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ok, I have some of the worst luck in Konica history..

My second Konica camera, a Konica T broke after my night photography class. Here is what is wrong:

I think it is the light meter, seems to work without batteries (it sits around f5.6) but when you put batteries in it, it goes to f16 (or the bottom). Any advice? I have tested the batteries to be working (my other broken Konica a T3's meter works like new) and they work there.


-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000


Bad luck

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your camera again.

Of course, you can continue to use it in manual mode with a separate hand-held meter or by estimating exposures ("Sunny 16" and all that"). That's one of the advantages the old mechanical cameras have over the new-fangled electronic jobs that die completely when their batteries run down. I always carry a Sekonic L398 meter, partially in case the meter in one of my cameras fails.

I'd suggest you carefully check the battery compartment of your camera for any corrosion. Also have the batteries tested under load (at Radio Shack or your local camera shop). What type of batteries are you using (I haven't used a T)? If they are 675s, like the T3, by any chance are they hearing aid zinc air batteries? I have heard these can be pretty short-lived, only about a month. The symptoms you describe also make me suspicious that there could be a shorted circuit or partial failure of the meter sensors or even dirt fouling the mechanism. None of these are fatal, just need some cleaning or repair.

I hope you don't give up on Konica cameras after your bad experiences! The older ones are built like a tank, but are still 25-30 years old. Even one that was lightly used may never have been serviced and may need some attention.

I have a semi-retired T3, several T4s and a couple TCs. Recently I "updated" with a couple FT-1s (merely 15 years old!), wanting to keep using all those great Hexanon lenses, but concerned that the older cameras will need more attention. I still really like the weight and balance of the T4 with a winder (but they sure are noisy, after using an FT-1!) and plan to keep using them as long as possible.

Although I really like them too, I don't think the FT-1s will hold up as well. Only time will tell!

Hope your luck is only the "good" kind from here on.


-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

Oh man, I wouldn't wish this luck on anyone. Atleast I got it. :(

Somethings got to turn around. I have this nasty bad luck streak going for two years now and I just gotta shake it! haha. I BET that once I sell these 2 cameras (the T3 and the T) that their new owner will get them to work without problems or it is such a minor repair they'll laugh!

Anyways I better finish typing this message before my computer dies on me .haha. (knock on wood).

Since my T is useless right now since I don't have a light meter I was figuring I could use the T3 by using the Self Timer to take pictures rather than use the shutter button, atleast I got 1 Konica to use and yes, I can use the sunny 16 rule for now on the T too. :)

I cleaned the little battery compartment and checked for corrosion but after doing this it still has the same problem. (when the batteries are in the light meter goes straight down to f16). I tried using the T3's battery check test on the T (1/125th sec, ISO100 and press CHECK) and it didn't work.

I am using for Batteries: 675P

I tested these batteries in the T3 and they do work fine.

I love the Konica cameras and the lenes but whew the bad luck with the bodies! I hear that people have (like you) bodies that last 20+ years without trouble... where can I get one of those?!? haha.

Don't know if I should abondon the T3 line of camera and go for the FS-1. I don't require any of the FS-1 functions (ok, burning film away at 2.5 fps sounds fun). But I am afraid of getting another bad one.

Any suggestions anyone? (or donations!) haha.


-- Anonymous, December 04, 2000

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