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I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I can't find it on the board, can the american playstation 2 play VCD's? Thats all I wanted to know, please email me with the answer, thanks.

Ken (

-- Kenny Kim (, November 30, 2000


It looks like the short answer is: no. The PS2 can play DVDs, but not VCDs. Sorry.

-- Russil Wvong (, March 14, 2003.


-- Gene Williams (, November 30, 2000.

MPEG video plays on the PS2 fine for me.

-- Trevor (, February 23, 2001.

In response to the responder who noted they are able to playback MPEG sourced cideo, I would like to know is this MPEG-1? If so, are you downsampling an ISO to get it to playback? If not, what are you using to record the disc, as according to Sony, they failed to include some of the features they hoped to have had avail upon initial and secondary release that were pushed back to a revision to be released later in the life of the PS2. Those items would be MP3 playback, VCD playback, a broadband interface (read: ethernet card), and several other features.



-- Scott (, February 24, 2001.

I used nero to make a VCD that worked fine in my dad's DVD player, but when I poped it in my PS2 it gave me that "Please insert a PSX or PS2 format game" warning.

-- MasteR (, April 03, 2001.

Okay, get the scoop on VCD's are not compatible with PS2, sorry! I'm disappointed about that. Also, Sony will be relasing an add on the the PS2 (currently in secrecy).. basically a 40mb hard drive for game developers to use to dump files to. Although this add on will be equiped with an ethernet port, I does not have the codecs to play vcd's or mp3's (i guess we all have to live with CDA's and DVD's for now, which REALLY SUCKS!!! The ps2 can be equipped with a mod which will make it compatible with a PS1 vcd-add on... I don't get this but supposedly it worked for some people. When will sony build a better console and replace our over-hyped PS2's that can compete with the power and versatility of the X-Box or Game Cube?? Can someone answer that?

-- Jon Lagman (, June 13, 2001.

All this info is so true. Only, I wish I found this page before I found out the hard way like so many of us. I had so much hope, and couldn't find the answers. I tried converting the MPEG to MPEG-2 then burning to CD-R, and of course it didn't work. Then I found out that VCD's don't work either. Bummer. If anyone reading this stuff has the right answer, PLEASE take the time to write it in here! I did find a VCD add on at a site, but it isn't an OFFICIAL PS2 piece of equipment. I am kind of reluctant to get that. So, I suppose I shall wait in vain. Lates. Ange

-- Angela M. (, August 07, 2001.

where can i get an external acessory for ps2 or dreamcast to play VCDS? PLEASE

-- joey nguyen (, August 30, 2001.

I have a direct contact with a friend who works at Sony. Watch out for anyone claming to have external equipment that can play VCDs. These do not work and can damage your system. Also using a boot cd (like the Dreamcast) does not work either. They would have liked to add support for VCD and many other features, but the PS2 was pretty much rushed out to get a head start on the other biggies comming out. X-Box could very well support VCD. Gamecube fans rejoice. VCD support is almost a sure thing.

-- Etrigan_Enteri (, September 06, 2001.

you can play mp3s on the ps2 jap using the new browser (Egbrowser) but i duno if its out for uk/us. have to find out on ur own.

i have obtained the complete kit of software needed to convert mpeg/vcd files into ps2 format including all burning tools converters ect. I will be happy to share it with anyone who can tell me how to boot up a homemade ps2vcd without the japanese utilities disc. I M me at msn or mail me.

-- ssmoker (, October 07, 2001.

OK, so I was wondering all this stuff too. I'll contribute whatever little knowledge about it I have. PS2 DVD playback software is basically just an MPEG-2 decoder. VCDs, however, are MPEG-1 format. SVCD's are MPEG-2 format, so logically, they should work on PS2's. I'm not sure because the SVCD I have was on a CD-RW, which PS2 has a problem reading (I got a disc read error on my PS2). Several people here have said that they got SVCD's to work on their PS2, so... yeah.

-- Joel (, December 03, 2001.

Look at

-- hmgregersen (, December 04, 2001.

hey i tried playing a SVCD on ps2 i burned it w/ nero 5.5 on a cdr and it read it as a dvd so then i played normal and i got to use all the same buttons on the remote as if it were a real dvd but its a svcd. does any one know a prog. that can convert dvd .ifo files into mpeg 1 or 2 files w/o dvdx cuz i got that and the freken thing takes for ever and ever to do a svcd the fastest i got it going was about 10 hrs for svcd and about 4 for vcd does any one know how to do it faster w/ dvdx or another prog. PLEZ email me THANX to any one in advance

-- vic (, December 04, 2001.

Hey I have a great program that can covert movies into MPEG-1, It's called Panasonic encoder, it is soo esy to use, just 4 clicks and your on your way to convert, i tried the video too and it was awesome. SO SVCD'S WORK RIGHT? DO I NEED A MODCHIP???????

-- Marty (, December 04, 2001.

All i want to do is this, convert my DVDs to vcd or a type of file that will work on a ps2, then burn the converted dvd (any file that will work on a ps2 (vcd, svcd,or any one that will work! obviously not dvd)onto CDR and watch them on my ps2.

can this be done if so how!?!??!

thanks e-mail me with the answer or leave it on here. or do both! thanks

-- sudderz (, December 04, 2001.

Boot discs won't work on the PS2...When you press the eject button on the PS2 and put in your game, as soon as it closes it checks to see if it's a real game. It's a hardware issue. not a software issue like the dreamcast. And as for the ps1 you have to have a spring to make the ps1 think that its still closed. Hence, forcing the PS2 tray out to make it think it's still closed. There's no file that the PS2 checks for...that's why there's no boot disc and there won't be self- bootable rips. I personally thinks the disc check is the bar code on the very inside ring...

-- Ben (, December 04, 2001.

OK LISTEN UP! I WILL LIST HOW TO WATCH VCD'S ON YOUR PLAYSTATION 2'S WITHOUT BUYING A MOD CHIP 1. download TMPGENC with the pss template. 2. Convert the Vidio(only) to Avi with virtual Dib or Flsk MPEG if not in a standard avi format. 3. convert the Audio(only) to a mp2 file. 4. use an audio converter to convert the audio from mp2 to wave 5. Join the 2 together with ps2str 6. burn with Nero 5 or other vcd creation tools NOTE: TO FIND OUT MORE VISITE WWW.GAMECOPYWORLD.COM TO FIND MANY GUIDES AND SFTWARE

-- Nick (, December 07, 2001.


-- CHAC (, December 10, 2001.

This should help some. Go here: TUTORIAL!zip

-- T (, December 11, 2001.

Ok, so basically does anyone know how to play mpg, avi's, vcd's, or any movie type on a ps2 without all this bullshit of splitting audio/video, and encoding...?

-- Lord Sith (lord, December 13, 2001.

VCD's can play on Playstation 2s', on the condition you have a external plug-in Psx2 Video-card. You can buy these practically in every vcd shop in Malaysia, and you can find some online shops where you can buy them. Once you have one, they play automatically whether they are a copyed vcd or an original. My friend from Singapore has a PS2 and one of these card and they work really well.

-- Alex Bond (, December 14, 2001.

som one said that you could but vcds with region x if so how and i burnt a svcd and it did not work if any one has been successful in loading a svcd what cd did they use thanks

-- mat (, December 18, 2001.

can someone tell me if u can burn a dvd and will it work on my ps2 and what can of cdr to use

-- randy (, December 22, 2001.

Hey...I dont have a playstation 2 this might not be the case but..I know some DVD players will only play videos encoded in PAL and some only in NTSC depending on where you live. pal svcds have different sizes (widths and lengths) to ntsc svcds. So if you live in the UK and have a PAL playstation and TV then a SVDC encoded in america using NTSC settings probably wont work.

-- Steve (, December 23, 2001.

T's link above should read: TUTORIAL!zip (no space before "TUTORIAL"), for a list of mirrors.

The file is at

There's a PS2 VCD kit at

You'll need WinRAR to open that file.

-- John O'C (, December 26, 2001.

can someone tell me how to get a good modchip for my ps2 and were to look and how much it will cost

-- randy (, December 27, 2001.

So anyone have that pss.mcf file? I cant find it anywhere, that ftp server dont work.

please help.

-- Kimahri (, December 31, 2001.

i'm just trying to get this right... you can play svcd's on uk ps2's but not US ps2's. But people are sucessfully creating vcd's and svcd on their US ps2's???

If so, whomever is haveing success please for the sake of everyone on the mission of vcd's to help contribute some valuable info that is true and is proven or good more less!!!!!!! I CREATED ABOUT 25 VCD'a AND 5 SVCD's and i cant get anyone of them to work on that damn ps2, thats all i need to know is how to get it to work!!! Thanks

-- Ryan (, January 01, 2002.

Oh yeah and one other thing... you can download dvd conversion software form KaZaA and simular file shareing programs, the dvd software enables you to burn your mpeg2's or mpeg's and avi's i think, to dvd (.vob) format i have had success in downloading and installing the programs like (DvDiT 2.1) and instant cd\dvd but i have had problems converting the formats, and burning them to cdr\w but technicaly ps2's will play dvd so if you burn a mini dvd (a small dvd clip on a cdr) you should be able to watch it on your ps2. This process is time consumeing but i assure you it will be excellent quality. If anyone has a success with this concept please contact me or submit an answer to this page!!!!!!!

-- Ryan (, January 01, 2002.

yea, my brother will be buying a PS2 system today, so I wanted to know if I can play VCDs on it. Hehe, I guess there's no straight YES or NO answer to that question. So I will be searching for more info after I try to play VCD/SVCD on it. It's just not fair that the UK version can play SVCDs but the US can't if I understand correctly. Anyways, good luck to you guys and hope we all can find a straight answer to this question, without having to convert the VCD to some other non-standart VCD format that would not play on other VCD players.

-- Mike (, January 02, 2002.

Ok guys here's the scoop... PS2 can play VCD's but u have to use a "swap trick" after following the instructions of the file at called "making PS2 VCD's for newbies". I wish there was an easier way than taking it apart too........but not yet

-- Dan (, January 02, 2002.

Hey I also, tried them instructions from megagames, the guy was straght and forward on the instructions, but could have given more detailed info, and write at the end he states that you would have to use a "swamp trick" to make the vcd play on the PS2, and then he later states that this is just the beginning (what?). This leads me to question did the person who created that VCD Tutor know what he was doing, and did it even work on his machine, I doubt it, it didnt work on mines, even though I followed all of his instuctions and even got around the confussion of the pss.mcf that some of you asked about earlier, I think overall this concept of making a personal vcd to be run on the PlayStation 2 is a very bogus idea and we should just forget about, its not going to work anyways. Sony's orginals tentions was to have the PS2 be able to play software other than just the DVD- ROM/PS2-ROM/audio CD, but also support for mp3s, and vcds like Dreamcast, it was just the matter of time that they had on production of the PlayStation 2 back in 2000 that Sony had to rush it out to the consumers to reach demand. This leaving out the Mp3 and VCD capability, but then again you never know what may happen Sony could decide on releasing driver upgrade for the PS2, (like they they did earlier when finally releasing the official Sony DVD Remote add-on which included the lastest drivers for the PS2 console.) This time the driver update could come in the form of a memory card or better yet a Hard Drive, which would be loaded with drivers, and software to run VCDs, and mp3s. Time will only tell, so till then we would have to wait.

-- Clarence Smith II (, January 03, 2002.

I have a Modded PS2 X-KEY with DVD REGIONX

DVD REGIONX Makes Multiregion Boot PS2 Backups (WITH A MOD) Removes Macrovision Stops Greenscreens


Someone said if u get an special mem card called DVDREGIONX . Its a Disc bud . U use an oridinary mem card to make it work

I have never got a PS2 VCD .pss to work

I do know how to make PS2 MP3'z go to


-- Liam (, January 04, 2002.

Hey Liam, about the PlayStation 2 Mp3'z at I went there, but could find a topic about it. Could you put the full adress link to that topic about Mp3'z.

-- Clarence (, January 05, 2002.






*Calms down*

I upgraded my ps2 dvd player/driver to 2.10 with the ps2 dvd remote. Maybe, future upgrades from Sony will enable you to play VCDs, etc.

Cos PS2 DVD Player 2.10 and PS2 DVD Driver 2.10 gives u more features.

So all we can do is hope the next upgrade will do the things we want (VCD, etc.).

and that concludes my statement.

-- Gunnar Furrow (, January 05, 2002.

Try here.

-- Tony (, January 06, 2002.

I wouldn't bother with, that site has been in my bookmarks for 11 months now, and hasn't changed. I mean, how long does it take to 'come soon' for god's sake?

-- Quinnum (, January 11, 2002.

Umm...Has anyone ever tried the switcheroo? Like the PS1?

-- Wizardman2001 (, January 12, 2002.

someone said earlier that you can get some programs to burn mpeg-2 in a .VOB & .IFO format, what are the names of these??

-- Karl Wagner (, January 12, 2002.

I think one possible solution to watching VCD movies on a PS2 without going through a lot of trouble is that if you have a DVD-RW, take your VCDs you want to watch and burn them into the compliant MPEG-2 DVD format and bingo, you have a DVD that'll play (you can store a couple VCDs on a DVD yay)

-- MekaKitsune (, January 13, 2002.

in the readme in the suggested file 2 get vcd's on ps2 to work ( it said as the last step "14.Swap using your favorite trick and enjoy." what is this swap trick thing?

-- Tom Thumb (, January 19, 2002.

Look, The playstation 2 was never ment to play vcds. So There will be no easy way to get around it for a little while. It's not that hard to learn these things if you keep an onpen mind and don't get frustrated! For help with the swap trick go to brouse their forums and get some help.

Also, Why not get a Dreamcast? I know it might not be your prefered system and it suck donkey balls and blah blah blah, but hey! It's only 50 clams! and it play almost any mpeg file....

-- ben (, January 21, 2002.

I found a tool on

But I couldn't handle it. Maybe someone find out how it works and can submit an introduction to this forum (and to me:)

-- Jan (, January 25, 2002.

Can sum 1 walk me through burning a svcd with nero 5.5 Thanx

-- Taki M (, January 26, 2002.

yeah, a walkthrough the creation of a svcd that will play on PS2 would be nice... like what settings the svcd should be set to prior to burn and what type of disk is best to use etc... any help would be greatly appriciated... thanks..

