what new technology came from SanFransisco earthquake in 1906?

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What new technology came form the San Fransisco earthquake in 1906?

-- Lauren Copeland (LC9snowychic@yahoo.com), November 30, 2000


The use of reinforced concrete for buildings and better protected steel columns. There were only a few buildings that were constructed that way and they fared very well in the earthquake and fire. The USGS reported this in their 1907 report and photographs from it can be viewed at my web site, America Hurah. http://americahurrah.com/USGS/Intro.htm

-- Bill Roddy (bill@americahurrah.com), December 21, 2000.

What work did the firefighters do in the Sanfransisco Earthquake?

-- Darren Richards (madelinecarol.richards@ntlworld.com), March 20, 2001.


-- nally taylor (fffffff@eeeeeeeeeee.com), June 05, 2002.

the sichological after-effects of the underground tremours in 1906 caused many seismolologistic historians to create artifacts of a new and exiting kind. thats how books were invented!

-- Dr Drake Remoray (paddypaws77@hotmail.co.uk), January 06, 2003.

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-- mandy weiler (manz_102@hotmail.com), May 01, 2003.

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