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This is a real beginner question, but I am a beginner so please advise me.

I am working in 8x10 format, using Kodak plusX film and D-76 developer. I do not want to waste developer or fixer.

In tray processing, how many ounces of D-76 (mixed 1 to 1) do I need per sheet, and how many ounces of fixer do I need per sheet?

I am learning so much from this forum... Thanks to all!

-- Dan Sewell (, December 01, 2000


Anchell and Troop's reco works for me - 250 ml of undiluted developer (e.g., D76, XTOL full strength), 500 ml of dilute developer (D76 1:1, HC110 1:31 etc) and 1 litre for extreme dilutions (HC110 1:90 etc). Good luck. DJ

-- N Dhananjay (, December 01, 2000.

The above info is in the book "The Film Developing Cookbook". An excellent read.

-- Wayne Crider (, December 03, 2000.

I don't know the figures off the top of my head, but the leaflet that comes with D-76 should tell you how much film, in square feet per gallon or square metres per litre, you can develop. Just divide the area of a 10x8 sheet into that figure, and that's the fraction of a litre, or gallon, quantity you need per sheet.
A sheet of 10x8 is 0.56 square feet; 0.052 square metres.

-- Pete Andrews (, December 04, 2000.

Look at your package of D 76 developer. See how the front is yellow and the back is white? The front side has "Kodak" written on it plus some other stuff that's irrelevant for present purposes. Now turn the package over and look at the back (i.e. the white) side. There's some writing there. Near the center there's a heading in large bold letters that says "Kodak developer D 76 ESTIMATED CAPACITY OF SOLUTION?" Below that heading there's a very simple table. The table gives the capacity of D 76 for different sizes of film, including 8x10, at full strength and diluted 1-1. This information on the package will answer your question.

-- Brian Ellis (, December 04, 2000.

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