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I am in need of bellows for a Burke & James 4x5 Rembrandt. They are red in color. Would like to find new or a company that could make them. Thanks for your help

-- royce fordyce (, December 01, 2000


Hi Royce. You can try Camera Bellows-Units 3-5 St PaulsRoad,Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 8NG. United Kingdom Telef. 0121 440 1695 Fax 0121 440 0972 They produce all kind of bellows.

I hope this helps you.

-- Manuel Gomes Teixeira (, December 01, 2000.

Royce: Go down to the History section of the questions listing page and look under Cameras:problems. There are several Q&As about bellows with sources of supply. You might find what you are looking for there. Incidentally, the ol' Rembrant was a popular studio camera in its day. Most of the ones I knew of were set up with a sliding back to shoot split 5x7 film. 4x5 backs were also available. Good cameras for what they were designed for, which was portraiture.


-- Doug Paramore (, December 01, 2000.

Royce: Camera Bellow can be reached online throught the web site, They have an online request for info. Fill in the info you can and ask questions and they will respond via email.

-- Glenn Kroeger (, December 01, 2000.

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