-- Comodore Booty McHooter (, January 28, 2002.

Alright, the PlayStation 2 can play three disc formats PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and DVD. If you want to burn a dvd to run off your PlayStation you'll need a DVD-writer there are three choices out there DVD-RAM, DVD-R, & DVD-RW. Perferalbly DVD-R writers would be the best choice (you could probably find one low priced about $499.00.) Usually included with writers is software that will assist you in making your own personal DVD or copy a current DVD, which you could be able to playback that DVD on a PlayStation 2 or any other DVD-playable device. But this forum is about how to play a VCD on PlayStation 2, I will flat out tell all of you's who asked earlier about VCDs playable on non moded PS2s to dream on, there is no such software and its also not possible to burn your own VCD to run on a non moded PS2. If you try it and placed that CD (VCD, CDR, etc.) into your system it would hault and warn you to place in a PlayStation format CD. This is why your system must be moded to run foriegn CDs such as personally made VCDs and CD-R game backups. Yes you can play VCDs on the PS2 provided you made the VCD with special PS2 software and your system is moded.

-- Clarence (, January 30, 2002.

The person who just wrote this one line sentence up here, im sorry but im have to put you out in the open because what you just said makes absolutely no sense. "Hey dumb-ass, do you fucking realize that VCD is the reason for not getting a DVD-ROM drive, dumb fuck?" In response: the PlayStation 2 cd drive is DVD-ROM, and I'll say if you want to make a VCD to play on your PlayStation 2 visit here . Warning though your system must be mod-ed to play back personal made VCD because PlayStation 2 would detect the generic cd inserted and wont run it, there's no other way around than to just mod your system. BootCDs and BootCDs that dont require mod-chips for PlayStation 2 are all fake. Believe me I know all of this cause I tried it all, until I finally just went ahead and got minds mod-ed.

-- Clarence (, January 31, 2002.

The answer that Clarence gave (5 up from here) is absolutely correct. One addition however, If you use Nero 5.5 and tell it to create a DVD formatted disc using a standard CDR disc it will create a disc that can be played by a Playstation 2. Unfortunately, the process takes about 6 hours to perform the file conversion and create the disc.

However, if you have a DIVX formatted video clip [The base format of DVD], the conversion process is faster. However, the version of Nero I use doesn't support true DIVX conversion so I can't guarantee this.

-- A person who avoids spam (, January 31, 2002.

Zeke, in response to your questions a burnt(copied) DVD is still the exact DVD as the master DVD(the disc being copied) provided that you copied it with a DVD-Writer, and the medium you used to copy it to was a DVD-R disc. This copied DVD is not a VCD, but is still a copied DVD which could be played on any DVD playable device i.e. PlayStation 2. Now if you have a copied DVD disc and your trying to playback the disc through your PlayStation 2, but it doesnt work, it is because your system is not moded, your PlayStation 2 must be mod-ed with a chip (internal or external) in order for your PS2 to read CD-R or DVD- R medium you could find these chips at . Also if your trying to use an actual VCD on your PlayStation 2 the reason for it not to work is because PlayStation 2 does not support VCD format, but as I mention earlier (7 messages above) there are ways of getting around that provided also your system is mod-ed.

-- Clarence (, January 31, 2002.

i heard the the chip that plugs into the usb port u still need a chip in the internal part is it true ? thanks clarence so your ps2 has to be moded to play copied dvds ?

-- Zeke (, February 01, 2002.

Just a thought, does anyone know what the USB port on a ps2 can be used for? I mean is it possible to link pc to ps2 via USB with a view to hack the system as generic media are not recognised?

-- dumbass (, February 01, 2002.

prĝv lige den her vcd og divx player.

-- hmgregersen (, February 01, 2002.

Ive just tried an svcd on the ps2 and it didn't work is this just a roomer or am i doung sumthing wrong, plz help!

-- M Taki (, February 01, 2002.

I know this is a stupid question, I just got a 2nd hand psx and had a mod chip put in. How can I convert movies into the format psx can read? What software do I need.. Thanks

-- NTN (, February 06, 2002.

For anyone who cares, the US PS2 doesn't seem to care for a homemade DVD made with a DVD+RW drive (I'm using the HP DVD100i). I get that whole invalid media thing...but the DVD+RW (and CDR VCDs) plays in my "regular" DVD drive and my friends APEX AD-500 DVD player.

For those looking for MOD chips just to play VCDs, you're better off spending the $75 - $100 for a player that handles VCD. Not sure on prices for the 600 series, but check the Apex AD-600A...there's a "You shouldn't be here" menu that let you get around region codings, details here: http://www.nerd-

-- Track (, February 08, 2002.

Hey guys, slightly off subject i know but, Asda sell a DVD player for 90 quid that plays VCD & MP3 and a whole bunch of other file formats.

-- Phil (, February 09, 2002.

this site is full of cool answers

-- MR VCD (, February 13, 2002.

I was down the market and buying my vcd's and the blokes there. (this is probably lies) swore that if i bought summit from dixons called dvdregion x, that it could play my v-cd's. I bought this out of interest, and dontt even know how to run the thing. ALSO- I WANT TO RUN NTSC DVD'S BUT CANNOT. e.g i buy american wrestling ones, and they simply dont play? WHY? I phoned sony and asked. they didnt know wot to do and sent me a game of sum rubbish f1.


-- Joe (, February 16, 2002.

Some one tell us a straight answer on all of this info we have been talking about these last YEARS!!!!!! now someone give me an answer on how to play VCDs on your PAL Playstation 2

Thankyou Barry

-- Barry (, February 17, 2002.

I had my PS2 chipped for £60. It plays copied PS1/2 games, American DVDs and copied DVDs plud VCD's and SVCD's. The only thing it doesnt play is MP3s DOH!

-- Jamie B (, February 19, 2002.

Hey, Hey no need for that language, it just seems that finally we have someone who did it the smart way (getting the 'mod-chip') and got their PS2 to run VCDs and burned DVDs. GREAT JOB! You too could be that person if you go to a purchase a mod-chip for your PS2, they got new chips that support burned DVDs and installations that dont require soldering.

-- Clarence (, February 20, 2002.

ok i have done all the stuff changed the vcd to a pss file and put it on a cd. Now what are some swap tricks so i can get the video to play?

-- Dave (, February 20, 2002.

guys........stop dreaming. A modded PS2 CANT play VCD's/SVCD's. Everybody who says so, lies. A disc made with the PS2VCD tutorial isnt worth the time. It often doesnt work and the quality is horrible. We just have to wait for a cd or cardridge to make VCD's work but thats probably never gonna happen cuz its all DVD these days. It's too bad though....

-- Thamaster07 (, February 22, 2002.

yeah, vcd will NOT play on uk version of ps2, nor will cdr media unless u have a modchip. If u have psx and a mod chip you can play .mov movie file but it will be in black and white.So if you convery the avi to .mov this might help.

-- half stoned cowboy (, February 24, 2002.

this maybe a little late but if u go here u can find pss.mcf file

-- Kenny Kim (, February 28, 2002.

Look PS2 is not currently capable of playing any sort of movie file, unless maybe if you cut the centre barcode out of a old PS2 demo disc. Considering sony have already made one upgrade to the PS2 DVD capability, I don't expect it will be too long until they relase one for VCD, etc. Until then just sit back and relax, there's nothing you can do about it. As for pulling the front off you PS2, that can't be healthy for it! Plus I knackers you warranty (Bad Idea at this early stage of PS2). Don't know if you remeber the Laser problems with the psx, but they changed them all for free, if it ws still under warranty. So butchering your PS2 is never a good idea!

-- bvcvb (gdg@fdgdd.fgs), March 04, 2002.

You can play movies on your PS2 guys !!!!!!!!!! In fact you have to convert your VCD (or avi files) into a structure the PS2 can understand. There is a tutorial showing you how & some tools you can get here :


see ya

-- zerofil (, March 04, 2002.

Just keep e-mailing Sony asking them will they will be able to play vcds and hopefully they will do it.

-- Jack Tripper (, March 04, 2002.

HOLD UP A MINUTE!!!! You say that Sont has made an upgrade for DVD on ps2, how do I get this upgrade and how much is it and what has ben upgraded??????

-- Jamie B (, March 08, 2002.

fuck me this depate has been going some time :/

top and bottom of it ps2 can play dvd. It cant play vcd's or svcd or xvcd or xsvcd or any othere type of vcd with or with out an addon or boot cd or a fucking firework in its expation bay.

but the adr crew made a nice templte to make a move cd for the psx with will work on a moded ps2. But and its a big BUT it a cunt cos u have to convert it to the psx video format and the quality is crap oh ye u also have to split the film in to 4 part. :/

but that still only runing on the psx part of the ps2 so no it cant and unless some nice linux geaze makes a desenct linux vcd player for the ps2 linux kit finger crosse.

one more thing if your willing to spend money to play shit games on an overrated console why dont u buy a vcd player.

-- who gives a shit (, March 10, 2002.

this is so much fun :)

well, a v5 PS2 PAL does not play homeburned SVCD's, nor VCD.. it might work with a modchip + some add-on software (AR, REgion X, gameshark whateverrrrrr). But the specs on the modchips are pretty obscure. NEO2 needs the bootcd's (AR, Region etc) to play copied games, NEO4 and messiah chips don't need bootcd's afaik. No mention about VCD/SVCD capability, just some dvd-region-free playability with those chips.

furthermore, v5 PS2's have dvdplayer v2.10 software installed, when you buy the dvd remote control from sony you might get some extra software like the dvd player upgrade (last i read was upgrade to version 2.10, so i gather that's the most recent version, AND installed on a PS2 v5, so pretty useless there). There's no software whatever stuff to be found on the playstation site from sony as far as i could see. This whole thread contains too many lamers with nothing to add, but it's fun to read nonetheless.. specially with all those frustrated peeps out here. har har...

it's useless to try to convert vcd's to that "pss" format. I mean, convert a friggin MPEG1 stream to a MPEG2 stream?! you nuts?! a) you lose another ounce of quality, MPEG2 is used with DVD's.. and well.. sizes of a DVD movie go to 6GB... divx ownz ;) anywayz i'm rambling.

point is: there's no usefull information to be found atm. I still don't get it why there's no hacker group out there compiling VCD player software for ppl to use/download/install on memory cards like the mp3 player etc... The PS2 HAS ENOUGH processing power to do a software-o-matic decrunching of the MPEG1 streamz. Heck, i think it could even play divx's if someone had the skillz, time and inspiration to write such software. Maybe you could even use the hardware mpeg2 decoder to decode the mpeg1 streams (or is the mpeg2 decoder software only too? like all those powerdvd softs in windoze machines).

heck. this should be fun to program, if i had the skillz + toolz + time.

well.. just my 2cents.

-- woop (, March 16, 2002.

just go here

-- angelo (, March 17, 2002.

Ive heard from a m8 who knows bout this kinda stuff that if u make a Mini DVD, the ps2 will play it. Something about the mini dvd making the ps2 think its a real DVD. I aint found out much about this. But maybe u mite hav more luck. Please tell me if u find anything cus i wanna start makin som cd's :D

-- Paul (, March 25, 2002.

Just freaking use Nero 5.5!!!!!! convert to a DVD format using Cd- R...takes a long time but hey it plays VCD' how hard is that huh!!!!!

by the way Nero 5.5 Rocks@!!!!!!

-- none (, March 31, 2002.

OK, enough!! - I've trawled through many an archive like this trying to find out if it's possible to play burnt movies (be they VCD/SVCD/DVD-R/DVD-RW, or whatever) on the new PS2. Here's what I have tried & find works for me. The following was performed on a 3002R PAL PS2. VCD & SVCD didn't work natively & had to be encoded to PSS then burnt with PS2VCD player (see 20TUTORIAL!zip, get TMPEGEnc2 from & other files, including the ever elusive 'pss.mcf' file, from works natively but you must own a DVD-R Burner (about $600AUD) to be able to burn this format & it has to be encoded with TMPEGEnc first to DVD-Mpeg2, DVD- RW does not work. First things first, your PS2 MUST be mod-chipped. Either with the Neokey External USB Modchip (soldering required). Or if you're like me & are hesitant about voiding the warranty on your console, use the No Solder External Modchip Version 'R' (Australia only). You will not be able to do a thing with bootable or self-made CD's until you have mod-chipped (bypassed PS2 CD check). Also get Action Replay 2 - used with the new mod-chips, it allows you to swap CD's without having to use either the 'swap' or 'cog swap' techniques (cringe!!). Action Replay is a cheat cartridge/dongle that comes with an 8MB memory card, plus 2 CD's (one is a boot CD, the other is a games buster full of PS1 cheat codes) & retails for about $90AUD ($45US). With this set-up, you should be able to play 'VCDs/SVCDs', DVD-Rs, PS1 back-ups & PS2 back-ups without any drama. Except of course if you're trying to back up games that are on DVD discs, a la GT3-A-spec but that's a whole other topic. As a side-note, PLEASE use either Nero5.5 or CDR-Win3.8 to burn your back-ups, & don't forget to burn in Data Mode 2/XA-CDROM type. Bye now. Happy Happy Gaming 8-)

-- mightyunclean (, April 02, 2002.

Is there a totaly wire free ps2 modchip out there if so e-mail me Bye

-- Tim (, April 04, 2002.

Hey, I kinda got a kick reading all of this : ) Anyways, Im definitely interested in being able to play VCDs on my ps2 - there IS a solder free modchip: get it relatively cheap at I'm gonna try that dvd-burn thing on a cd-r right now with nero, so ill let you know if that works.

-- George (, April 04, 2002.

i got 2 points 1) Ive got a neo 2.2 and an action replay and i cant get vcds to work with any boot method combination 2) The non solder mod is for version 5 consoles only (8 screws on bottom, hazard warning, 300xR) and it still requires you to open up you ps2 but you just plug it itno some cables that r already there.

-- styve (, April 05, 2002.

Well I tell you what, I just bought a PS2 and tried to play VCD - it didn't work so I thought try the NET always helps. After reading this page I thought - I cannot be arsed even trying I will use my PC instead

-- John (, April 08, 2002.

