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This is your chance to own a good condition very rare Konishiroku Hexanon 135mm f3.5 preset lens. I mistakenly picked up this gem thinking it was the more common Konica K/AR mount lens for my T3, but found out it is actually for the rarer Konica bayonet mount cameras. So rather than return it where no one can get it I thought I would put it up for auction again. A side note: This lens has 12 (yes 12!) aperture blades! My Nikon Professional lenses have only 8-9! This lens would produce absolutely beautiful out of focus areas and make an outstanding portraiture lens!

This lens is so rare in fact that I was going to put up some information here for you about it, but couldn't even find anything on the whole Internet or even a store selling this lens! Though I did manage to find a picture taken with this lens by Mark Phillips on the page.

The body of the lens is in good condition, there isn't any hard dings or dents, actually, there is NO dings or dents. There is paint wear from usage (usually that is a good sign for me to look for because that means the lens was good enough to be used by the photographer). Optics are in good condition too. There are a few specs in the lens in my opinion that are very faint. Though the person whom I bought it from called it "Glass is clear and scratch free", maybe I am just too picky for such a rare item. The aperture blades (there are 12 of them) are fluid and smooth in operation. The focus ring operates like new. Outstanding quality! All Metal casing!

This lens would make an outstanding addition to any collection to show or to use. It is already an antique from its age alone, but can still be used today!

For Sale for: Best offer

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Thanks, Mike

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2000

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