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Dear all, esp. Mar, Scott, Brad, Dave

[ Dave : I saw this on mailpages.scripting.com

Mar : Mar has described and implemented what I have in mind

Brad : his LiveJournal.com inspired me to probably think in the same direction as Mar

Scott : I hope he gets involved to implement a general solution ]

Please visit http://mailpages.scripting.com/ - "Mail starting 11/26/00"

Please read the mail from "Már Örlygsson" carefully. [ His mail has been attached to this email ]

I have been having this idea for quite a while - I want to quote Mar here... -- Sometimes I feel like I'm on the verge of realizing something really big. On the brink of discovering some fundamental truth about something. Something vitally important.

At these same moments I feel my head is about to explode.

Painful. --

Why do I write this email : Mar has already implemented this idea at mar.anomy.net and I am sure many more thousands have seen the idea and the design steps too

Like me, there could be many more users who are looking for a similar solution and willing to pay for it too


It would be too bad to see a big company implement this idea in a bad way and make money

I would like to see a solution as easy to use as LiveJournal.com and EditThisPage.com/Weblogs.com


What I want in the solution ( atleast )

Input 1. Date / Time 2. Content 3. Categories

Output 1. View content by reverse chronological order 2. View content by category by reverse chronological order 3. Customisability...


I am not sure if someone has already done all the above with any of the plugins like meta data etc...


I have been in a hurry writing this mail - I just wish that everyone can live their dreams/vision - in this case: Mar, Brad et al

I will be very happy if I have been a catalyst for you to develop a general solution

Maintaining my weblog at EditThisPage.com has been a great experience... Maintaining the same similar to the above would be Greater

For eg.,... When I see something on the web... which I want to "2do" or "2read" later... it will be easy to categorise the content as such and at leisure take a look at all "2do"s and "2read"s

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks for listening, Kishore.


ATTACHMENT From: "Már Örlygsson" ; Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 1:46 PM; Subject: time-based weblogging vs. directories Hi Dave. Rant follows: (you've been warned :-) I've been reading your thoughts about "temporal weblogs" vs. "timeless blogging" but I've never been sure I really got what you are getting at. (perhaps I didn't read carefully enough...) I wonder if you are thinking somewhere along the terms of what I've been doing with my personal weblog experiment (a crude XML-crunching Perl-hack) http://mar.anomy.net/ Each entry is assigned to one or more categories and by clicking on a category name (either just above the headline, or in the Subcategory box on the right) you get only entries that are assigned to that particular category. Here's a directory with all the weblog entries in XML format: http://mar.anomy.net/content/entries/ (having the category hierarchy hard-coded in the entry XML is a temporary solution.) On searching: My brain gets all excited when I consider the possibilities that open up if/when I'll add the ability to search for entries based on directory-tree keywords. For example: Assume I need "a relatively recent entry having to do with internet standards that enable more effective searching for content and that also affect intellectual property rights online". One could type in: "Standards, search, intellectual property" - and get something like this: http://mar.anomy.net/entry/?id001124173703 Searching based on tree-based keywords offers makes it very easy to intelligently expanding the scope of searches by going up a level in the category-tree branches. Meta-data classification-trees: On a slightly related note: Consider also how a piece of content can be linked to two geograpic-places in different context. A news story about the Florida vote-counting scandal, written by a German guy living in Germany. The the "source" location is different from the "target" location. Same applies for time definitions: A brand new essay about the Gulf War is different from similar essays written ten years ago. The "target" time is the same, while the source time is different. My dream for the future is for there to be a number of semi-standardized classification trees that I can make refererence to when I author my content. A bit like the Dewey Decimal System - and possibly even including the Dewey system and/or the dmoz categories, yahoo, my own directory, your personal directory, etc. Something in the like of: Uhm, enough ranting for now. Take care,

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (kishorebalakrishnan@carnatic.com), December 01, 2000


Mar's entries in category Weblogs - very useful

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (kishore@carnatic.com), December 27, 2000.

I am having problem with The MetaData Plugin : - please help - Thanks

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (
kishore@carnatic.com), December 27, 2000.

Please visit the implementation at World Wide Wisdom

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (kishore@carnatic.com), October 19, 2001.

I checked the features at LiveJournal again

I want all the features at LiveJournal like private/friends/public content and the above too...

If the above tool is available... I can even use it as a calendar

I could tag a content with category 2do-20010201

and In future... I can lookup all contents with this tag for a list of 2do items on a particular date

-- kishore balakrishnan (kishorebalakrishnan@carnatic.com), December 01, 2000.

Kishore -- this is incredible! This is exactly the type of idea I've been working on building. Except some of the ideas I have are a little bigger -- more than just news items, but full articles (like Manila stories) categorized and interlinked. I plan to use this on my own site (LogicError.com) as well as offer an EditThisPage-like service (BlogSpace.com). Please let me know what you think.

-- Aaron Swartz (aswartz@upclink.com), December 02, 2000.

mail from Mar : Weblog as a knowledge base

-- kishore balakrishnan (kishorebalakrishnan@carnatic.com), December 04, 2000.

the entry of dec 04 is inserted before entry of dec 02 - why ?

-- kishore balakrishnan (kishorebalakrishnan@carnatic.com), December 07, 2000.

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