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In SLAs the end user perspective should be taken when taking about restore time, availability and performance.

Normally it's easier to identify, monitor and measure the failure of a __single IT component__ (a server, a client, a switch, ...). If doing so then there exists the problem create a link between the failure of a single IT component and the failure of an application (end user view on service quality), which should be documented in a Service-Level-Report.

Do exist any tool in the market that allow to (identify and) document such links? Which? Or is this not possible? Any experiences are welcome.

-- Thomas Berger (, December 04, 2000


I don't have a tool recommendation to contribute, but I do have an interesting graphic that me and a colleague put together to storyboard a white paper on recovery management. See:

Also related and of possible interest:

I realize that these do not directly answer your question, but they may provide you with some ideas as you proceed.

There are a few SLM-related articles at also.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike Tarrani (, January 01, 2001.

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