Remember this man " " he is dazzle resaller & all he say must be re-check again dont trust this piggy !. the url location at singapore. from : very2 disspointed customer (with extra charge even just buy for 2 week) etc : sale stuff with high price almost 200 %, No support only if u pay extra money. lie about product he sale (good but infact is not) suckkkkkkkkkkk ps: i dont put my real name & mail because he does not return my card yet.

-- amedus (, November 13, 2000 Answers I dont know where you get your information but I never sold a Dazzle before. I commented on the Dazzle DVC on this board before, but I never sold it. Check your information before you post false information on people. That URL you posted has no mention of my name or email adress.

-- MrVCD (, November 13, 2000.


The man that you have mentioned is Lawrence Lim (fat guy). AOne Specialty Systems (S) Pte. Ltd is not the reseller of Dazzle or Snazzi. They are the "Distributor" and they are undercutting their own dealers by selling directly to end-users. Very bad service and atitude problems. I was once in his office (Kallang Bahru) regarding some problems with DVC USB that I brought. He acursed me for lying in front of my wife and children.

Yes, they are selling their products with very high markup. You can check with any online dealers in Internet. They sell the DVC II at S$899.00 when Internet online dealers can sell at US$260 to US$290. They only lowered their prices recently to S$690.00.

As for my DVC USB, I have threw it down the trash-bin. Consider to buy Creative Movie Maker USB at S$349.00 List price( that means the price is lower in the store).

-- Dr. Lim (, November 28, 2000.


The guy has big ego problems. When I was in his office, he always claim he is the one who start this or that e.g. SVCD. According to his people, he browse the internet forum every nights for info. and with the info given by others, he take credits for it.

-- looi (, November 30, 2000

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