I don't know if it's just that I'm using to high a quality, but does anyone else find that they can only get about 15mins of video on a disc by converting it to pss

-- Bootleggar (, April 20, 2002.

region x doesn't work ... and if you downsample the pss file you can make it work haven't tried it yet. but know that it works bcuz .. it is the same as ripping a dvd game .. then you downsample the video to so don't try to make a to high pss file when you know it is a vcd. just make it like a mpeg 1 file. soo that it is mpeg 2 but with the quallity or worse then a vcd ... if you want it to play on a ps2. best solution is a cordless dvd viewer what you can put on the pc so that you can look it on tv if you want it soo bad for ps2 just wait and if there is a tool that is great to view and simple to use other wise there isn't a other method i am sorry to say that but the only thing what we can do is just wait and hope that there will be a tool.. and euh i read many sites that there are people bussy trying to make a divx player for ps2.. the hope to make it with linix add on soo just wait en you will see that it all be worth waiting for.. soo i hope that i helped with this long long long message :) .. soo for now L8ter

-- Scaddy (, April 21, 2002.

Have anyone of uses tried getting the Official Sony DVD Remote for PlayStation 2. This addon is loaded with driver upgrades, and extra features for the DVD video playback. I cant locate the source, but I read somewhere on the were you can playback VCDs with the additional DVD Remote upgrade.

-- Mysterio (, April 22, 2002.

the remote control wont gain you any advantage over playing vcds. listen guys the ONLY way (unless you have a magic super ps2) to play any type of cd other than original discs is to get a modchip for your ps2. this myth about a white memory card which will allow vcd playback sounds like a load of cock, dont try different burning techniques or laser adjustments cos ive tried them all IT JUST DONT TAKE EM. maybe with the future prospects of a hard drive or upgrade drivers, sounds feasable.

-- Mr PS2 (ps2@ps2.vcd), April 24, 2002.

ehm i've got a modchip but he doesn't play VCD's neither. And thats very logic because the Ps2 DOESNT SUPPORT VCD FORMAT CD'S!!!!!

-- rutyboy (, April 28, 2002.

I got tired of looking to see if the question was answered, but in case any of you were still wondering the Playstation 2 was NOT made with an MPEG 1 decoder. This means NO VCDs! I doubt that there is any way around this. Maybe that add-on that apparently exists that makes the PS2 compatible with the PS1 VCD Player addon. I don't think that such a mod chip really exists. Dreamcasts are better! They do more! They can be manipulated to play VCDs, Mp3s and even DivX! If you want DVD playback, get a standalone player and buy a dreamcast. It will only set you back 150 dollars. That is either around or exactly the price of a PS2 console if I'm not mistaken. Plus, you get about twice the functionality. My advice is to sell off your PS2s and get what I previously mentioned. Oh yeah, one thing that baffles me is that SVCDs are MPEG2 video and they don't play in PS2s either. I am guessing that support for that format just wasn't integrated into the PS2's design. I could believe a mod-chip that allows for SVCD playback, but not one for VCDs. It is pretty much impossible in my opinion. So, in conclusion, if you want VCD playback, sell off your PS2, get a Dreamcast and a standalone DVD player such as an Apex which is generally DVD, VCD, SVCD, audio CD, and MP3CD playback capable. They are cheap too! Well, that's all I have to say on the matter. Later!

-- Street Fighter (, April 29, 2002.

Hey guy's,Until yesterday (Fri),...I had a pal scph 30004 v3,I have just bought a v4 on sat,...I have bought the official DVD remote from sony which uploads the new 2.10v DVD drivers....I was scrolling threw the setup of the dvd options and I know i saw something about mpeg support.I turned this option on...Now i dunno if this helps but certainly if it's got that option....This must be part of a solution.I dunno much about the diff formats and I'm gonna go look at my ps2 again now when I get home to double check what it is that I saw...Hope this post helps

-- Roper (, May 06, 2002.

Does this update let you watch movies in widescreen instead of squashed picture?

-- Jamie 3:16 (, May 06, 2002.

Roper double check your system to see if the DVD upgrade mention MPEG1 support.

-- Captain EO (, May 07, 2002.

why all the trouble for vcd if you just make your own dvd structure with programs like spruceup, ulead dvd factory, or dvdit from sonic.

-- don't_mention_it (, May 07, 2002.

na'a thats a mistake, that dont work neither, with or without mod.

-- rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (, May 09, 2002.

I really hope this forum finds something. Using my TV Card, I have been capturing films/shows from cable. They are brill. I burn them on VCD to watch on my computer. To watch them on my PS2 would be a dream come true. Come on guys! You can do it!

-- JC Tibbs (, May 09, 2002.

no he's right, there is a way, and i used it BUT it itsn't worth the time because the quality is SUCKS. go search for a program named PS2VCD.bin (zipped). you'v gotta make an Avi or MPEG a MPEG2 and make that an PSS file which is a video file used by the ps2 hardware. but its very time consuming and you can only put..approx 25 min of video on 1 cd-r PLUS you need a chip. so guys.......just wait a little bit longer, linux will be at least 1 solution in the future thats for sure.

im out, laterz

-- forrester (, May 09, 2002.

Hello people. With the ps2 being backwards compatable an all, and its impressive structure that boast many usefull ports, could there be a way to sumhow connect the original psx vcd player to one of the usb ports for example. Does any one know what type of parralel port the old psx had, was it centronics or summit so that i can buy a sb - parralel cable and try it.

-- bodz (, May 11, 2002.

ok, i was searching for if Playstation 2 can play VCDs and i came across this forum, just when i was gonna give up. I spent 1 and a half to 2 hours reading the forum. My brother got his playstation 2 1 and a half years ago and im gonna try to see if VCDs work. I got a few VCDs and i hope whats in this forum will help me figure out how to play VCDs.

My PS2 is from the Uk, and i read somewhere that SVCDs work. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me either by email or in this forum how to do this.

I got Nero 5, so thats a start.

Also this forum in a couple of months will be going on for 2 years & i hope u guys are still reading it.

I'll write my progress on 'If it is possible to Play VCDs on Playstation 2'


-- Fatboy (, May 13, 2002.

okay, for once and 4-all !






Is anyone who accually played a SVCD in playstation 2? If yes how was it written???

-- Giorgos (, May 16, 2002.

look, im hardly an expert on the subject, but apparently there is a way of changing normal PC formats to the dvd format and then writing the file(s) onto CD-R, you have to download several programs for it to work including NERO 5.5. Download KaZaA ( and type in the search box: Copy DVDs. There will be a tutorial that comes up that will show you how to change VCDs to DVDs, copy DVDs, and other stuff

yo hope this finally puts an end to this damn forum!?

-- chris (, May 18, 2002.

Bande de mythomanes !!!! Rien ne fonctionne .... il faut obligatoirement le mod VCD Player ... en vente partout sur le net ... c la seule façon de lire les VCD !!!

-- M_Y_T_H_0 (MyThO@LyER.CZ), May 18, 2002.

WOW! I started this forum 2 YEARS AGO and it is STILL going strong. But, em, has anyone actually found a way to get VCD's not pss or divx, ACTUAL VCD's to play,

HELL NO!!!!!

Come on party people!!!!!

-- Ken (, May 19, 2002.

I read that PS2 can only play video files in a special format: MPEG- 2, the stardard for DVDs. There is a process to convert video and audio fles to this format but there is one thing you´ve got to Know: 15 MINUTES OF VIDEO+AUDIO = 700 MB (1 cd-r) And I think it is a waste of time and money (6 cd = 1 movie) I hope this will help you all. It is sad but is true. (spanish source of the info: )

-- nacho cortes (, May 19, 2002.

Ive got a playstation 2 in the uk, and i tested a VCD, which doesnt work. Ive tested originla VCD's, VCDs onto CD-R, and CD-RW, it does not work!

-- Fatboy (, May 27, 2002.

i know this is going off the forum a bit but a SONY DVPNS300 dvd player does play vcds but not cd-r but if you try cd-rw, it will work.

-- Fatboy (, May 27, 2002.

sup ppl!!! well here i am 2 weeks of sleeping little and workin hard to see if i could find a way to answer ur questions to play vcd`s or svcd`s on the ps2.well.........i`ve been defeted i can`t find a damn single way to do it, i guess i`m doing it wrong i dont know but if any1 has an idea and knows it will work c`mon give us a hand and we`ll appreciate very much, hasta siempre!!

-- alex (, May 29, 2002.

actually, ps2 can play vcds, either with a mod chip, or the vcd player add on. You can also get software with the pss.mcf file, which can be found here, hl=en&sl=fr&u= 3Fq%3Ddownload%2Bpss.mcf%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D with full instructions.

-- (, June 01, 2002.

And what about Xbox? Can't it play SVCD or better DivX, either? (By the way who wants to play VCDs? They have a worse- than- VHS- quali!)

-- Bogus (, June 01, 2002.

Ya know this kinda sucks now, I've been reading and contrubuting answers to this forum and realised why are we trying to find a way to play VCDs on the PlayStation 2. Think about it, a VCD is Mpeg1, we already know PlayStation 2 supports Mpeg2 (DVD). So why are we trying to combine the PS2 with this cheap ass old fussy video format that is just about faded away from home video, face it VCD players are considered outdated equipment. DVD are the wave of the future. If you want special video to be played on your PlayStation, get a DVD-R Drive and burn your own homemade DVDs using DVD-R media which are playable off any DVD-CDROM drive, and most home DVD players which includes the PlayStation 2.

-- Clarence (, June 04, 2002.

Ok, listen up. We are working on a ps2 patch that will play both VCD's and DIVX cd's... you will need an AR2 mem card where the software will sit and it will use SOFTWARE to DECODE the MPEG1 or DIVX streams... so far we have the DIVX bit working to a limited extent and we expect we should be able to release the lot within a month or so.. stay tuned... oh, and of course, your PS2 must be modded otherwise it won't read CDR's...

J Kolm

-- Joseph Kolm (, June 05, 2002.

Hi, you can play whatever you want on the PS2 with the new Linux- Pack.

-- Bogus (, June 05, 2002.

hey guys. Do you remember that when the very first version of the ps2 was released in japan, the dvd drivers were not already built in. Instead, they were included on the ps2 memory card which you could then load onto the ps2. This means that there is a way of putting new drivers onto the ps2, but the question is how...

-- bob (, June 06, 2002.

i think u guys should just go out and buy a regular dvd player or buy the dvd movie in the store or when it releases.

-- han (, June 06, 2002.


-- shogunjosex (, June 13, 2002.

Does anybody know if the Mod chips disable the macrovision on the PSX 2 ? if not then how ?

-- Spider (, June 24, 2002.

What is the Linuix Kit? How much is it? Where can I get it? Thanks.

-- Tyler (, June 26, 2002.

I'm buring an SVCD with this brand new program out called DUP-DVD. This program directly converts dvd's to svcd and supposedly works on a ps2. My first dvd is still buring as i speak but i'll let u know how it turns out. By the way if your interested DUP-DVD is available at

-- JP (, June 27, 2002.

What? DUP-DVD I tried it before and it was crap it would just stall and wouldnt do anything even when i bought the real opne it was craqp i hate this stuff, tell me if you can even burn on, then i will try again, people you cna copy dvd's easy just use smartripper, DVD2Avi, and tmpnce and then you can do whatever if you have another dvd player that plays vcd burn your video with nero and enjoy or you could convert to low space divx and share it, thats what i do its very cool, i downloaded Varsity Blues and it was dvd resolution and only 600MB it's amazing

well people if you want those tools go to you should find everthing there! And if anyone has any idea of bootdiscs to boot just games please post it up!

-- Geno V. (, June 27, 2002.

I just wanted to say that although bad leads and broken links to piss me off a little, I am even more pissed off at the people who feel the need to come on these sites and "yell" at the people they feel are wrong. Who are you to say that they are lying? They might be but so what? Let them lie if it makes them feel better. And if they aren't lying, then maybe they just did something they didn't understand by accident and it worked. Bottom line, shut your big mouths and let everybody speak without fear of retribution. You aren't the only people in the world, so don't act like it. Sheesh...

-- Josel Rasard (, July 02, 2002.


Stay tuned, go out there and buy yourselves an action replay or gameshark, coz we will soon be releasing the DIVX player for PS2 !!! Yes, as I stated about a month ago (June 5 2002), the crew at PSXHACK zone have been tinkering with the possibilities of creating a boot disk which will load a DivX player for the PS2... and it works !! .. of course you need to be able to play burned CD-R's so it needs to be modded...

Anyone suggest a site to upload it on.. we are going to remain anonymous with this one as it may generate a bit of heat.. but there will be key sequences in the program that will proof who wrote it..

-- Joseph Kolm (, July 05, 2002.

hi joseph,

Damn i hope this is gonna work I am searching for somethin like this for a year Hope you could post it somewhere soon Well if you need a place just register yourself somewhere on some freehosting site and make it a nice url by registering you at If you need an ftp/Pubsto i can provide you with 1, just email me I wanne have this so much , i have about 150 Divx's That need to be seen on my ps2 Let me know what you're gonna do


-- Sircom (, July 06, 2002.

is ther any possible way ican make a media type that can play on a us ps2 wit out a mod or any of that bullshit i just want my invader zim episodes to play on my ps2 cause i have 2 dvd players(normal dvd player and ps2) and nietherof them play vcd i just want somthing that i can burn my invader zim on and play it on my ps2

-- none (, July 07, 2002.


You guys dont get it, there is absolutely no way for us consumers, to play any other video format on the PlayStation 2 other than DVD format.( And whats really wierd is why do want to play VCD on the PS2) Plain and simple Sony built it that way, all the crap about VCD's and MPEG formats other than DVD cannot be runned on the PlayStation 2. With or without a modchip installed you still wont be able to play your Video CD (VCD) on the PlayStation 2 game console, it cant be done, (it would be like trying to play a PlayStation 2 game cd on a Sega Dreamcast system). DVIX video on PlayStation 2 is just a bunch of bull to lead you folks on. Long as this dumbass forum being running, you idiots trying to run Video CD (which is a customized MPEG1 file) should have realized that the DVD format is way more better than the old VCD. DVD has a crisp clear picture, sound, and its a MPEG 2 format that is smaller and can be stored up to 4 Gigs. Oh yeah, DVD is also supported for the PS2. So the point im really trying to make is why create a custom video file on VCD to be played on the PlayStation 2 game console, when the year is 2002, and DVD is wide available to the public to create custom home videos, (look around people, PlayStation 2 supports DVD video format, instead waisting time trying to figure out a old format known as VCD, get your fucking PC the latest upgrade with a DVD-cdrom burner, and make a better quality DVD video, and not some cheap ass VCD which could only be viewed on VCD players.

