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What was Poe's inspiration for writing the Cask of Amontillado?

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000


he was locked in a trunk of a 73 vlotz wagon beetle of 8 days wene he grew up in down town new york

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2000

Actually, he heard a story when he was in the army about how a selfish general got locked up in a wall when the privates made him really drunk and clueless.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2000

If you really need help on "The Cask of Amontillado", I'm sorry but that is one of his easiest stories to interput. Fortunato is his 'step' dad David Allen. He was once a rich person and was going to have a great life (with his parents being actors). And allen the butt-head hated poe, he pulled him of the The university of Vergina because he said poe didn't have to money to support himself. Allen gave him equvaliante to 50 dollars a month now days. You cannot live a collage with 50 bucks! So poe gambled away his money in hopes to get more and lost all of it. Poe also writes in "the cask" about his family cattacombs. His family had a private graveyard(which he was never buried in)! here is one for ya if ya know latin... "Nemo me impune lacessit" Poe basically wrote this story on how he felt about his step-dad. Like most of his other stories they are based on his home life. English Scholar, Lawrence Stroup

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2001

Just wanted to say that his step fathers name was, John.

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2002

the inspiration is said t have come from a tale he heard while he was in the army stationed at... some fort, i dont remeber the name of it, but its on Castle Island in Boston harbor.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

you are all wrong. Poe was locked up in the trunk of a Ferrari after being dragged all around town. He was found in Las Vegas too. And he didn't die he survived. He is barney the purple Dinosaur. His inspirtaion was from the party he had in Vegas

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

Poe's inspiration for "The Cask of Amontillado" may have come from the disappearance of a mason named William Morgan in 1826.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2004

If you look at the History of Castle Island website listed below, you'll see that it bears out Anthony's previous answer.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2004

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