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Have you ever had an ex come crawling back? How did you handle it?

-- Mikey (, December 01, 2000


My ex, the first guy i properly felt for, decided to walk back into my life after I'd been going out with my boyfriend (now another ex, whoo hoo) for over a year. I hadnt seen him at all for over a year, and then suddenly i bumped into him at a party and he kept phoning and dropping round my house.

It was horrible. Here was this guy who had dumped me so thoughtlessly, and who i had liked sooooo much, suddenly wanting to be with me. To this day, I'm still amazed that I managed to resist. Because, every time I saw him, all those feelings, all those memories, came flooding back so quickly.

He made it blatently obvious that he wanted me, and as much as I wanted him, I knew that it wasnt right. I knew that he would eventually just be using me, and I wasnt about to throw away a serious relationship for him.

So what did I do? I let myself gradually decrease contact with him, until he eventually wasnt in my life at all. It's sad, but i dont regret it, even if he is the biggest hottie EVER!! The fact is, that was was was right at the time, and he being part of my life was putting incredibly strain on both me and my relationship. :)

still....if he turned up now....

only joking.... :)

-- Em (, December 02, 2000.

ha- remember geremek? stupid ass... well, he came a-crawlin back to me mid Grease (equally hellish experience)- you may or may not remember this. anywho, he said he was totally still in love with me, and i learn from good ol mariss like, 3 days later, that he hooked up with frizzy haired christina a. that was unreal.

so i told him to bug off and do whatever the hell he pleased with her. stupid ass.

you know, i found out, like, 2 years later, they didn't just hook up, but they fucked? god bless larry- he's so much cuter/cooler/jewish, and i know he wouldn't leave me for a half bald under pitch soprano. ;-)

-- Keiko (, December 06, 2000.

He just showed up at my door. The last time I had seen him was 2 years ago, and I hadn't heard anything from him in that time. I had assumed we had broken up. Well, you know what they say about assuming things...

Problem was, I was kinda sorta dating someone else. He had been "monogamous" while we were apart. This should have been a sign of sorts, that he claimed to have been in love with me those years but didn't see the need to call, write, email, or anything else for that matter.

He hounded me until I gave in and gave him another chance. Turned out he was yet *another* one of these guys who saw me and thought, "Damn, I need to marry that girl?" (Why do I bring this out in the male gender? I have a freaking GAY MAN who proposes marriage to me, seriously, on a regular basis!) and I ran away screaming.

Turns out while we were seperated, he was living with and screwing a male-to-female preop transsexual. Why do I attract the kooks, dear Lord?

-- Delirium (, December 07, 2000.

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