-- (, July 07, 2002.

Oh sure. Lets all pay £300 for a DVD burner. Look, if we get a file off kazaa and its res is 352 x 288, you expect us to encode it to DVD res, are u nuts!!!!!!! VCD is a nice little format. Whe nDVD Burners are £100 or below maybe then but now I'll stick to VCD

-- JC Tibbs (, July 07, 2002.

i never said i wanted to play vcd i just wanted to make a video that can be played shit u ppl pms about everything

-- (, July 07, 2002.

Just to let you know that i own a UK playstation 2 (no modifications) and although it doesn't play VCD's it does play SVCD's

Here is a good website for converting DivX (avi) to SVCD

it will also show you how to convert into DVD but as we all know DVD burners are a bit pricey

trust me this is the best site iv eva been on (regarding data conversions)

-- Paul S (, July 09, 2002.

Look there is no point to getting a dvd burner they are way to expensive ps2 doesnt even play them without a mod so they are a prcy motherfucker you dont need if you have to mod might as well use a cheaper regular burner and do it as a vcd, go to and it will have mods i dont want to pay for a mod either btu i am getting to the point whcih this is all shit

-- genoV (, July 10, 2002.

hey and this linux kit? can you use it as a computer and play movies and surf internet with it cause i heard you could only program new games with it

-- ginoV (, July 10, 2002.

Hi all i have an Australian PS2 I have SVCD/XSVCD/XVCD/VCD/DVD-R And none of them work on my ps2 except for dvd-r. I havent read everything on this site but i cant find anything too help me out with finding a way too watch my movies on my ps2 plz help. By the way too all the pplz who keep saying buy a dvd-player i have DVD-rom A $3,000 Surround theatre package and the ps2 but i have 3 lounge rooms so i want one in each room cause of family always nagging too watch things when i wanna Thx

-- Disclosed had probs b4 (, July 11, 2002.

dam all I want is to play vcds on the ps2. hackers help a poor man and hack the box and make a boot disk with no modifications so a lot of people will be you have disapointed a poor loyal fan by neglecting to put vcd support strait out the console

-- the blitzer (, July 11, 2002.

I don't think the PS2 will play VCD.

-- Bill Burford (, July 12, 2002.

Using MyDVD software and a dvd burner the playstation 2 can play Mpeg 1 video from DVD+RW discs. I have about 30 four minute music video's that has a run time of nearly 2hrs. with another 2.37 gigs left over for more video. From my own testing, it is possible to burn better than 3 1/2hrs. of Mpeg 1 or DAT video files to a DVD+RW disc for playback in the PS2.


-- Maurice Stafford (, July 12, 2002.

people does the linux kit let you use the playstation as a normal computer??? and does any body know how you program a boot disc with out needing to mod a ps2?

-- geno V (, July 13, 2002.


-- -=[]D[](V)[]D=- (, July 13, 2002.

hey what is PS2VCD_PS2-JADEPSX?

-- gino v (, July 13, 2002.

RMS The thing about mydvd is that if you have a file that is in mpg format that is pretty big then... for some reason it makes it into a monsterous size for instance; one of the movies that I have is 582 megs when i load that file into MyDVD it makes it 3.84 gigs if i were to use TMPGEnc and make it into two files it would take less space but there will be a bunch of thumbs like a chapter menu. i am willing to do this but i would rather have one thumb per movie. do you know of a way that i can make a more advanced dvd like one with chapters and a title menu. i have been fiddling with my new Phillips dvd-rw208 and am learning rather fast. but i have yet to find a program that can do what i want the best that i have found is Ulead DVD MovieFactory.

-- Supaphly (, July 14, 2002.

I hate to burst anyones bubble but there is no easy way to play VCDs the money and the pain it takes to get one to play is a waste just go buy a cheap standalone DVD player and watch em. ive wasted time and money trying to get a VCD to work on my Ps2 and then i said screw it after my fifth try and got a DVD player and it works, i picked it up for about 80 buks

-- Matt (, July 18, 2002.

hey if anyone has a dreamcast those are sweet you cn play divx on them and also vcd, the vcd playing software cost money but if you want it i will email it to you, the file size is about 30 mb but its so awesome! trust me you will want this if you have vcd's but i can also suply you with the divx playing software its a small size and it only suports 320 by 240 right now though but you can fit like 2 movies on one disc

-- gino V (, July 19, 2002.

Supaphly, All I can tell you is that I capture programs from Direct TV to watch while traveling or on my breaks at work on my portable DVD player. Basically I capture about 4hrs. of video and extract only the shows I plan to watch as a DAT file using MPEG VCR. The sizes of these shows vary from 306mb (30mins.) to 916mb (90mins.) or 611mb (60mins.), but they all are formated as DAT files (VCD) which when

burned as a DVD using MyDVD software, has up to 3 1\2hrs. of playback time which also enables each segment to have it's own chapter or thumb nail. When I compare 3:30 for DVD+R\RW to 1:20 for CD-R/RW with the same video quality, I'll take the 3 1/2hr. playback everytime!

-- RMS (, July 21, 2002.

I can see that the people in this forum will try their best to convert VCD files into files which will allow them to be played on the PS2. Some are even willing to spend hours re-encoding VCD files and using swap tricks so that they will play on the PS2. It is much easier and cheaper in the long run to spend $500.00 on that exspensive new DVD writer so that you can convert all of your collection of VCD's and Mpegs into a format that can be played on the Playstation 2, which works without the use of any mod- chips. Yes, I do understand the objective to having the VCD format play in these units, but compare 1:20mins. for VCD formated CD-R disc to 3:30mins for DVD+R\RW disc that are formated to play in the PS2 or almost any other DVD player. When converting a VCD to a DVD+R\RW playback format the video itself is not re-encoded because it still retains it's original quality, but the audio is transcoded to a format that can be played back by the DVD audio decoder. Although the VCD is converted to DVD it is not possible to improve on picture quality, thus increased playback times. Using the bundled software that came with the HP 200e I merely transfered my VCD's to the (3 1\2 hr. playback) DVD+R\RW format which was simple and quick. This may not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me!

-- RMS (, July 21, 2002.

Supaphly, your 582 meg file is probabably an AVI file with a runtime of perhaps 2:15mins, which is why it uses so many gigs. When the software converts it to DVD format it uncompresses the audio and video thus creating an enormous file size. You should double check the file!

-- RMS (, July 21, 2002.

please tell me how copy my bakups of ps2 ......or mod cd for my ps2 please answer me .......

-- morgan (, July 21, 2002.

hey you can copy your ps2 games with a program called clonecd or many other useful ones! is where i found all of my info and programs so check it out dude let me no how it goes and what kind of mod chip do you have>?

-- gino V. (, July 21, 2002.

I have the neokey mochip and it works fine but do someone know were i can find a program that copy dvd format games or is there a web site to download ps2 game ???? pleas email me if someone know the answer... thanks

-- Luis Robles (, July 21, 2002.

QUOTE : it is much easier and cheaper in the long run to spend $500.00 on that exspensive new DVD writer so that you can convert all of your collection of VCD's and Mpegs into a format that can be played on the Playstation 2


or 50$ on a DVD player perhaps :) sure getting movie formats to work on consoles is fun, but at the end of the day, theres a lot of effort involved, and if all you wanna do is watch the films on your tv, then just buy a cheap dvd player ya cheap b'stards ;p :)

-- JayX (, July 22, 2002.


i look for a playstation linux ISO. i think a VCD/SVCD/MP3 player based on linux is no illusion

-- apache (, July 22, 2002.

Look people the ps2 can play vcd's and so on it just depends on alot of things.Firstly the uk (PAL) ps2's were upgraded by sony due to a few probs with the first wave of console's brought to the uk,Now the l8ter versions ie upgraded one's will play vcd e.t.c if u copy the movie file what ever it is to a file the ps2 can understand (try the links above).The older ps2's are doged wiv problems eg (action replay) & datel cd's not booting properly.So if u own one of these im afraid u'll need a mod chip e.t.c.All those wiv a ps2 that can play action replay stuff wiv no probs,u should be able to copy,play and watch enjoy......

-- neil chillingworth (, July 24, 2002.

Sorry to break it to you all but all you have to do is buy the 40gig HDD for the PS2 which comes oout 8-27-02 because it will have the latest in mpeg and real player formats. If you need to convret your files to mpeg format download EOVIDEO and try that.

-- John Morris (, July 30, 2002.

I have just spent two hours reading this bloody forum and in the end being no better off. Its been great entertainment for me though reading about everyone having a go at each other and its made my final couple of hours at the office a little less annoying! Hears to keeping this forum going for another two years !!! ... maybe we'll get there in the end !

-- Bundi (, August 01, 2002.

Sorry for my bad english...i'am from germany...i try since a 3/4 year to play a vcd on ps2...i had try it with bootdiscs, ps2vcd and all it gives more...whatever i try...i had burned with nero, winoncd, cdrwin...nothing has runned on the damn ps2... Who of you all here can me help... My next idea is mod the ps2 with the new messiah and burned a cd-r with a divxplayer for ps2, or a cd-r with a vcd-player for ps2 --> what's your mind to my idea ? - is it have a chance ??! you can write me an e-mail, thank you PS.: All i had tried i use a cd-rw...was that ok for the ps2 ???

-- Paddy (, August 02, 2002.

Guys, you all have done a great job helping me with my VCD problem. I want to thank you for all of your back and forth arguments. In the end, we have come back to the beginning.

-- KevFrom NYC (, August 02, 2002. that is the site and its in french except for file names you want to look for ps2vcddivx 1.1 even if you have an american console like me it works you need a modchip to boot up program and cdrwin to burn there you go have fun cause i have with thisplayer this is top news you can all thank me i am the bomb i posted the final thing in here no more need for this forum we learned where to find such a program

oh and check out my website

its cool as hell

-- gino V. (, August 02, 2002.

there is another link incase you dont want to look for the file

-- gino V. (, August 02, 2002.


PS2 doesnt play VCD. and will never play a vcd. The only way to see a movie is by transforming your movies to mpeg2 format, and its excactly to have a DVD. So conclution, you will never play a VCD.

VCD equals to mpeg1 format here for ntcs: NTSC/NTSC Film Video: 1150 kbit/sec MPEG-1 352 x 240 pixels 29,97 frames/second 23,976 frames/second NTSC Film Audio: 224 kbit/sec MPEG-1 Layer2

and the mpe2 its completly different.

SO dont waste time, buy a cheap dvd player(that suport vcd and svcd) and enjoy your movies


Just a tech looking for a weekend project..came across this thread while looking for info on PS2VCD. OK, PSw WILL NOT play VCD/SVCD's straight. PS2 WILL NOT play VCD/SVCD's using a Mod/swap trick, (and if it DOES, i havnt seen proof of it while searching this past week.) It DOES play .pss files, which are a variation of MPEG2. (and NO, you cant just take a .m2v file and rename it to i said, it's a specially encoded MPEG2 file.) Before i get to the tools i used, some items to point out: - The process is QUITE laborious: not a simple TMPG drag & drop routine - you WILL read the readme.txt files provided with the tools for a better understanding of how the PS2 reads MPEG2 files - when the aud+vid are multipexed, and the aud will start to slip and lose sync with the vid at approx 1 sec for every minute of video played - the cd will probably ONLY be used on modded/keyed PS2's, so not alot of portability: you'll not be able to throw this CD in a standard VCD/DVD player either - a few coasters may be made before you get it right - when the motion gets fast, the resolution will get blocky - I in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM made ANY of these Utils: i just did ALOT of researching in the net. Credit goes to those who made these programs and did the REAL work...Respect Due.

OK PS2VCD, VirtualDub, TMPG, PSSPlex, CD/DBD Generater (speeled wrong on purpose for a reason,) CDRWin or Nero (if you use Nero, You'lle also need IsoBuster- then burn the files using Level1 and Mode2). I pretty much named the Utils in order that you'll pretty much use them. Reading the PS2VCD and PSSPlex readme files gives you most of the info you'll need. The final hurdle was when saving the video clip to .m2v format with TMPG, CHANGE output files's Reslution to 640x480. Once i did that, the CD started, fine and launched into my little 5 min test video. Quite cool to see in motion, afetr 2 mins, the sound started to lose sync, after 4 mins, it got a little wacky. i'm sure after 8-10 mins, the vid will be quite unwatchable without figuring out the aud sync issue. There you have it folks. Hope that helps. Personaly, having JUST learned how to burn SVCDs, I'd go that route and get a realtivly cheap DVD Player that will play VCD/SVCDs, (check for a list of what players play what formats: some DONT play VCD/SVCDs) Call me what you want, but i'm not gonna put links to where to get the progs. I was able to find ALL of these porgs, (and a few more) TODAY, you just might have to do a little extra searching, but it's all on WEB. Good Luck, and enjoy!

-- Dexiv4 (, August 04, 2002.

I wish people would stop saying "IT CAN'T BE DONE SHUT UP" and all that. I think anyone who's read all the posts thus far (myself included) is a bit wary of it all, but you can't say there isn't a way and there won't ever be a way. You don't know that. But when I say things like this nobody ever listens to me, so carry on.

Anyway, on to the content of my post. Nero 5.5.something won't allow me to burn a "mini" DVD or any sort of DVD onto a CD-R, possibly because I have no drive that can read or write a DVD, only a CD-ROM and a CD-RW. I've thought of using the illustrious "SVCD mode 2" but haven't actually tried yet. I don't really have high hopes for that... I only have the launch-version PS2 and the launch-version DVD driver anyway.

I've downloaded PS2VCDDivX11.rar but WinRar gives me an error to the effect of "unsupported method" and won't actually extract the files. Did anyone else have this problem?

Oh, and there was a post a while back that said there would be a PS2 hard drive released on August 27th this year. I just wanted to note that that information is false--the Network Adapter (56k/ethernet) will be released on that date, but Sony has delayed the hard drive until an undisclosed date due to worries about, well, who will buy it. After all, right now it has no application, except by bloody media pirates like us ^_~ Besides, even a hard drive won't play media files. You need the proper software.

