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How do I make a slide show in Nero with music playing continuously in the background.? So far I've been able to drag n drop Jpegs and it plays them fine in my DVD player, I can also play audio but the audio is in a seperate track, and wont play at the same time as the pictures, it seems everything out to be in the same track. The quality, I've heard if jpegs are put into a single MPG wouldn't be very good, I don't know just how to do that, mux the 2 I guess. The VCD I made, the stills looked very good for viewing on TV. I Like to see if SVCD would look any better. Anyway I would like to get sound to play along with the slide show with Nero 5.0.30.

-- Stephen Castle (, November 30, 2000


Don't use Nero, use WOCD 3.8 mpeg audio album, but your dvd player may not be able to play mpeg layer 2 encoded files. the photos should work fine though.


-- Tygrus (, November 30, 2000.

Nero does not yet support VCD 2.0.

-- Ala (, November 30, 2000.

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