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I have installed a Soundtraxx DSX decoder in a Stewart FT dummy. I have connected the power pickup of the dummy with the power pickup of the A unit, so there is a 16 wheel power pickup. Still I get sometimes the coupler sounds without ever pushing a button. Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of this?

Léon Honings

-- Léon Honings (, December 03, 2000


Contact Soundtraxx. There is a capacitor someone else wrote me about that Soundtraxx will change for you in the DSX. This is for "older" DSX units.

I don't care for the coupler sound. If you feel similarly, if you do not assign the coupler to any function, you won't get it at all.

People with diesels, can get rid of the coupler by not assigning it, but the diesel engines also tend to restart. This is an annoyance that can only be fixed by the capacitor and all the great power pick-up you are willing to install like you have done.

Be sure you are using conducta-lube to ensure good contact of the pick -ups and the wheels. I have to admit, this stuff has amazed me at the difference it made on many locomotives.

-- Allan Gartner (, December 06, 2000.

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