Anyway, if someone has a working RAR of that PS2VCDDivX11 file, I'd appreciate a URL or something, as would other people, I think. I don't have a GameShark or a ModChip, but I'd sure be willing to purchase the former if this program actually works.

Anyway, this post has become entirely too long. Cheers ^_^;;

-- Aero (, August 04, 2002.

dude i had no problems wiht the thing try downloading it again and people has anyone else really tried to use ps2vcddivx 1.1 it does work so try it dont post that it doesnt work unless you have tried it i did and it works you need a mod chip and cdrwin to burn the files in the rar

-- gino V. (, August 04, 2002.

Just a quick note, I upgraded to the latest version of WinRar and it extracted fine (d'oh! I feel stupid). Looks very interesting... now if I can just get someone to try it out and tell me if it works...

I'm wondering, though, how the video files are involved? Do they go on the program disc? Or on a seperate disc?

-- Aero (, August 04, 2002.


-- fukoffassholes (, August 05, 2002.

sup pple i found this site on the ps2ownz news page, i hope 4 all our sakes this is the answer!

-- bodz (, August 05, 2002.

hey this is an answer to the dude a bout putting the files on a differnt cd you need to burn the image in cdrwi the put yor divx files on a seperate disc you boot up the ps2divxvcd1.1 disc then when it ask you to put in disc wiht files you do that you do need a modchip though it works dude very sweet

-- gino V. (, August 09, 2002.

people, people. has ne1 tried using kazaa and searched 4 a vcd ps2 player prog. i found 1 and now it works perfectly. 1 of the files is 2.7 meg of somthin and it has evrything u need to make a ps2 compatable vcd.the site 4 kazaa 4 ne1 that doesn't no is

The bongo master.

-- Matt de bongo master (, August 11, 2002.

what was the name of that file so i can download it. i got told that it is possible to watch vcd's on the ps2 but you need the right modle for it to work if this is so what modle and how did you do it

-- manga boy (, August 11, 2002.

who ever can get vcds to work on the ps2 and tell us how will be a hero and everyone will love them

-- john biggins (, August 11, 2002.

do vcds play on the ps2 ?

Yes Or No?

Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- De Limbo Master (, August 11, 2002.

I have now tried the supposed VCD/DivX player for PS2. Though only using the "swap trick", it doesn't work any which way. And don't tell me I'm doing the swap trick wrong, because I got SNES Station ( to boot just fine. (If you don't feel like clicking the link, it's a SNES emulator that was ported to the PlayStation 2 operating system.)

In fact, I've seen all over the internet that that supposed disc image was a (not very) elaborate hoax. I don't know why "Gino" is insisting otherwise.

As for BroadQ's product, linked earlier, that only works if you have a high-speed home local area network... right, if we could all be so lucky ~_~;;

Matt de bongo master, even though I don't expect to hear from you again, if you have in fact found such files and gotten them to work, a link of some sort would be more than appreciated. If you could upload them to some sort of free web service, such as call me a skeptic, but I don't really believe at this point that any such thing exists. (And I have searched KaZaA, just for the hell of it, and found nothing, so don't even say it.)

I guess I'm becoming rather wary of this. All I wanted, like many others I think, was to play some DivX files on my TV. I'd even be willing to convert them to VCD or SVCD. I guess at this point I should just give up; I've become convinced that there is no way play media files on a PS2, short of purchasing a DVD burner or setting up a complicated home LAN with my computer.

-- Aero (, August 11, 2002.

i know where to get a ps2 boot disk i'll tell you where to get it if enyone tells me how to make the ps1 boot disk work on a non chiped playstation

ps if the ps2 mod chip dont work then i'll tell you how to do the swap trick

-- Da Man (, August 12, 2002.

Ok , I went to the IGN video game web site ( ) - and they were taking about the newest dvd remote kit and stuff..

they were talking about the newer drivers that came on the cd along with the dvd remote.

Anyway , does anyone think that this " New driver" that helps play new dvd's can also help play (some formats) of VCD's

( I don't know much about the PS2 playing dvd's/svcd's/vcd's/ but I think sony should get on the stupid problem and kick it's ass!! So we all can play are movies and stuff on it! ))

I got a PS2 partly because I thought it could play this stuff! Now I find out it can't// O well - most of us are in the same situation.

If anyone knows about this new DRIVER with the new dvd remote let everyone know if it will fix this VCD/SVCD playing problem!!!!!!

Everyone will think highly of you !

SHIT I rote to much /

-- NEW DVD REMOTE THAT LETS YOU PLAY VCD'S ??????????? (, August 12, 2002.

hey people it works i didnt use a swap trick dummy

you must have a MOD CHIP , you use cdrwin to burn the image

then you place the ps2vcdivx disc without anymovies on it in the tray and it will boot up

then it will ask to place in disc with vcd or divx files on it

then you put it in an close the tray and it will start you dont have to do stupid swap trick shit just you need a MOD

and i dont know what the hell you are talking abotu with this connection speed bullshit anyway i just have a normal ps2 wiht a neokey modchip in it

-- gino V. (, August 12, 2002.

Ps2 VCD/DivX Player

Ver. 1.1

Finally you can play your VCDs and AVI's right on your PS2 console !

*Play ANY VCD or AVI using the (C)Divx codec

*Use your controller as a remote (NO PS2 REMOTE NEEDED!)

*Divx 4.12 ported directly to PS2 by Da-Expert.

*Supports both NTSC/PAL (Selector)


This is simple to burn and use, just load the .cue file into CDRWIN and burn onto a blank CDR.

Then with your modchipped PS2 load it up & boot ! This file is NOT a self booter so if you don't have a modchip grab a copy of my bootcd.

Burn at 1x speed (no faster !!)

------------------------ VCD Controller Functions ------------------------

X = Play

O - Stop

R1 = Rewind

L1 = Forward

Start = Pause

R2 = Bring up the Divx Menu

L2 = Bring up the PS2 VCD Main Menu (options)




Made a few small chnages, abd fixed that menu bug ;)


First release :)

this is the readme file it came with

-- gino V. (, August 12, 2002.

hi ive always wanted to play divx and vcd on my ps2, i ever downloaded ps2 divx/vcd player form kazza and burt it ! i didnt work because i need a mod chip.

could u help ?whats the best non solder mod? whats the price/site?


-- ivona tinkle (, August 13, 2002.

Ez ppl,

sorry to slip off the topic a bit, i attempted to create a mini DVD (on a CD-RW) using authoring software called SpruceUp, surely if this DVD i created is in Mpeg2 format shouldn't it work on the PS2. It works fine on WinDVD on my PC! Can someone tell me why, or where i've gon wrong?

-- The_Machine (, August 13, 2002.

Here i am again,

As other ppl have mentioned, there is a Ps2DivxVcd Player about. i have downloaded and i can't seem to make head or tail of the readme txt that comes with it. There r 2 other files that come with it, a .cue and .bin file, wot r these used for? My Ps2 isn't modded, so how does the Boot CD help. Could some1 post a tutorial on how to use the Player


-- The_Machine (, August 13, 2002.

you need a mod there is no boot disc that i know of now and the cue file you burn the image with cdrwin

-- gino v. (, August 13, 2002.

there is a ps2 mod chip and there is a cirtain thing you download to burn it and it's soposed work on a none chiped ps2 unfortunaly i dont know what the burning thing is called

ps sorry about the spelling i cant spell

-- c p (, August 14, 2002.

sorry to be nagging u again gino,

But after u have burned the .cue file to the CD-R, do u burn the VCD file on another CD-R? Or do u burn the VCD file on the same CD-R after adding the .cue file, and do u have to add the .cue file to every single VCD that u create?

Sorry i'm PS2 illiterate

-- The_Machine (, August 14, 2002.

All... don't waste your time on that PS2VCD_DIVX player... it sounds very tempting and it's what we all want, but it's a HOAX ! Have a look at the various PS2 forums where this is discussed and you will see it.

Gino is just a 14yo kid who gets his kicks from pranks like this.

Take care all and keep looking...

Joe Hunter

-- Numb nuts (, August 14, 2002.

Okay, let me clear a few things up.

If a CD-R has valid PS2 software on it, I can boot it. I do not have a modchip. I have a Code Breaker, which is a cheat code disc similar to GameShark. I can boot any PS2 backup or software written for the PS2. I have tried it and it works. I use the so-called "knife trick." If you want me to explain more, I will.

The NeoKey modchip which Gino claims to have is hardly even a modchip at all. All it does is eject the drive in the same way I do it with my knife trick. It also requires a disc such as a GameShark or Code Breaker. You can see more about the NeoKey at [ ]. There is a tutorial for the knife trick at [ ].

THERE IS NO WAY TO BOOT A CD-R ON A PSX OR PS2 BY USING A CD-R BOOT DISC. ANY "BOOT DISC" YOU DOWNLOAD AND BURN WILL NOT WORK. You need to buy a modchip and install it, and/or use a GameShark or Code Breaker (depending on what kind of modchip you have, or lack thereof). The reason for this is that each PS2 disc coming out of the Sony factories has "bad sectors" at the begnning of it. When you copy it with your CD burner, your CD burner "corrects" those bad sectors. The PS2 reads it and doesn't find the bad sectors, and knows it's a copied CD, and rejects it. The modchip and knife trick have their own ways of getting around this.

I'm sorry I took so long explaining all that.

My point is that if the VCD/DivX player were real, it would work with either a modchip or the knife trick, especially in Gino's case since his "modchip" is basically an easier way of doing the knife trick. I agree with Joe Hunter, the supposed player has been all over the internet and identified by many people as a hoax. Just do a Google search and you'll see.

This issue is complicated enough without morons like Gino spreading lies.

~ Aero

-- Aero (, August 15, 2002.

Oh, and one more thing. I have heard from a reliable source that someone is actually working on developing a DivX Player for PS2 that reads from CD-R's. So hang in there. I don't know when this will happen, but I'll post here if I find out more.

-- Aero (, August 15, 2002.

It was mentioned in an earlier post that original PS2 discs have bad sectors. My question is that do the boot discs images on the internet have these bad sectors, i.e are they exact copies of the original PS2 boot discs? And if they r exact copies, isn't there CD burning software that DOES NOT correct these bad sectors?

Oh, and the e-mail address i have given is for real

-- The_Machine (, August 16, 2002.

do dreamcast really play ps2 backups and how do you i tried but it doesnt load even with the boot disc

-- gino V. (, August 16, 2002.

I believe the images available on the internet do have those bad sectors, but I'm not sure. In any case it doesn't matter, because when you burn the image they are "corrected." I'm not sure if it's the CD burning software or the CD-RW drive itself that makes this "correction." I've been looking for that answer, but nobody seems to know. It would of course be great if it were simply the software because someone could just write a program that makes no such correction. But in the seven years of the PlayStation's existance, nothing like that has happened. I have no doubt that the video game hax0rs community has tried every program there is, and if they had any success it would have been all over the internet by now.

As for playing PS2 games on Dreamcast, that would be impossible unless some sort of PS2 emulator were made for Dreamcast. No such thing exists and I doubt anyone will bother trying, because it would be extremely difficult to code, and even the most experienced programmer would not, in all likelihood, be able to make the games run full-speed. This could not be accomplished with a simple mod chip or boot disc, because the software for PlayStation 2 is written in a different language than the software for DreamCast.

Now here's something I don't get: why are all these little kids coming here screaming every now and then? If it annoys you so to see people trying to solve a problem, there is one simple thing you can do: DON'T LOOK AT THIS PAGE. Go to other, unrelated websites. Or go outside and make some friends so you can complain along with them about how stupid everyone else is. I'm not going to say anything else about that because I have no interest in getting into a shout-fest.

-- Aero (, August 16, 2002.

What i don't understand is, that if the ps2 reads mpeg 2 format i.e DVD's. Why doesn't it read the (mini) DVD's that i create on CD-R, these files r also in mpeg 2 format. If the answer is that it cannot read CD-R's then why does it read and play the Audio CD's that i create also on CD-R?

-- The_Machine (, August 18, 2002.

I don't know why it wouldn't play a "mini DVD" on a CD-R. I haven't tried this myself. My guess would be that either the PS2 hardware is smart enough to only play MPEG-2 if it's on actual DVD media (the laser reads DVD's and CD's differently), or you're doing it wrong. I've never gotten Nero to let me burn a DVD-formatted CD... probably because I have no DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive. The options are always greyed out ~_~;; But you're correct, the PS2 laser is capable of reading CD-R discs. Most PS2's cannot, however, read CD-RW discs at all, no matter what's on them.

As for SNES games on a PSX, there's no way to do it. There's an NES emulator for PSX, and a SNES emulator for PS2, but no SNES emulator for PSX. Check for emulators that work on game consoles... and every other type of emulator in existance. I don't even know why I'm answering that question, as this forum is supposed to be about video on PS2.

-- Aero (, August 18, 2002.

I was just wondering weather a ps2 modchip will hurt your system because i dont realy fancy getin a new 1 and if there is an external modchip that requires no soildering?

-- Taki (, August 19, 2002.

Has an1 tried the Playstaton CD DVD ROM Generator, it is supposed to create Playstation CD's, i managed to get an mpeg file to load on it however it doesn't let me burn it. It comes up with an error saying "The recording unit is not connected." Any1 else who's tried it get the same error message?

-- The_Machine (, August 19, 2002.

I hope whoever posted that last message under my name had fun doing it. What else can I say, eh? It's a free internet. I'm just trying to find a solution to a problem, but if you can have fun at my expense at the same time, by all means.

The_Machine, that sounds like a very interesting program. Perhaps the program is not up-to-date with the latest CD-RW drives. Could you provide a link?

-- Aero (, August 19, 2002.

Aero, here is the link ---> You will have to click on the banner at the top of the page before they let u download. For the file, check under 'Other Utilities,'I think the filesize is 1.32 megs (CD DVD Generator).

I think u're right about the fact they don't support many CD-Writers.

-- The_Machine (, August 19, 2002.

Hey Aero,

Yeah it was me who posted the note under your name! It was just as a bit of a lark.

I wouldn't have admitted to it, but you seem like a decent guy so just wanted to let you know there was no malice intended, just a bit of fun.

Keep up the interesting posts.



-- not aero (, August 19, 2002.

