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Konica T3 SLR Camera with Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.7 Lens! With 3 Bonus Items!* AS-IS

This Konica T3 is a great heavy duty camera. I just purchased it 1 month ago with the 50mm lens. It has been certified twice by 2 camera stores (once by the fellow I bought it from and once by me), and the shutter speeds have been calibrated to be accurate.

Here is the As-Is part: It has a minor problem that needs fixing and I don't know how to repair cameras. The problem is the camera fires automaticly when you advance the film lever. I think it has to do with the sutter button. I have been told it is a minor repair** job by other Konica users. I have a second Konica SLR that I am using instead so I figured I would put this one up since it wasn't my only Konica (or I would have it fixed). **I cannot verify if this is true or not, but I don't know anything about repairing cameras. So I am selling the camera as-is. I bought this camera kit for $125usd with the lens, plus I paid $20 to have it certified. Other than the minor repair problem, it is in excellent shape, even the photo store complemented on its condition. Below is some information about the SLR from The Photography Blue Book web site:

The last and the best of the large Autoreflex cameras. Like its predecessors, the T and T2, it also has multi-exposure capability, a self-timer, and a range of shutter speeds from B to 1/1000th of a second. It is a heavy, well built camera that just keeps on going and going. The T3 was introduced in 1973. Some are still in use by professional photographers, and they are easily found at auctions and in the used market place. Weight with a 57mm f1.4 lens is 36.8 ounces. It has a bright and informative viewfinder. Multiple exposures are very easy to make with its ME switch, which allows you to hold the switch while advancing the cocking lever without advancing the film. A unique system which makes multiple exposures very simple, once again, another first for Konica. The T3 also greatly improved the shutter release. It takes less than half the pressure and a third of the stroke (2mm) of the previous T2. The T3 also has an automatic power switch, in that when the cocking lever is cocked, the power switch is automatically turned on. The T3 also has an improved self-timing switch that also serves as the depth-of-field preview button. It has a locking button in its center so that it doesn't operate until you're ready for it. Moving the switch towards the lens operates it as the depth-of-field preview button. Other improvements in the T3 include: a magnified film counter, lens-lock button, film cassette stablizer, film take-up indicator, shutter-ready indicator, improved film transport lever grip, among others. If you're ever serious about getting a Konica SLR, this is the one to buy.

Specifications: Type: 35mm eye-level SLR Viewing: Non-interchangeable eye-level prism with focusing screen Shutter: 1-1000 sec. plus bulb. Metering: TTL, bottom weighted ISO supported: 12-3200 Exposure Control: Shutter priority.

*BONUS ITEMS! If the reserve is surpassed by (not just met) atleast $15 I will thank that bidder by offering some free items with the camera and lens. Item #1: 52mm Rubber Lens Hood. Item #2: Konica 52mm UV Filter. Item #3. Konica SLR Camera Strap. These items have no cash value in this auction. All Items are As-Is.

Please Note: Item is in working condition but has a minor** problem (as stated in the text) that needs to be fixed. Here is more information on the problem:

When the user fully advances the film advance lever the camera will automaticly fire (take a picture). I have asked other Konica users about this problem and it seems to be a minor common problem with T3's. Everything else on the camera works great! The shutter speeds has been tested and certified (and have passed). Since I have another Konica SLR I am selling this one at a loss (or I would have it fixed). So, my loss your gain. Selling As-Is because I don't know what else could be wrong with it, but everything (including the self timer and light meter) work great! Even the light meter has been certified!

I just bought this camera outfit a month ago for $125usd and it has been certifed (As noted) for $20 as well.

I will include 3 bonus items if the reserve is surpassed* as a thank you. These items have no value and are in "user" condition. I don't have a use for them, so might as well pass them along.

Winning bidder to pay actual cost of shipping by his/her choice of surface or air. I will ship anywhere in the world. (Insurance suggested)



-- Anonymous, November 30, 2000

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