Don't forget they are out there. Children of God who do not know they are children of God! I know our church will be a safe place for those who have never heard the gospel message. They are so hungry for the words of Jesus. Don't forget they are out there and go tell the good news. By the way half of those who came yesterday said they did not fit in the churches that have a "country club mentality". I am excited, and honored that this church was born on the first day of Advent. My sisters and brothers in Christ, let us be about evangelism, and the telling of the good news. I love you all for you are my family. Denise

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000


Pastor Rogers, Congradulations! My prayers continue to be with you as you start this new and exciting work. We must continue the work of African Methodism by going where the people are and they are out there. I support you my sister as you allow God to use you that you may make His vision real in the lives of His people. To make the love of Christ real in the lives of people is to empower them and thereby strengthen the entire community. You are truly blessed to have the Godly team of Bishop and Rev. Bryant praying for your strength in ministry. They truly have a heart for growing the church of God and encouraging the workers in the vineyard. They labor with love and prayers and this has been proven by the spiritual fruit they grow where ever God sends them. The best is yet to be! Be much encouraged many are praying your strength in this mighty work. God Bless

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

My sister it is good to hear from you and thank you for your encouraging words. I know God has called Bishop Bryant to the fifth district for a very, very special purpose. I am but one of many servants on the mission field. Please keep our Bishop in prayer, and do stay in touch. God is good all the time. Joy, Denise

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2000

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