I'm a proficient video editor and computer guy and will try to answer the many questions people have been having as clearly and concisely as possible. Note that I do not have a PS2 to test anything on, which is why most of this is speculation. Here goes:

1.) miniDVD not working in PS2

Almost all tabletop DVD players refuse to play miniDVDs. Most players identify the medium as a 650-700 meg CD and automatically assume that DVD playback will not be undertaken, thereby ruining any direct possibility of playing miniDVDs short of reprogramming the DVD Playback BIOS.

2.) Can bad sectors be copied?

Absolutely not. The way Playstation's technology works (at least this is how it works with PS1, but given its infallibility I don't see why they would have changed it for PS2) is that a certain sector on the disc has a checksum of zero, which is completely impossible (it indicates that a portion of the disc simply does not exist. It's kind of the data equivalent of a black hole). The problem is that it is impossible to "copy" checksums. Checksums are automatically generated whenever files are copies to media, and as such checksums which indicate corruption cannot be copied. Short of completely reprogramming a burner (and reprogramming it in such a way that it can ignore certain file structure constraints), there is no non-swap- or-modchip way of getting around this. It very much cannot be done.

3.) Can VCDs/SVCDs be played on PS2?

Again, I have no PS2 to test, but based on the responses I've seen in this forum I'm going to have to assume that, without a modification, it cannot be done. I think it could theoretically be done by some sort of funky software, especially given that the PS2's processor is more than capable of tackling both these standards, it would require a ton of effort and a lot of in-depth knowledge on the PS2's Emotion processor (which is knowledge I don't think we yet have). Or an SDK (and aren't they like $20 000?).

4.) How can I watch my films?

Well, I think the simplest option would be to buy an actual DVD player. They can be had for under $100USD. I mean Jesus, how goddamn poor are you? It will play your VCDs, SVCDs, MP3s, and all that funky stuff. If you absolutely must be leet, the ONLY thing that will work that doesn't involve filling your PS2 with molten metal or giving it a funky USB attachment is to make a CD with PSS-muxed streams. Even as such, this will still require a swap trick of some sort, as the PS2 absolutely requires a bad sector on any non-DVD non- AudioCD it loads (you're technically making a CD the PS2 recognizes as a game, so it will act accordingly and check for any indication of copying, starting with the bad sector). As someone stated earlier, the Dreamcast was a lot easier and more entertaining to screw around with because its copy check was primarily software- based (since Sony owns the patent to the bad sector copy protection), allowing for CDs that were POSSIBLE to manufacture. Hard, but a worthy challenge, and still possible. So leet people are better off working with Dreamcast. You'll get no mileage out of the PS2 without spending money (or PSS/swapping). So there. I've said it. Enjoy!

-- David Anderson (, August 20, 2002.

Can anyone tell me please, where I could find the Nero MPEG/2DVD plugin to download? I've looked everywhere on the net and can't find it. I found the Nero MPEG/2SVCD plugin, but I need the MPEG/2DVD 'cause it's better quality and will play on any DVD. Please let me know if you guys have found it somewhere =)

"Defending the free software community, hackerz united "

-- Sean D. (, August 21, 2002.

The_Machine, I've looked over that program. For one, it only supports a very select few CD-RW and DVD-RW drives. And, more importantly, it only helps you create the file structure found on PS2 discs; it will not in any way enable you to play video files on the PS2 by itself. Sorry :(

Anon, thanks, I'm glad to know you weren't trying to get rid of me or anything. Because you could have :P

David Anderson, I thank you for the in-depth explanation of 1 and 2. As for 3, PS2 programming is actually becoming quite doable for homebrew programmers: Sony itself has released a kit ($200) that allows you to hook up a monitor, hard drive, and ethernet card to your PS2 and install Linux on it. Programmed software with this kit can be played on any PS2 that is modified, or has an owner willing to do the "knife trick" with a GameShark. Of course, you need to know how to program (I don't know what language it uses, but there are sites with libraries and projects and stuff). As for 4, I think the point here is that many of us (myself included) are kids lacking the money or resources to buy ourselves a DVD player... especially when we already own PS2's to play DVD's, and VCD/DivX is likely not worth purchasing an extra machine even if we HAD the money. Think of all the other things it could buy ^_~

"sexmachine," who seems to be illustrating my point about us being kids: you can find helpful information about which modchips do what at [ ]..

And as we all know, the PSX and PS2 video formats are far too limited to be of any real use to us...

Now, here's some good news: I have now confirmed that there some people working on a DivX player for the PS2, that reads off your CD-R's (I am not referring to It will be free, I believe, but you'll need either a modchip or knowledge of how to do the knife trick to boot it. People I've asked are speculating it might be ready around December... which is a long time to wait... ~_~... but who knows :P If you know Spanish, the guys who are working on it are part of [ ]. Please note that YOU WILL NOT FIND WORKING SOFTWARE THERE AT THIS TIME.

-- Aero (, August 21, 2002.

I recently stumbled across a program called "Clony XXL," it seems to have many useful options i.e copy bad sectors, create illegal TOC's. I was wondering, has any1 actually got the program to work, I didn't.

Oh and Aero thanks for the reply, I knew the cd generator thing was too good to be true!


-- The_Machine (, August 25, 2002.


Which websites do you visit for info on this PS2 DIVX Player... i go through who also talk about this divx player.. would be nice if they could get a preview available just to whet our appetites..

I would hope that they also make it play ordinary VCD's.. though definitely the DIVX player would be a huge breakthrough.. should support DivX 5 i would hope.

ZamMan (anon.. ;) )

-- ZamMan (, August 26, 2002.

The_Machine, I haven't heard of that program... but I'd be very skeptical that it would actually be able to write bad sectors to a CD, based on what I've heard (including Mr. Anderson's explanation). I don't think the burner would accept that.

ZamMan, I got the information from several people in #ps2-emulation on EFNet, including Hiryu, the developer of SNES-Station. They have personally talked to the people developing the DivX Player. Apparently they have it working decently on Naplink (which allows you to somehow send code to the PS2 from a computer through a USB cable... not directly from a CD-R... this method is much faster than reading from a CD-R). Of course, the eventual goal is to have it working directly off a CD-R.

I've heard that closed beta testing is to begin soon... I can sort of understand why they don't want an open (anyone can try) beta test for a program that isn't acceptably functional yet... there would be a lot of complaints, etc.

As for VCD, I have not heard of any support for it, so I wouldn't be hopeful about that. But with DivX being such a better format, I don't really mind. After all, you can fit 2 to 3 full-length movies at 352x240 resolution, encoded in DivX, on a CD.

It's too bad that we have to wait so long... they're saying they'll have a releasable version sometime this winter, at the earliest...

-- Aero (, August 28, 2002.

Hey, that information a few messages back up about the PGEN playstation/genesis emulator for PlayStation 2 actually works. Has anyone else tried it I was able to get the PGEN software files together and burn to a cd to run off my modded PlayStation 2, and with over 200 Sega Genesis roms I got bongled together from KazaA that can use on my PGEN emulator, I couldnt be anymore happier. This is definitely a plus for me, I advise you'all to tryout the link that was mentioned in one of the earlier post above these old messages. This emulator would definitely get your mind off the illusion of trying to run a old vcd on your playstation 2, and start figuring out how to run other console games over your playstation. My next task to configure together the SNES-Station emulator for PS2 if I can find the right program on the net, the main site's download program wont download.

-- Clarence (, August 29, 2002.


I used Nero 5.5. It's amazing. You create an image file of the movie you want to make into a VCD. Copy it over using NERO, making sure you record at only 8x as there is less chance for errors. HEY PRESTO. You have a VCD that plays on your PS2! I have made about 10 of them so far. It's fantastic.

After reading all these threads I thought there was no chance. But one night I was sitting at the computer with nothing to do and thought, What the heck, let's try it. Half an hour later I was watching it on my PS2.

I have complete instructions on how to do it. Download them here.


-- jaguar*23 (, September 03, 2002.

Well jaguar*23 I dont know what to say really, it seems to me that the only folks I know, well I have read that states that their PS2 played the Video CD format were outside the US. In that their PS2 console was PAL, not NTSC as in America. What gets me is that did Sony implement the VCD format into the PAL PlayStation 2, conidering they were (Europe) was third in line of shipping to get the PS2s (First being Japan, second America) Question ~ Could the shipping release of the PS2 consoles in Europe (PAL versions) be able to play VCDS? For me I too created a VCD that worked, for my DVD player accourse using Nero. Yes indeed it is simple to make a VCD, i was suprised to find out it worked on my roomate's DVD player, (folks, my American folks get a DVD player and forget about trying to play it on a PS2). I didnt test it on my PlayStation 2 because of the fact that the CD I use to burn the VCD was a CDRW disc, and PS2 doesnt recongize the disc, and that brings the question to Sony of why the hell they made the PS2 so nic picky, it doesnt play CDRs, CD+Gs, MP3s, thats kinda sad considering a DVD player can handle all of that and the PS2 is suppose to be a game console/dvd player. Well maybe PlayStation 3 will be a little more kinder to other media. Oh and jaguar*23 were you able to play the VCD on a non-modded PAL PS2, or did u use a mod-chip in the process?

-- Clarence (, September 03, 2002.

I have a UK PS2 and I can play VCD & SVCD. No modchip, no swap trick, just used Nero 5.5.


-- Aftershock7 (, September 03, 2002.

I have heard time and time again that you cannot play VCD's or SVCD's with either DVD Region X or any sort of modchip. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying that in all likelihood it is impossible and I believe it to be impossible. DVD Region X changes how the PS2 reads region coding on DVD's; it does not have any software to allow the PS2 to play VCD or SVCD, which are a different (albeit similar) format to DVD's. Modchips change how the PS2 reads the whole Sony-patent copy-protection scheme for games only; it does not have any software to allow the PS2 to play VCD or SVCD. This is what I have heard from an overwhelming amount of sources. If you want to believe otherwise, be my guest.

There is a possibility I have not mentioned.

It is theoretically possible to convert movies to PlayStation (1) video format (.str). I even have a program to do this. The drawback? The source file has to be an uncompressed AVI. Not MPEG, not DivX, uncompressed AVI. A 25-minute uncompressed AVI at 352x240 is over 20 gigabytes. Plus the STR format is not very good compression; you wouldn't be able to fit much onto a disc. It's not worth it.

There's also the PlayStation 2 video format (.pss). There are guides misleadingly labelled "PlayStation 2 VCD Player" which are actually just tutorials to make a disc in the PSS format. And many people have told me it works. The drawback? You can only hold a small amount of video on a CD-R (I don't remember exactly how long... did someone say 20 minutes? I'm not sure)... and the audio desyncs with the video after a few minutes of play.

I think we can all assume jaguar*23 was lying, given that his link was to Har har.

I have heard numerous accounts of certain early UK models of PS2's being able to play certain types of VCD's and SVCD's out of the box. I can't really say if this is true or not. I guess if you have an early UK model, try it. Don't get your hopes up though.

Now, here's an intriguing idea: The PSX had an external addon that would allow it to play VCD's. Some people have apparently found a way to connect that addon to the PS2? I don't know anything about it.

My suggestion for all of this: wait for the PS2 DivX player. DivX is so much better than VCD (fit more on a disc). I guess I sound like a broken record by now, I just don't see why anyone would want to play VCD when they can play DivX... unless you can't wait till the DivX player is released (sometime this winter). Patience is a virtue.

-- Aero (, September 03, 2002.

We make short films and see the VCD medium as the ideal distribution format, extremely cheap, good enough quality, and very widespread compatibility. DVD players are commonplace, but if the playstation 2 could accept VCDs, then our market would be increased, and more people could enjoy our cheap cheap films.

-- soapboy (, September 03, 2002.

Hey Aero head! Assume was the right word. You should NEVER ASSUME. I wasn't lying. My PAL PS2 plays VCD's. I have the Messiah modchip. Now as far as I know, that isn't supposed to have any affect on whether VCD's can play or not, but ever since I've had it installed I've been able to play them.

By the way, that link to was just a little joke. Why would I have to put instructions up on how to burn a vcd using Nero 5.5. It's pretty self explanatory. Just follow the prompts.


-- jaguar*23 (, September 04, 2002.

Well my eyes are bleeding after reading this forum from top to bottom.. I only wanted to know about PS2/VCDS/SVCDS etc.... ;0)

I'm pretty unlucky cos i've got a Sony 336 DVD player + A damn PS2 (UK/ Not Mod'ed) and neither can play copied anything!!! I had to chip the DVD player just to get it playing and region movies...( A trip to ASDA-Walmart is needed for one of their £80ers that play everything!!!!! I have to use the DVD RegionX to play my NTSC movies on the PS2.. very primative.. thought i'd seen the end of disc swap... guess i'll need a modchip

Just to let you dudes know... my UK PS2 will not play any SVCD + nor will 3 other machines we have tried although i'm not calling anyone a liar who says theirs does.

VCDs play great with the GAMARS movie card in the back of my 8 yr old PS1 although SVCDs..

I agree DVD burners are well pricey at the moment and VCD is a decent throw away media for as Kazza pirates....

So good luck all you guys.. and heres to the next 2 years!!

p.s. That Gino V was pretty strange!!

-- TommyHillnigeria (, September 06, 2002.

You know its about time this forum comes to a end. We answered Kenny Kim's question of 'can playstation 2's play vcd's' a long time ago, and the answer to that old question is simply no. A vcd will not work on a playstation 2 period, that includes JAP, NTSC, & PAL. People who claimed it does either lied or had a expensive mod chip like the Mesiah that required them to solder fifty wires to there PS2, just to run a crummy MPEG file. Im starting to agree like the other folks, just buy a DVD player there cheap as $79.99 here in the US, and they play numerous media such as DVD video, DVD audio, CD audio, VCD, and MP3. Not to mention they accept almost all disc media CD/CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW. PlayStation 2 cant do none of that alone. I dont see why anyone would want there PS2 do play media it cant possibly do, and spend over $100 for a mod-chip, & CDRs when they could simply save themselves the long-hard earn cash by just buying a DVD player to play speciallty made CDs. Is anyone getting the point by now?

