I just bought myself a 1000mm f10 lens! & Lens test #'s Question

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I seem to do photography in extremes either ultra wide angle (like my 17mm and 19-35mm lenses) or BIG telephoto, like my 1000mm lens I just got). I am quite happy on my newest lens purchace a 1000mm f10 lens that I cannot wait to put a x2 TC on it! haha.

I was wondering how good are these lens test numbers I just found a test for a lens I just purchased and I was wondering if anyone could interpurate these results for me? The more detail the better.

Resolution, mm-1, min.: - in centre 37 - off centre 28

Light-transmission factor, min. 0,77 Light-diffusion factor, max. 0,03

Thanks so much. It is for a 1000mm f10 lens.


-- Anonymous, November 30, 2000

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