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I think they should have to build a machine that carries all there team memebers up a 35 to 45 degree angle slope. of course to make thing intresting the slope be a little damp.

-- Andrew Z Davis (Limp_Bizkit_15_00@yahoo.com), November 30, 2000


and waht if that "HILL CLIMBER" fell down that 45 degree angle and they all died. it has got to be safe

-- austin (fender03@metallica.com), December 11, 2000.

Why not a hill climb motorcycle? We race them here all the time.

-- Michael Van Buskirk (vanmik@mail.wilson.k12.pa.us), January 11, 2001.

It would be intresting to build an alternative powered hill climb that would either carry one or all team members. Powered by electric (starter motors) or steam powered- no internal combustion engines.

-- Rudy Schubert (RMS2059@HOTMAIL.COM), February 03, 2001.

To answer you safety problems you could have the team mates up on top of the hill with the hooks to grab the bike incase it starts to go backwardsn and the bike thats make it the farthest wins

-- Daniel Smith (Ace32687@aol.com), March 04, 2001.

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