-- Clarence (, September 06, 2002.

well that was a hectic read ill definately check bak up on this page ken. ^_^ so far i see absolutely no conclusion to the question ppl are sayin the exact opposite of one another personally i think there is a way some1 might not be lying or they might be. but i am gonna try making the mini dvds they seem to me the way to go with this dilemha and hopefully the (s) vcds work on australian ps2 consoles ciao for now peeps :)

-- b not gonnasay (, September 07, 2002.

anyone know why ps2 backup games dont always load straight away with neo2.2 chip and ar2 is their a way of loading them in 1 go

-- rez (, September 08, 2002.

Well I happen to have a MESSIAH Mod Chipped PS2, so I will be able to test the claims of Jaguar boy tonight... I will post back with the results in the morning..

Somehow I doubt it will work.


-- ZytrexCorp (, September 08, 2002.

I have no news. Wow, a short post from Aero? Yup :E

Stop telling us to buy DVD players, please. This is not the "Can you please direct me to spend $80 on an extra machine?" question.

And the reason I'm still posting here is because though the question has been answered, the answer may change over time.

That is all.

-- Aero (, September 09, 2002.

You know its about time this forum comes to a end. We answered Kenny Kim's question of 'can playstation 2's play vcd's' a long time ago, and the answer to that old question is simply no. A vcd will not work on a playstation 2 period, that includes JAP, NTSC, & PAL. People who claimed it does either lied or had a expensive mod chip like the Mesiah that required them to solder fifty wires to there PS2, just to run a crummy MPEG file. Im starting to agree like the other folks, just buy a DVD player there cheap as $79.99 here in the US, and they play numerous media such as DVD video, DVD audio, CD audio, VCD, and MP3. Not to mention they accept almost all disc media CD/CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW. PlayStation 2 cant do none of that alone. I dont see why anyone would want there PS2 do play media it cant possibly do, and spend over $100 for a mod-chip, & CDRs when they could simply save themselves the long-hard earn cash by just buying a DVD player to play speciallty made CDs. Is anyone getting the point by now?

-- Clarence (, September 11, 2002.

Whatever, Clarence. There isn't a way to play home-made video on the PS2 by itself, but there will be soon (relatively). And it will only require the purchase of a $40 GameShark 2. I figured it was worth keeping the question alive until then.

-- Aero (, September 11, 2002.

no one & i MEAN no one has watched a standard VCD or SVCD on a PS2! Anyone who says they have is lying! it aint possible without re- engineering the whole thing, not just a modchip and prayer!! I have lots of experience in this field.

playing about with Mpeg and stuff MAY get something on screen but that isnt the real deal.

I'm all for forums when they help but all these jackass dudes should cut thru the felgercarb

Gauntlet is down!!!! I cannot be done!!!

-- Steve (, September 11, 2002.

well, not that it hasn't been addressed I haven't been to this forum before I searched for the word VCD on on of my late nite escapedes and found it but as of 2:44 in the morning RIGHT NOW..I have just witnessed that alothough maybe not in VCD format I have taken a MPEG- LAYER 2 NTSC 352 x 480 and used DVDit which comes on all the sony VAIO and with a CHEAP 15 bucks for 5 CD-R...a hypermedia which is also free after the REBATE...and burnt in maybe 30 mins...a series of movies which play fine as well as the menu I made with the SAME like I'm saying I not proving anyone wrong just to say that if you do use a DVD-R maybe you can bypass the whole looks to be a year or so of busy FORUM talk!!!!

-- mAdDhAtR (, September 12, 2002.

-- darren warren (, September 13, 2002.

Hey.. anyway, a great job from all of those who weren't lying.. Thanks to all. We can't play for now the vcd in the standard way.. but we'he learned a lot: internet is full of kiddies, and there's still interesting people.

Thanks to all for the general aproach.. after all. zaki

-- zaki (, September 19, 2002.

I found a vcd boot thing on dalnet.. It was dalnet #ps2-fserves Havent tried it yet though..

-- Awill (, September 20, 2002.

Hi Kenny,

Thanks for your question.

The straight answer to your question is NO. The PS2 was not designed to play VCD's right out of the box.

The longer answer however, is that it is possible. The PS2, just like all game consoles, is simply a computer designed to run games and other programs. Theoretically therefore, a program can be written which will read VCD's and play them on your screen. Most consoles however, would not have sufficient CPU power to decode MPG1 format video in real time and hence cannot ever play VCD's. The PS2 though, does. It's 300Mhz CPU with EMOTION engine is powerful enough to provide realtime decryption of VCD's. There are programmers currently working on this, and a prototype version of this software is expected to be released around XMAS 2002.

Hope this answers your question.

Paul Langford.

-- Paul Langford (, September 21, 2002.

I was just curious, I don't own a play station 2, but seem to have received the impression from somewhere or other, that in some games (GTA3 possibly?) you could take out the game CD and put in a music CD while you play, so you can listen to your favourite CD.

Is this true? If so does it work with copied audio cd's?

I think you can see where this is going, if it can indeed play these CD's, then possibly someone could develop some software for the ps2, that you just load up, then in the same way you would put in an audio cd while playing a game.. u'd just put in a copied movie and watch that.

-- rockthesmurf (, September 24, 2002.

Screw the VCD check this out

Sony Plans TV Recording Function for PlayStation 2 Thu Sep 26, 7:41 AM ET By Eriko Amaha

TOKYO (Reuters) - Now that its blockbuster game console PlayStation 2 ( news - web sites) is hooked up to the Internet, Sony Corp ( news - web sites) is ready to upgrade the machine further so it can record television shows.

Sony said although the timing and details of the move have not been decided, it is set to make its game console more like a consumer electronics device.

"Our thinking is that it would be more convenient for consumers to enjoy home networking and manage broadcasting content as well," Kenichi Fukunaga, spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment, the Sony subsidiary that developed the PlayStation, told Reuters on Thursday.

Sony has been trying to transform PlayStation 2, which has sold 40 million units globally, into a home entertainment hub allowing users to shop online and store music or movies.

The new product enabling TV programs to be stored on a hard disk could give Sony an edge over its rival Microsoft Corp, which is also eying the home entertainment business as an untapped source of revenue.

Fukunaga said Sony Computer Entertainment may offer tuner kits that would contain hardware to receive broadcasting signals, hard disks and software to run recording devices.

Sony may also roll out a new PlayStation 2 that has a built-in tuner and other necessary functions.

The upgrade will likely be first introduced in Japan, Fukunaga added.


Fukunaga said the product is technically near completion but there are some problems to be hammered out before it can be commercialized. For one, how to market the product without conflicting with parent Sony Corp's own DVD recorder sales channels would be a challenge, he said.

"The game market and the audiovisual market are different, but this product could cover both," Fukunaga said.

Japan has digital, analog, satellite and cable broadcasting and the company has not decided which signals should be received by the PlayStation machine, he said.

Sony has already powered up PlayStation 2 by offering broadband kits that include an Internet navigator, an Ethernet adapter and a 40- gigabyte hard disk drive.

With that, users can not only play online games but also store music from CDs and transfer it to their MD players, or save still pictures to enjoy slide shows on the TV monitor screen.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch online game services for its game console Xbox ( news - web sites), which comes with a built-in hard drive and an Ethernet port, but the company said it had no plan to give the Xbox recording capability.

On Thursday, Sony shares closed up 3.82 percent at 5,170 yen, while the Nikkei average gained 1.7 percent.

From tmpl=story&u=/nm/20020926/wr_nm/tech_sony_playstation_dc_2

-- Jim Bob (, September 26, 2002.

the ps2 plays ps1 games and the ps1 movie files (.std) are smaller than the ps2 movie files (.pss).... I think... So why cant the mpeg files be converted to .std format.

This would result in an admittedly lower quality, but why cant it be done???

it seems like a logical idea 2 me.

any other ideas?

-- pete (, October 08, 2002.


My name is Max.... I've been reading thru this stupid forum for about 3 1/2 hours now... and I'd jes like to personally thank each and every one of you for contributing to stealing a moment of my life....

Nothing has been solved here... the progress that has been made? None. Hell, we're still in square one. The simple fact is this: While I personally don't know if there is a way to play VCDs or anything else on the Playstation 2 console, I do know this. If there is a way, its got to be one that is unfavorable.... In other words, its probably not worth doing, as it may require you to modify, or risk permanent damage to your console. When one TRULY thinks about it, who wants to risk it jes so they can claim they can play a format that, wasn't designated for it in the first place....

Thanx 4 lissenin' 2 me ramble. Bye! :-)


-- Max (, October 08, 2002.

This is how this topic could have/should have gone:

-- Vanessa V (, October 14, 2002.

Personally i think what you have done is constructive you have caused alot of people to use inteligence and skill to solve a problem that in the beginning seems impossible, unfortunatly this has proved harder then expected. i do not say impossible because maybe down the line someone will find a way and when they do this forum will once again be teaming with people eager to learn how it was done and to congratulate the person who did it. so i say thank you to all the people who gave constructive comments and tips and to the rest i have nothing to say to them. everybody who comes to this page you first see that alot of people have put in the hard yards to help the whole community of PS2 owners who want to play Vcd's and then afterwards feel fustrated that as of yet there is no true solid answer. well until some one figures it out. keepon hacking!

-- David La (, October 20, 2002.

I read somewhere there bringing out support for divx on the PS2! if thats any help !!

-- Bundi (, October 22, 2002.

Ok I cant be botherd reading all that So Will a COPIED .ISO Burnt onto a dvd+r Work on a ps2 I Dont wanna Hear mine plays mpg lol Ok Straight for answer

-- Th-A9 (, October 22, 2002.

Try looking at - there are lots of tutorials there.

-- P.M (, October 22, 2002.

You can play VCD's on the ps2 you munch of dickheads saying to just buy a vcd player! just go to For all the tools you need and for the guide! you idiots

-- Mr ritzy (, October 25, 2002.

has ne one got this new way to work, u know the whole splittin up of shit?if so say so and giv a full explanation to end this thing. also to stop ne more things startin up bout convertin files to mpeg2 cos thts wat ps2 can read & svcd's,i think we can safely say tht thats bullshit,havin tried it myself usin nero555. also havin a messiah mod in ure ps2 gonna help?(vcd wise)

-- (, October 28, 2002.

so you all are looking at how to play vcds ect, the only help i will give all you dumbass is to learn how to program and use the basic program that comes on your demo disk and learn how to change files there is a big hint, there is also the codes on the net just use your brains

-- easy a 123 (, October 30, 2002. you must use cdrwin to burn the .iso not nero5.5 make shore you have the jpsx-ps2vcd1.rar from get the walkthrought to it works, I know it works i have done heaps of times.

Mpeg2 works with the right tools

-- Mr_ritzy (, October 31, 2002.

Can somebody please tell me if it is possible to convert dvd IFO/VOB files or VCD's and get them to work in a ps2? if so how do u do this? email me at with any answers thankyou nathan

-- nathan Deamer (, October 31, 2002.

You fooz I found some shiat... I'm not sure if it works, just lookin fo a buddy of mine who's too lazy to get off his ass and go buy a god damn mo fo dvd playa to play his damn mo fo VCDz. Look at this shiat! p I have yet to try it out.... So good luck wit you lazy ass fooz! Go get a damn DVD PLayA they only like 50 bux.

-- FooBoy (tomisw@yahoo.,com), November 03, 2002.

you know it... I found more shit! YOU LAZY BASTARDS! try that on for size... and yeah you have to get up and download WINRAR. If you don't know what that program is, then you're fucking hopeless... GO TO WWW.WINRAR.COM AND EXPAND THE POSSIBILITIES OF INTELLEGENCE THROUGHOUT THIS WORLD.

-- FooBoy (tomisw@yahoo.,com), November 03, 2002.

WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS! WHY THE FUCK DO I MAKE A PATH FOR YOUZ! I GUESS I'M JUST A NICE GUY... in the tools you will see pss.mcf.... something you NEED! so RIGHT-click the file... HIGHLIGHT SAVE FILE AS.. save into the DIRECTORY WHERE TMPGENC IS located. then you'll be able to load it as a template. I know for you experienced people out there this is way too simple but for som o tho NOOBS you gotta start out somewhere. for the PSS.MCF FILE. And for TMPGENC WWW.TMPGENC.COM!

-- FooBoy (tomisw@yahoo.,com), November 03, 2002.

whoa check this out

it all begins again.

-- Hillbilly Party Boy (, November 04, 2002.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

-- Pat Buhcanin (, November 04, 2002.

When I use the gameshark with a copied game it won't load the game. P.s. I have a mod chip instaled, solder type. Playstation One.

-- Chad (, November 06, 2002.

Alright, listen up you stupid, iliterate donut punchers: Bottom line to end all bickering, questions, and curiosity: The Playstation 2 DOES NOT, HAS NOT, and WILL NOT ever play VCD's. All this silly ass shit about using a special CD-R or CD-RW, buying a mod chip, using a special region based unit, and all that is pure horse shit. They DO NOT PLAY VCD's. Period.

All this bullshit ass speculation and these wild claims that someone actullay got a PS2 to successfully play a VCD are dogshit lies. It is entirely impossible, both technically, scientifically, and in accordance with the read structure of the laser inside the unit. IT WILL NOT WORK. It doesn't even read DVD-R's the majority of the time. And in case you were wondering, the DVD player in the PS2 is as slow as they come by today's standards. It's almost equivilent to having one of the first DVD players ever made, that's how ancient the DVD technology in the PS2 is already, dickwadds!

All this shit about the PS2 playing VCD's is purely wishful thinking. It won't happen. Period. Buy a fucking DVD player that plays VCD's and quit bickering already over a dead issue.

-- The Bitch Slapper (lll@l.l), November 17, 2002.

There is only 2 ways to "play" VCD's on ur PS2

1. Use the method of converting to pss ----> all tools are here:

2. Use the new "Qcast Tuner" or something like that, it enables u to watch VCD's, DVIX, or any video format from ur computer, to ur PS2, to ur TV


-- anon (, November 20, 2002.

Hey, I have an idea! If you want to play *any* VCD or SVCD or XVCD on your Television, just buy a compliant DVD player. The DVD capabilities in the PS2 are very weak at best and DVD players cost less than 1/6th the price of a PS2. Look on eBay - a Konka DVD player just sold for $50 USD - this model plays everything except for mp3s from CDR & CDRW. Also, there is a list of compliant DVD players at that breaks down all of a DVD player's capabilities - these guys know the real deal and guess what? The PS2 appears nowhere on the list.

