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This is a pretty broad question, but I'm curious as to what kind of answers are out there...

Does anyone know about new technologies specific to San Francisco during the following years?:




This question does not necessarily have to be answered specific to San Francisco ...Would anyone know of any good websites to go to that may have history of technology throughout these times?

thanks again for your help!


-- Matt R. (, November 28, 2000


S.F. and the Bay Area were certainly in the forefront in electronics. Philo Farnsworth, the major contributor to the development of television worked in S.F. in the 20's. Lee de Forest, the "father of radio" had a lab in Palo Alto. Other names of note in the electronics field are educator Frederick E. Terman of Stanford, the Varian brothers who invented the klystron, and Shockley of transistor fame, all of whom located in Palo Alto.

-- Don Martinich (, November 29, 2000.

Cable railway technology was developed in San Francisco in the 1870's, but it didn't spread to other cities until the 1880-1890 period. The first line built outside of SF was built in Dunedin, NZ in 1881. The first US line outside of SF opened in Chicago, IL in 1882.

See my Cable Car Home Page for more information:

-- Joe Thompson (, December 07, 2000.

SF was involved in warship production in the 1890s through the first World War, in Potrero Hill. SF mining technology was widely sought-after in the 1860-1880 period. UC Berkeley's Regents, and star scientist Livermore, worked on the Atomic Bomb in the late 30's, before production of the bomb was moved to Los Alamos under the supervision of the UC regents.

-- cdcummings (, December 12, 2001.

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