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Has anyone visited the CA Pioneer Museum on 4th and Folsom. I read they have a great exhibit on the 1915 World's Fair.

-- Anna Marquita (, December 01, 2000


Anna, Sure - went there the day before yesterday, and it is definitely worthwile. They also show a film that was digitized from old clips of San Francisco at the time. There is also an iMac with a touch-screen to test your knowledge, and a couple of multimedia boxes with films about the Japanese pavillion, and American-Indian history clips. The exhibit itself has plenty of items from the period, and amazaing photos and artifacts. Will not tell you more, you have to see it yourself: it is open until December 2001, from 10 to 4 Tuesdays thru Friday, plus first Saturday of each month (tomorrow!). For groups, call Christina Fischer at 415-957-1849, or email

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, December 01, 2000.

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