Sorry dudes, but that's just how it is.


-- Slartibartfast (, November 22, 2002.

Seriously, I'm NOT interested in playing VCD's on my PS2... as the previous post and MANY other posts have already said, DVD players ALREADY do this AND are DIRT CHEAP..... What I DO want is to be able to play DIVX movies......... DIVX, for the brainless or inexperienced out there, is a compression format used for movies which has MUCH better quality than VCD's and is in fact SMALLER !! (A normal movie will fit on ONE CD not TWO as VCD's tend to...) ..

So, this forum is really about playing DIVX movies on a PS2 (or ANY OTHER DEVICE for that matter !! I'd buy a DVD player in a second if it claimed to play DIVX movies...)..

So, no more "DVD PLAYERS PLAY VCD'S" posts please... if they play DIVX's then SPEAK UP !


-- Seriously (, November 23, 2002.

Guys i read the whole forum and i understood that the problem does not exist in the hardware of the dvd of playstaion2 but in the format of the file anyway to convert a divx file to mpeg and then to pss format its going to take ages the only way around this thing is someone has to make a software that the conversion would be simplified and more quick it doesnt worth to creat a pss file that in the end there is a possibility not to work so guys if anyone knows a better way of doing it submit your ideas because it would be good for people to have vcds in their playstation2.thank you and i will be checking your answers

-- theodoros kolokotronis (, November 24, 2002.

AND NOW A ANNUAL SUMMARY 2002..................The rumors.... 1. PSS FILE FORMATING its expensive(gameshark disc needed $50), voids the warrenty of the console(front cover removed), low quaility, and a waste of time. 2. SVCD's work on the PAL VERSION, they dont i have tryed it. (although the only reason i can think of is that the jamming software was botch at production) 3.Modchips Do not work for VCD people(buy one that claims it can your a sucker), and no you dont have one that does and you don't know of anyone that has such a thing. NOW lets seperate the bullshit people!

The Facts: Vcd's cannot be played by any version of the playstation 2 and no matter what sony updates are realeased it will never allow you to play the format of video even though the console has the ability, this is simply because Sony Plays a leading role in hollywoods so called "War on Piracy" they have effectively inserted a software bug thats stops the processor from reading the normally-versitile DVD/VCD/SVCD Laser inside your console. Many Comsumers are becoming angry and this latest information claiming they were uninformed of this deliberate major design flaw. When the european Market got word of this it was too late for alot of angry people as they had assumed having a PAL dvd drive would include VCD access as is standard in europe. VCD support is just one in a number of reasons why Microsoft's Xbox is proving to be a much better investment. The Owners of PS2's have no choice but to wait for a software hacker group to successfully create a program that reformats vcd's for re- burning as to play on playstaion 2. Until then the Sony executives will be laughing and basking in your hard earned cash.(Commercial Pricks, George Micheal was right)

LET'S HOPE THAT BY THE TIME THE NEXT ANNUAL SUMMARY is Published me Dan Rather You the Comsumer(hacker) will be having the last laugh :0 ...........Good Night and Keep Safe!

-- Dan Rather (, November 30, 2002.

I've found a divx player for the playstation 2 at it requires a modchip to use it. if the ps2 can play divx then it can surely play VCDs

-- Azeem Chaudhry (, December 02, 2002.

hey its me Clarence the guy who probably wrote 500 messages back that he'll never submit a response on this forum again. Dont dispare over the PS2 not being able to play VCD, I mean its not the end of the world. Did you know your computer can play VCD format, I use Xine for Linux it plays Video CDs very well. My college roomate's DVD player also plays VCDs, hey the dvd player even plays a VCD burned to a CDRW almost like a VCR tape. I just want to give word that there is still hope that Sony will implement VCD support in its next generation PlayStation console, the PS3. Till then you must wait. LATER

-- Clarence (, December 08, 2002.

Finally, the DIVX player is a REALITY... Finally, a post on this forum which is NOT a hoax (two posts above!)...

Look for it yourselves people... on google: DIVX PS2 PLAYER ... it's the third link I think... burnt an image and after 1 dud CD got it to work !!! (ignore the note "important.txt".. that threw me off and cost me the dud CD)...

YES !!! Have fun people !! (If you can't work it out from google etc, then u r fucked and don't need a divx player anyway coz you wouldn't know what divx is..).

-- Osama Bin Sony (, December 09, 2002.

VCD? SVCD? who gives a crap! I want a DIVX player for PS2. Im waiting for someone to produce a nice linux/mplayer based cd image :) What a dream. Now please shutup!

-- devnull[BatZ] (, December 16, 2002.

There is a DixX Player for PS2, it's called PS2Reality Media Player.

This page:

has a download link and instructions how to do this.

I've tried this and it WORKS!!!!!!!

-- ____ (@ . com), December 20, 2002.

Fu*k VCD, now you can play DivX on PS2!! Here is the software:

-- wild (, December 22, 2002.

Fu*k VCD, now you can play DivX on PS2!! About the software: PS2Reality mediaplayer --------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Coders : Hermes, bigboss & mavy Based on ffmpeg project find it on sourceforge ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Indice : 1 - 1 CD ONLY (AVI + PLAYER) 2 - CD PLAYER + CD AVI 3 - BROWSER MANUAL 4 - PLAYER MANUAL ===================================================================== 1 - CD with movies (PLAYER + AVI) (COGSWAP or MODCHIP) --------------------------------------------------- SECURE METHOD --------------------------------- 1) CDGENPS2 v.2.0 2) Player Archives (ELF,IRX,CNF) 3) AVI Archives USE -> * Drag the AVI archives to the CDGENPS2 (they can be in directories). * Drag the archives of player (ELF, system.cnf, and IRX) to the root. * Generate ISO * If you have a CD/DVD Burner that does not correct the ECC * you must use CDMAGE to correct it Scan for Corruption->Repair corrupted sectors->Rebuild sectors fields), and repair the 16 errors that they have, with this way we will be able also read the CD in the PC. * Record the image with Nero or CDRWin (or similar). That's all.

===================================================================== 2 - Player with AVI's separated (Only MODCHIP) --------------------------------------------------------------------- When we have a CD with player, this will allow us to change the CD with any other CD that have the AVI's. In this case the CD with the AVI need to be generated with cdgenps2, (it could work with another method)

It's preferred to have player and avi together.

===================================================================== 3 - Browser Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------- Pulsa START X --> Configuration Language Selection, screen adjust Triangle --> Browser Now you can change CD (if AVI isn't in actual CD) Inside you can navigate throught directories using X, and select AVI with Triangle. O --> Credits [] --> Play To start playing AVI ===================================================================== 4 - Player Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------- Playing a movie Analog directional buttons: Zoom Function Left Analog: Up & Down --> +/- zoom level Right Analog: position of zoom Triangle : Information X : Stop Reproduction O : Return to browser [] : change mode 4:3, 16:9 and 20:9 digital directional buttons: Up & down, Brightness Control left & right, Sound Level control Not Playing digital directional buttons: Up & down-> Forward/Reward Control X : Continue Playing from selected point.

Disclaimer This product is not certified by SCEI, maybe someday... PS2reality is not responsable of any damage that it can cause to your console. Translated by: Alexander/PS2fan

-- wild (, December 22, 2002.

do u need a mod chip on yer ps2 to use the reality media player? i am reluctant to have mine modded as I have a warranty on it


-- tommy (, December 23, 2002.

you can also get the network adapater and software from broadq ... this is kinda dumb tho because all you're really doing is streaming from your computer to your ps2

-- dam0fo (, December 27, 2002.

Well! Hmmm, like many others I have waided though the entire board and I have to say that I am off to my local electrical store to buy a DVD player that plays SVCD, VCD & MP3. I know this skips the issue of the whole debate but I think I'll spend more money in time wasted looking for a way to get my ps2 to play vcd. Cheers eveyone! PS: Not everything in black and white makes sence

-- The One (, December 29, 2002.


This is what you will need to do to play vcds etc... on ps2, first you may have a movie file it will be in AVI, WMV, MPG ETC... you will need to convert any of these to AVI, there are a number of tools out there that do this, next step, you will need to convert your AVI file to VOB files this is the format that all the DVD's you buy or rent are in to do this you will need to get a avi to vob converter try this adresse if you dont want to do that, search google for avi to vob converter. once you have your vob files burn using a dvd burner to a disk. DONE

-- n/a (, January 03, 2003.

when i say dvd burner i dont mean the hardware that costs a bomb :) any cdr will do, GOOD LUCK PEOPLE.

-- n/a (, January 03, 2003.

With the release of the Linux dev kit i figured someone would have a hacked version of the ps2 dvd driver, has anyone seen anything like this?

-- gamer (, January 08, 2003.

this is very very sad, this whole the last few weeks I've found several mp3 players, a vcd player, and a divx player for my ps2, not to mention the snes and nes emus (old jap rpgs muhahaha). All you have to do, is mod your system (it's really not that fucking hard) and find then burn to a cdr what you want. If you can think of it, it probably exists, I've found some of the stupidest progs you could ever think of for the ps2 in my if only I could upgrade to the EGbrowser, I hear it's quite nice :)

anyway if any of you can't find what you're lookin for for your ps2 and are willing to mod the damn thing and not bitch at me about probs you have, I'll drop all the links I've got to ps2 softwhere on here in a few days.

--aaron (the guy in the 666 shirt)

-- stonedcat (, January 08, 2003.

this is the site where you can get your PSS.mcf. But NOTE 15 minutes = 700 mb on a disk The movie must be under 15 minutes other wise in won`t fit in a 700 mb disc (bummer!!!)

-- joey (, January 13, 2003.

Heh Heh this site is made run forever heh heh. i have PS2, but no MOD-chip. I use ACTION REPLAY 2 V2 to play ps1 ps2 games and divx player. YES it's works no mod-chip, but it's hard to change all time cd's but god damn it's works.

I know there is vcd player or not IT'S fucking pss player and you have to make that cd your own.

Then i know there is vcd player yes real vcd player and it's play real vcd movies just like dvd does and what divx player do with ps2, but i dont have time to test this but if divx works vcd works only we need is good program like ps2 reality divx player.

there is mp3 player and it's works to just like divx player

-- jep (, January 15, 2003.

This is obviously going to sound dumb, why not just use some PS2 authoring software to create a simple menu system and then import the movie clip into the cast, when you save to PS2 format it converts the video so it can be read on the PS2.

Just have one menu button (Play video) , burn to a CD and thats it.

Why your messing with the video files is beyond me?

-- Crossflow (, January 15, 2003.

Anyone have any clues why my ps2 is having problems reading cd's correctly. It hasn't been modded, it's only 1.5 years old, and reads most of my games correctly.

Admittedly there are a few scratches on the ps1 cd I've been trying, but that's no reason for it to detect the game as an audio cd. I've gotten it to detet the cd correctly once, but it hasn't worked since.

Also, would a mod chip improve my chances any?


P.S. The game I'm trying to read is Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, which I've finally tracked down a used copy of, but have had the shittiest luck in running it.

-- PS2 Is On The Fritz (, February 14, 2003.

-- Henrik Gregersen (, March 07, 2003.

I spent 4 and a half hours reading all this bullshit aboout how to burn vcd's or divx. its just funny, how naive people can be when they really dont even know how to burn a fucking cd.there no way in the fucking world that you would ever ever that you will get to play a regular CDR in a ps2, not at least without changing the firmware of the cdr drive.

The only , and i mean only way to do so, is by bypassing the security code that the ps2 uses to read cd ( which can be done ) not easy but it can be done.

The first thing to do, is almost the most fucking complicated thing to do in the whole fucking process, which i just recomend skipping the whole process and buying a dvd burner .

In order to burn a ps2 compatible cdr or CDRW or whatever first you have to change the FIRMWARE of the CD writer (which i did and it's a pain in the ass) plus it can fuck up your writer.

You have to get a universal FIRMWARE, or a firmware for your writer (which i recommend) so you can change the bios of your writer so it could write on the bad sectors of the ps2.

after you have done this you would be able to bypass the first 4 lines of the first track of the cd (which dumb people call bad sectors )..... and the playstation will recognize as a dvd-rom and will eventually read the files and play them, because if you don't skip the first four lines of the cd the playstation will automatically read the cd as a music cd and if it don't find any wave tracks it will automatically switch to its copyprotection by default which says that it's an invalid cd-rom.(note that ps1 cd's are writen this way)

THAT WAS THE HARD WAY TO DO IT WHICH IT TOOK me and a couple of guys at boston college 2 years to complete,because back then who the fuck would find a cdwriter firmware.

thats the only posible way.. till today that u can do it... i even changed the playstation bios and it didnt work.

that should put and end to this post

buy a dvd burner .. it's worth it. or get a fucking xbox ( remember PROGRESSIVE SCAN)

Justin Martin

[Message from the moderator: I think that's the last word. Don't post any further messages on this thread, they'll be deleted.]

-- Justin Martin (, March 15, 2003.

ok look, i spent 2 hours redng this whole thread. And to tell u all. You have 4 options:

1. Get a fucking dvd player ( A real ONE! ) 2. Get a portable dvd player, which costs much less than the dvd player and then get a s-video cable and make teh screen on ure TV. 3. Wait until some reasonable guy releases a hardware to play vcds on playstation2. 4. Convert your vcd's to dvd ( which i hate )

Thats all. Now if you arnt patient then deal with it. And my playstion plays cdr's.

-- PEACEYALL (, March 03, 2005.


-- NONE FUCKYOU (, March 05, 2005.

This post is a bit old but anyway... From what I've read, I don't think you can play S/VCD's on a PS2. However, it is possible to play MPEG2 movies on it with some 'media software'. The 'Xploder Media Centre V5 Cheat System Pro' allows you to play these movies, not through a disc, but through a USB mass storage device such as flash drives, memory stick, MMC and SD. This is in my opinion better than a CD as you can easily change/add/delete movie files without even burning. One thing though is that I don't think it is compatible with every mass storage device out there. I have tried it with my Nexiie mp3 player which doubles as a storage device but it does not seem to recognise it. Perhaps there is a way of getting it to work but I don't know. So yeh, get your hands on a USB stoarge device, try getting one frim eBay for cheap. They aren't too expensive and come in all sorts of sizes. :)

-- D O (, March 13, 2005.

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