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I just picked up my new Schneider Super Symmar 80f/4.5 XL today. According to the serial number, it is the 24th one built.

Anyway, this is a US lens, so it's now in the states. I hope to get a chance to shoot it this weekend.

On the box is a sticker warning that extra wide filters are required to avoid damaging the front element. However, examination of the lens reveals that there is absolutely no risk with any filter on this lens--there is a good 5mm of clearance from the front element to the front of the filter threads.

-- Lloyd Chambers (, December 02, 2000


WOW!!! Let us know what its like as I'm sure there are many of us itching to get one!!!! The warning sticker is probably a "flash back" to the problems encountered by users of the 110XL, I use a 67-77mm step up ring to avoid contact with the front element. Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, December 03, 2000.

Hey Lloyd,

Congrats on being first on the block to get this latest marvel from Schneider. Since you actually have the lens in your hands, could you answer one question for me. What is the rear filter size? All the literature I've seen lists it as 41mm, a VERY uncommon size. In fact, there are no 41mm filters of any brand listed in my B&H catalog (but they do list 41mm - 46mm, 41mm - 49mm and 41mm - 52mm step-up rings from B+W). I'm hoping it is actually the MUCH more common 40.5mm filter size.

Thanks, Kerry

-- Kerry Thalmann (, December 03, 2000.

Just to reiterate--there is no issue with the front or rear element on the 80 XL with regards to contacting the lens elements. There is ample clearance.

With regards to filter size for the rear elements, I'm not sure how to determine what size it is--there is no literature that says one way or another, and it is not marked in any way. And I do not have a 41mm filter. However, when I measure from the inside of the metal to metal distance, it appears to be 40.5mm. But 1/2 millimeter is tricky, so it could be 41 too.


-- lloyd chambers (, December 04, 2000.

Actually, the rear filter thread is 40.5mm. Just to make sure, I put a 40.5mm UV on the rear of an 80XL and it fits just fine. Our data sheet has the thread size listed as 41mm, but that's a typo.

-- Michael Klayman (, December 05, 2000.


Thanks for the clarification. I suspected/hoped it was the more common 40.5mm filter size, but it's good to get the confirmation from someone in-the-know.

Thanks, Kerry

-- Kerry Thalmann (, December 05, 2000.

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